Stryper : In God We Trust


In God We Trust
It's been said money talks / If so what does it say? / Four simple words we see every day / The rich, the poor / Heaven is for those who choose / Don't put your trust in money / You'll lose (again and again) / (chorus) / In God we trust / In Him we must believe / (He is the only way) / In God we trust / His Son we must receive / (Tomorrow's too late, accept Him today) / (chorus)

Always There For You
Love can be so cold / And loneliness gets old / More than words or broken promises / I want to show you what true love is / (chorus) / I'm always there for you / I'll always stand by you / When the world has closed the door / And you can't go on anymore / I'm always there for you / You've been hurt before / And you don't want anymore / There's a better way for you / Believe in me, I'll see you through / (chorus)

Keep The Fire Burning
We've been through a lot together / We've seen what some will never see, you and me / Prayer after prayer's been answered / We can't go on without belief, can't you see? / (chorus) / We just gotta be strong / Keep the fire burning / Gotta move on, keep our hearts from turning / Gotta hold on, onto what you're learning now / And never let go / Nothing can stop us now / We're growing stronger every day in every way / Spreading the word together / It doesn't matter what they say, no way! / (chorus)

I Belive In You
Time seemed to pass me by / I found myself alone, wondering why / Then you came into my life / And gave your love to me / That showed me the way / In my heart you'll stay / (chorus) / And I believe in you / Whoa-oh through and through / Always and forever it will be / You and me together / (bridge) / I want your love forever / I need your love / You're the only one / That fills my heart / And I love you / More and more everyday / And I believe in you / Whoa-oh through and through / Always and forever it will be you and me / I will sing to you and all you do / Always and forever it will be you and me together

The Writings In The Wall
The truth is right before you / Don't refuse it / No matter what you've been through / He can change it cause / (chorus) / He is our God, Creator of all / Unless you accept Him, you'll continue to fall / The battle is real, on you He will call / So don't ever wait because the writing's on the wall / Just look around and / You will see confusion / The God that Stryper serves / Is no delusion cause / (chorus) / (bridge) / Don't wait till tomorrow / Tomorrow's too late (tomorrow's too late) / You've heard the truth so what will you do / Who will you choose? / (Whoa-oh-oh-oh) / (chorus)

It's Up 2 U
Let's join together and make a stand / Let's make a change throughout our land / Renew our bodies, spirits, minds and hearts / It's up 2 U to make a start / (chorus) / Come on everybody / Put your hands up in the air / Just move to the rhythm / Join in people everywhere / There is an answer for these troubled times / Together we can make it right / Renew your body, spirit, mind and heart / It's up to you to make a start / (chorus)

The World On You And I
You're out there all alone / Searching endlessly for a home / You're happiness has gone away / Then you hear somebody say / (chorus) / We can have what everybody dreams about / We can say hello and never say goodbye / Love can last forever without any doubt / In the world of you and I / You've go to keep your faith / Follow me I'll lead the way / There doesn't have to be any pain / Forever you and I will reign / (chorus)

Come To The Everlife
A new life to live, a new heart to give / No sorrow no pain, new bodies to gain / Peace and harmony found, love will be all around / (chorus) / Come with me tonight / Come to the everlife / We will see new life in the sky / You don't have to lose, you just have to choose / Just call on His name, you won't be the same / Lift your hearts up today / Put your troubles away / (chorus) / (bridge 1) / New life so endless and free / Just lift your hearts up, you'll see / (bridge 2) / Peace and harmony found / Love will be all around / Lift your hearts up today / Put your troubles away

Once upon a lonely night / Emptiness filled my heart / And I realized my life wasn't right / Searching never finding, day after day / Then I called upon your name / And I just want to say / (chorus) / I was lonely, lost without your love / Sad and lonely without you / Your the only one that I'll ever love / I need you / All I'll ever need is you / Cause you are everything / I've never seen a love that's so true / The search is over now for me and forever more / And I'll never have to be lonely anymore / (chorus)

The Reign
Cars, mansions and planes / Income that never refrains / The more you receive, the less you believe / In His name / There will come a day / When this will all pass away / The world will die and millions will cry / To be saved / (chorus) / King of Kings / And Lord of all is He / Come and be a part of the reign / Pride, fortune and fame / Glory given to your name / A heart filled with greed is planting a seed / With no shame / There will come a day / When you will soon pass away / The Son will deny and then you will cry / To be saved / (chorus)

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