Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition : Inventory of Fixtures



Watching. All humans beings share a natural disposition toward compassion and interconnectedness, social justice make sense to us.
Thwarts the natural human behavior of expressing oourselves through rage, fear, or grief. Hidden by laws, principles and conscience when the rules are corroded. Part freely and in part conditioned, innocence or guilt ceased to make sense.
The root of evil is my short-term interest.
Thwarts the natural human behavior of expressing oourselves through rage, fear, or grief.
Hidden by the video screen, armchair generals when the world is corroded. Part freely and in part conditioned socially privileged, others don't care.


Expanding, exploring, migrating, conquering, utilizing, evolving, civilizing, industrializing. Go forth and multiply.
And now we destroy, the very land upon which we live.
Global warming and climate change have impacts on the health, of our food, water sources and our ecosystems. These impacts will affect disproportionately the poorest and weakest, especially children and the elderly.
Heat waves and periods of unusually hard warm weather warming allows mosquitos that transmit full diseases. Earlier spring arrival may disrupt migrations. Ocean warming, sea-level rise and coral reef bleaching.
Lead to increases in heat-related illness and death. Spreading disease all ranges shifts populations changes. After competitive balances among species, coastal flooding pollution.
Arctic and antarctic warming or the glaciers melting affect downpours, heavy snowfalls, flooding and damages, increasing extremes in the weather patterns, global dimming whereby less heat and energy reaches the planet.
Droughts and fires are more frequent and severe, disrupting an important source of water affecting plants and animals, that provide our food human practices exacerbate the risk.


Milseading weapons of mass destruction.
The ‘ABC weapons' cause mass destruction but no more than a massive “conventional” bombing.
Whose conventionality was small consolation for the victims.
We dishonestly call them defense forces in friendly hands.
Primitive types of weapony with high destructive capacity, include religions and poverty injustice and impunity, discrimination and racism, violence against women and children and the third world debt or trade in small arms.
Poisonous euphemism, flimsy pretex but in the possession of hostile states or terrorists represent one of the greatest security challenges.


Inaction, apathy, towards AIDS, is globally a crime against humanity.
AIDS, unnecessary premature death.
Lack of money, limited knowledge, cultural taboos, the crisis is growing, most have no access to effective therapies.
AIDS, unnecessary premature death. The time to act is now.
HIV infects the most sexually active age groups, most of them are in the prime of their working lives, leading to disease and death, AIDS will weaken macro and micro economic activity.
The world cannot turn its back on this injustice any longer.
Squeezing productivity, adding costs divelting productive resources and depleting skills in the countries most affected. All these factors give rise to augment poverty, despair, and lack of hope and could lead to increased instability, terrorism and war and even global instability.


In many places children grow up knowing only violence as their parents inflict their anger from conflicts onto their children.
They're severely traumatized. After a conflict small soldiers only knowing war games.
No theoretical limit to modern warfare.
To use the kids in the military. Available small arms makie it easier for the youngsters to use themselves weapons. Banning the use of children combatants. After they have been forced to fight and kill.


Disturbing pattern of violence against women. The primary targets, the brunt of unfairness and injustice. Bearing the worst violation of human rights.
Pondering the scope of violence against women and girls.
Eradicate these traditional harmful customs and practices.
All forms of domestic violence inculding marital rape. Rape by force and rape upon consent, early and forced marriages. Commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking in women and children. Crimes committed in the name of passion or in the name of honor.
Abduction and sale of children, female infanticide. Dowry-related violence and deaths, virginity testing. Female-genital mutilation, racially motivated crimes. Defacement and acid attacks, economic exploitation.


Hunger's causes are not a lack of avaibility of food or over population. Poverty is the state of the majority of the actual world's people and nations.
Why is this ? Is it enough to blame poor people for their own predicament ?
Have they been lazy, made poor decisions and been solely responsible and guilty for their own plight ?
Be too poor to afford the food.
All military forces of rich and wealthy world, spread over the earth for control the resources, monopolize and corrupt all the markets controlling the rules of unequal trade.
Nations which attempts to break out will be ostracized, quickly embargoed and hardly impoverished.
Structural adjustments are enforcing arms, maintaining the impoverished world in a dependancy.
We control the rules of unequal trade.


Cause of third world debt partly the result of hard unjust transfer of the debts towards the colonizing states at a very high interest rates.
Also incurred as the rich countries loaned the dictators or corrupt leaders to suit and support their interests.
They are paying for their own oppression, the poor suffer while the rich get richer.
In some cases, they have borrowed money to pursue conflicts or arms deals and need to increase illegal drug trade or to milk the earth's resources for the crash. Cut back on social health or employment environment and education.
No less devastating than a war.


Frightening realities, sympathy was nonexistent, suicide became an option, no absolution other than death.
Life unworthy of life.
Reduced to a subhuman level, to minimize their sense og guilt, suffered brutal assault daily, legalized and subsidized. Labor camps, death factory, deportations, enslaving, banded together for the express purpose of murder on a mass scale.
After selection, killed by way of starvation, disease, torture, shooting, gas or slave labor.
War crimes against the peace, crimes against humanities, included violations of laws of wait, human rights.


Our perception of reality is a result of our beliefs in some ways formed or influenced via the bias in the mainstream media.
Inaccuracy and the bias in the mainstream media.
Guilty of misleeding people, with omissions and distortions, exaggerations, subjectivity, inaccuracy and fabrications.
Every conflicts is fought on two grounds, the battlefiel and the minds of the people via propaganda.
Impossible for the average citizen to obtain an objective view of the issues that are involved
What the media presents, how it does so and what factors affect the ways it is done.
Controlled by the clites, with concentrated ownership. Organizations and governments can feed fake news, politically or ideologically slanted stories toadvance their interests.


Calculated use of violence to intimidate, coerce people or instil fear. Influence the policy or affect the conduct of a government.
Violence merely increases hate, sowing the seeds for more conflict.
Terrorism as a plague, leading to a world of growing mistrust, fear and division.
It has deepened divisions among people, of different faiths and origins. The overwhelming impact of all of this, is genuine fear among the affluent as well as the poor.
Worlds in collision civilfans being caught in the middle. Hatred feeling without distinguishing. Reaching new depths of a calculated arbitrary barbarism in the modern age.


As profits are naturally the most important goal.
Damaging results can arise, such as violation of human rights, lobbying for and participating in manipulated international agreements, environmental damage, child labor, driving towards cheaper and cheaper labor, and so on.
Claim that their involvement is a constructive engagement to promote human rights in non-democratic states. Through corporate crime, tax havens, transfer pricing and many other policies both legal and illegal, billions of dollars are avoided from being taxed.
Because international lending schemes are tied with “reforms” that include cutting back on regulatory and safety measures. Usually these crimes which often have far worse effects than individual crimes, go unaccounted.


Street gangs abd struggling to gain control of city neighbourhoods. A war without flags and positions is raging. Violence has claimed as many victims.
Fill a vacuunt when a government is too weak. When the state's presence is non existent.
Striving to make a profit from “protection money” or drug-trafficking. Talk about “respect”, but rape or stab for the slightest excuse.
Digging “holes of oblivion”. Their deaths as superfluous as their lives had been. Proud to be a rubbish and not belonging to the world at all.


“Accidental” apocalypse of mass slaughter, enslavement pillage, raping and ethnic cleansing.
Abuse of authority. Deep disrespect for human rights. Pledged to shed the blood of political opponents.
Immediately followed by a massive state organised war to subdue the people, renegades, highwaymen and traiton. Conversion from a traditional conflict to an anti-semite and racist rebellion. The culture of violence and the high rate of unemployment, abundance of arms and the presence of armed militias generate the heinous atrocities, create division by spread fear and animosity.
Forced displacement, followed by complete disarming of the people for good should be armed and financed by the regime.
Robbery, killing and torture. Looting of homes and property. Torching of villages and crops. Heavy bombing of water sources.
Extra-judicial executions as well as the systematic raping of the women and girls. Massacres and theological impositions. Conflict quickly escalated to full-scale war.

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