Sonic Syndicate : Eden Fire

Metalcore / Sweden
(2005 - Pivotal Rockordings)
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You are the reason why i despise the world
But still you're the only reason why i'm still in it
Time never healed my wounds
It just made them more infected
They talk about their heartache
But i got a fucking heart-attack

I can't reach my mind
I can't reach my heart
Why can't leave you behind
Never feel rejoice
I damn my inner voice

And when two run they can never be distinct
Locked in a dream to filter out your polluted stream
And when two rivers run together they can never be distinct again
Locked in a dream to filter out your polluted steram

Every time i talk with you, i never choice
Every time i try to sew my wounds, you stretch them wide open
Time never washed my brain
It just made it more infested
I will break out of this mind prison, i will break out!


Walking the elysian fields
From the tree snake watches you
Can you feel your dying heart temptation

Wipe out the flasbacks
From the depths of my caved in heart
Trample my utopia
Memories force my mind to tear apart

We both ate from the serpent's tree
I cannot blame us for burning all the bridges
Close that coffin, strike the last nail
And tell me why is my soul this frail

You said you'd be far away
But so is the sun and it still burns
You promised time would heal our wounds
But the scars will always remind us

Endless struggle with my mind ghost
It haunts my every step, my step, my every thought.
This body is nothing but a shell
Just to enchance my nightmare


Solitude brought us together, guidanced by the hand of fate
Too blind to see what this alignment would utterly create

Frantic searching for the star i couldn´t find
Tainted hearts pound even harder to remind

Our heartbeats synchronized and our souls were entwined
Now our crest turns pale, by our tears so well refined
Was it jinxed from the start, was i the scion of my kin
Did i cast shadows from my stained within...

Wraits are baying at my door
But i´ll keep gazing off the shore
Trying to find a beacon in my life
But it`s an everlasting strife
I have to blame myself
Sience history keeps repeating itself


A forsaken threat
God failed to foresee
Crossing forbidden boundaries
They'll siege the key
Brooding in the rift
Where hellfire licks
Thirst for ancient vengeance
The end of their grievance

Marching across the purgatory fields
Wading through the river of styx
Into the promised land
Brutal memories hidden by the sand
The battlefield's in god's command

A forgotten legion in a long lost land
A dreaded secret buried deep in the sand
This is the opening of pandora`s box
A strike against the temple wall
And now zion must fall...

Millenniums of bloodshed
Scourge this soil
The slopes of this mountain
In our violent coil
Red clouded skies
Pouring burning stones
The end is closing in
The world in painful moans

The end is closing in...


Blasphemy in your eyes, spare me your pathetic lies
Sympathy i despise, just give me your chaos cries
One night he came to me and spoke the words of heresy
One day i will prevail, in other words your last day

You and i are living a lie
Sick of always denying
The omen will come true
And there's nothing you can do...

My eyes were ablaze, when exposed to your last prayers
My mind filled with hate, slithering towards your gate
I´m the serpent that coils around your neck
Armed with the venom to ravage your fragile mind

Antichrist will arise, and ignite your precious sky
Anarchy your demise, it was all never-ending lies
One boy we all will blame for what he at last became
This boy a forbidden key to our own extinction


You cut my wings and throw me out
Out to the land, my soul was harvested from

I have never done anything to you
You never made my dreams come true
But this deceit will cost you all
I have never, never believed in you...

If you are my abel
I will be your kain
In this lament of innocence
If you are a fire
I will be the rain
I will always be your bane

Thorn in my mind
The oath i swore
Left me behind
I`ve done nothing wrong
Your unforgivable mistreat
Won´t come cheap for your kind

My hatred will never run dry
You'll always be the one i defy
Until the deceiver will be dethroned
And consumed in flames.


The artfiact within my grasp
Liberator of your mind
Left behind from the past
A relic of doom

Terror of the soul, sleeper awake
Rebreed into power, a mind crime beyond belief

Nephilims hear my cries
Return of the exiled breed, back from oblivion
They will bring

Damnation upon the world we´re living in
Annihilation beneath the banner of hell
Incinerate all innocence
When angels fall like snowflakes from the skies
When all demons scream in choir

Inside zion's walls
The heavenly achilles' heel
Where is your maker now?
Defenseless and weak

Nephilims hear my cries
Return of the exiled breed, back from oblivion
They will rise

When all demons scream
When all demons scream in choir
When all demons scream in choir
The prelude to extinction...


Searching in the ruins of me, looking for answers
Even though i'm all alone like an terminal cancer
I raise my fist into the sky
And realize it was all a lie
You never told me, always lying
The truth was that you were dying...

Father is she with you?
Beware i'm coming too...

It`s always hard to lose someone that you love
But in the end you will always be free to meet the ones above
Damage is done but nothing is in vain
You will walk togheter again and forget the pain

Soulstone splinters in my heart
Crying for redemption
My love for her is stronger
Than the world's foundation
I raise my knife into the sky
Everything is lost in a sigh
An ocean of blood, bright light
She takes my hand and helps me up...


She was the night, night of retribution
A persona not right, blood of pollution
He was the day, day of solution
Shaped like clay, he was led astray

I would die for you, if you care for me
Tomorrow there`s another crimson dawn
I'll watch it alone, upon the lost throne
Crowned in despair
I would bleed for you, if you stay with me
Tomorrow there`s another endless night
I'll walk it alone, along the lost road
Crowned in despair

Couldn't see through her lies, every inch of me dies
Haunted by her face, my memory can´t be replaced
My heart's torn asunder, and maybe life's going under
But i know this will only make me stronger

It was never your fault, mind ghosts clouded my view
It was nothing you did, just couldn't help my insecurity from shining through


I feel the eye staring through my restless dreams
In the end a shade of dark blue always gleams
I don't know if it's just me
But i feel you watch me every night

Black leaves with shades of blue
The flower we found long ago
At your grave it withered away
Hand in hand with my soul's decay

Why are you looking at me?
Why did you embezzle my love?
Why will the sun never set?
Why have i lost my faith...

My mind has turned to the darkest place i've ever known
In the rain i read your tomb
Maybe you know where the black lotus grow
Architect of my grief
No sign of soul relief
Tell me where the black lotus bloom

I will defy the runes carved in ancient stones
Your last wish, awoke my nightmare moans
I don't know if it's just me
But i feel you watch me every night

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