Static-X : Cannibal


1. Cannibal

Thrash it bash it live to smash it
Light the spark reach out and crash.

Rip it stronger grind it longer
Harder faster rabbit master.

Sleeping beast rest in peace
Far too primal
Rip the flesh taste of death
Bite the gristle
Killing game primitive inquisition
Tear it up inside out
Small incision.

Assimilate trust in hate
Your obsession
Celebrate assassinate
Your religion
Un and them hollow field
Sensing fear
Cannibal can't believe you're a person.

Chop it up peel the skin
Slow dissection
Sick minds I'm blind to the reason
Tune it up touch down
Angel grinder
Cannibal watch and prey on the victim.

Killing game
Watch and prey on the victim
Rabid beast
Can't believe you're a Cannibal.

2. No Submission

Shut out
Cut out
Hating as I fade
Head exploding
Razor sharp the tong is.

Put down
Run out
I could care less
Throw down as I hate
Severed bleeding
Pull it out exposing.

Take a beating
Needle speeding
Fall into a daze
Tear the tong apart and

Terminate it
Suffocate it
Spitting in your face
Exterminate it
Take it all in hand
There's no submission.

No submission
Blue turns to white.

3. Behemoth

Abandon me
A horror scene
A time storm
A pile up.

Exterminate it
Calculate it
Smart bullet.

Get louder
Get higher
Get true to form

Storm of the eye
To detonate the fusion.

Get it?


Get louder
Get higher
Get true to form

It's hard to see
Diffusing the tune up.

4. Chemical Logic

Discover disaster
Dismantled destroyer
Distorted drum fire
Aborted short wire.

Ch-chainsaw k-killer
It's over the shoulder
Your sorrow tomorrow
Behavior your savior.

Illogical choir
We die young desire
You slither you wither
The terror your error.

Pig hammer the static
The bats in the attack
Chemical l-logic
Chemical l-logic.

Freak out
Head on
I play the part
You're gone
I live on the limit.

Freak on the sonic
Beat on the chronic
Melt down some of this
Chemical tonic.

Convulsion iridium
Tactical repulsion
Break it down.

Crush down the pedal
Rush on the metal
Extract some of that
Deafening noise blast.

Crank on the heavy
Main switch dirt witch
Chemical logic
Chemical l-logic.

5. Destroyer

Take it down with a steam hammer
Pack it hard
Lead shot it your mood shooter
Choose your poison
Have a drink with your painkiller
Take us down.

Wreck a party like it don't matter
Smash it up
Dead guitar
Broken beat maker
If I could I'd trade it all for an automator
Here it comes.

Oh, you do it again
You do it again

Cosmo sucker
Bad breath crier
Bad timing robocrap
You're a great liar
Deep dirt on your shit sighway

Fuzzy filter
Hollow head wobble
Take a trip
Get a grip before you get in trouble
And you wonder why you're called the

6. Forty Ways

Drink all day
Fuck all day
Crush all day
Grind away
Starting wars
Seething whores
Closing doors
Power chords.

Open wide
Scratch your eye
Bite the sky
Fallen lie
Noise all day
Find a way
Kill the daze
Forty ways to hold you down.

Low all day
High all day
Pay to play
Every day
Static ways
Crystal days.

7. Chroma-Matic

Winding it up
Like a wound metal fuzz box
Tuning it up
Make your neck bent down
Plugging it in
To the primary noise box
Making it raw
Make your brain shut down.

Origin know
To the few chroma-matic
It shakes your ayes
And it shocks you wide
Tuning it down
To the end note
Head scratch
Phase loop
Heart attack.


Origin know
To the few chroma-matic
It shakes your ayes
And it shocks you wide
Tuning it down
To the end note
Full stack
Head crack
Slam that Cadillac.


8. Cuts You Up

I make no apologies
For the past
I had to live
Through it all to get
Where I am
Fuck it all
If you don't like what I am
Then don't you
Look at me
Who ever made
You a god
Who ever gave
You the right
To criticize
Take another slice.

Cut out shut out run out
Tear digital noise out
It cuts you up
Cuts you up
Heavy hate will feed it
Sharp sized razor bleed it
It cuts you up
Cuts you up
It cuts you up.

I take no bullshit
In the past
I took it all
Never again
Shut it up
Put it out
If you can't handle that shit
Then don't you stick around
What I became is stronger
What I have made
You cannot criticize
New found ayes.

9. Reptile

Shedding your skin
It's falling to pieces
Feeling within
Body is cold
Cold to the bone
Bestial sin
You're trying to keep it
Feeling within
Spirit is old.

Let me in
It never can happen
Bitting me with a poisonous mouth
A venomous shout.

Tear me apart
Chewing the gristle
Chewing it up
Spitting me out.


10. Electric Pulse

It's time to melt you down
It's time to strap you in
Your mind's abut to be disminished.

I scream to get me off
Air blast to pull you in
You feel the atrophy.

Electric pulse.

Nightmares to shut you down
Static to keep you in
Darkness what you don't see

Shockwave to set you off
It's time to throw the switch
It's time that you receive.

Electric pulse.

11. Goat

Freak out
Don't you take the cop out
Chain reactor touch down
Take a drum and tie it down.

Pour it and grind it
Put it through the grater
Use your hole to find it.

Turn around
Freak out
Drop out
Go again.

Turn around
Freak out
Drop out

Low reverberation
Step it up sharp intake
Animal sensation
Shoot to hit brain melter
Heavy turbine crackle
Justify this shackle.

12. Team Hate

You corroed
I turn it up.

Hate team
Hate team take.

Your hate is
Your mission
Take your motive
I blow it up.

Your hatred
Explosive eye
I fight it
I shut it down.

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