Skyfire : Haunted by Shadows

Melodic Death Black / Sweden
(2003 - Hammerheart Records)
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Nowhere to go, I'm drifting off
I once was told to trust
In nothing but the eternal heights
And the stars are calling my name

Falling through skies of a new dawn
Nothing can ever change what I've become
I used to be the one in life
Seeking challenges and distant paths

Still, shadows haunting me
In fragments of what used to be
The illusion slips from my hand
As I arrive in newborn land

Heaven is blackened by clouds
Like a Masquerade with the stars
But an aura of starlit energy
Unmasks the biggest lie of all

Before my dusk the image fades
The sky is bound to fall
Nevermore shall I return
The mindless thought is gone

Thunder and rain keeps us from sanity
This journey will never end
Denied by our human vanity
Unclad by the revolutionary mind

Still, shadows haunting me
In fragments of what used to be
The illusion slips from my hand
As I arrive in newborn land


Fragments of the ancient wisdom
Inside of what you thought was real
An illusion mastered by the gods
The grandeur of the lie. Will the truth ever be revealed?
Beyond your own restricted imagination,
Lies answers of questions you never believed existed
As we're walking through the night
Unaware of our own created existence
Eternal is our final destiny
Illusions fading in my mind
Embrace the force of the unknown
Sink down in silent slumber
A rapturous feeling finds its way to your tainted heart
And feel the power of the absent mighty knowledge
Obsessed by the quest to find the way
Arise from silent slumber
And realise our presence here is without a reason
And feel the power of the lost majestic wisdom

The universe unveils
Your life will be divine
All heavenly will turn pale,
As the universe unveils
Souls will unite
And your life will be divine
All heavenly will turn pale



A tale long forgotten, fallen into oblivion
Man's reality and dreams was erased,
On this great day of wrath
Mortal man, no one can save you now
Not even your pathetic gods
The day man feared is soon to arrive
Chaos was to rule these lands
All hope was gone and fear was born
Fear for the day of destruction

Great thunder roared the heavens,
As if the sky was on fire
Majestic lightning and neverending rain
Mother Earth has lost her control

This is the final story
To be told from this earth
The rest is silence


Face the truth, the truth that we live in
This life is losing its burning flame
I cannot feel, no longer deny it
We are this world's forsaken...breed!
My God, is heaven upon me?
We've spent a lifetime in this deep, cold, daze
One life, one man, this is our God's sacrifice

Look at my life
What do you see?
Where is the light, that used to be?
Can't you see what you're doing to me?
My soul is fading away

Spread your wings, and fly away
From this, prodigal world
Have no fear, you child of mine,
You'll see, your time will come


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