Skinny Puppy : Weapon

Industrial Electro / Canada
(2013 - Metropolis Records)
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linger tasting rotten soil
within the baker's deadly toll
in the morning's dirty rash
the rush hours kissing ass
finger through the dirty things
inside and out of everything
skirmish on the outer edges
of every single body's mind
simmer on the holy scale
these vision makers only fail

i've been out, so out of it
i've been hiding out
i've been hiding out of it
hiding so far out.

this been toasted walk upon
then giving up what we've become
all cinders on this rocky road
melted ice cream over load
jump the prison plan advised
we'll make you feel the jim jones' vibe
as if to drink their poison
somehow better than what we become
by vaporizing any of this wishful unsafe trip
catch the very essence draining
on this slowly sinking ship
moving on towards horizons
what's conceived will never be
i'm thinking of saying of anything
and clinging

i've been out, so out of it
i've been hiding out
i've been hiding out of it
hiding so far out.

find a way back out
what a way back out...


A police state invents you
Give me your name
Your birth reconnects you
To a number and age
To see throught the mountain
Master and serf
A failed-state connects us

This is a criminal age [5x]

The threat aside us
Blow-back reblame
So we are the suspect
Again and again
A terrorist is suspect
A terrorist is blamed
We're the receivers
Living in a game

This is a criminal age [5x]


translation to interfere
exist on to disappear
some ties flip to ever cave
is this what .. all it takes
stand fast for tonight is change_do iT
pushed up from what we've been framed_screw iT
is this what we can live down _is this what i'm at stake_dowN
overhear signs to clear vertigo so surreal_drowN
all the the people say_screw iT and you people say .. screw iT
over fear dust and clear push deceive: the new deal
all the people say ..screw iT and you people say .. screw iT
is this what i can take calm down all the people say_do iT
dumb down all the people pray_screw iT
is this what i can take down
is this what i'm at stake down
DOWN_do iT_screw_iT _DOWN
is this what i can take come down all the places steal_screw iT
is this what you can play dumb down all the people pray_screw iT
dumb down all the people pray_screw iT
calm down all the people say
run down just to keep on payinG.

i'm the weapon with a lot to say
freedoms end in armed displays
amend the bullet given life
a metal casing with more rights_than we bE guN




silence the deadly golden cry out don't stay behind
stay up internal breakdown bloodflow drip from the eyes
incest the inner reason fast life lay in decline
sank back in fresh arrival face split with life so why
remorse a heartless soul senseless no apparent self control
since then cold uncaring accusations run wild
accelerate the heartbeat or so seen with their eyes
twisting with truth or fact a kind of story that lies
motion sickness is screaming stab cut retard my mind
tiresome a sacred leader sensations more than die
fortune is worshiped highly one day to pray then die
melting in fiery sand quick sink in false so high
over erase replace cancel the way a trial


yeah .. were gonna all see
a truth born sayer or a weapon to deceive
turn of a switch if you think you still can dream
a calculated risk for all sheep while sleeping
i challenge you to take a hard look
at just what's creeping there behind their truth
a salivating, toothless, crooked root thanG
is sucking on and on gag gag

got knife back it up fight gottA find a reason to slice in
can't forget the piece of the pie
a poison we cant get away from
got a knife back a nation feel the class system closing in
like an abscess in the back of the neck
gottA keep the mind on intention

radiate feeling baked catch the high high
sure this season seems so clean
a filibuster dusting all the cesium leaves
a low grade dose of a rabbit up the sleeve
a card trick release from the pretty fuel fleas
i'm getting sick from the way we all look
in the face of annihilation under a jack boot
an ass ripping particle base disguise
take me back to times of black plague lies

radiate feeling baked catch the high high
make it up pass the buck .. fuck fuck




cursed involves fading inquest incorporating
your life and dreams that certain aspect scene
these feelings still the same certain of this stupid game
causing no one pain the very same story again
helter scare they don't care even if they pray
the fattest cat the pussy slaps awaken take away
hey face actor what's that shit you say
telling is this sentiment
fuck you go away

HEY destruction watch me go away
Flavor destruction desperate insane
HEY destruction watch me go away
HEY destruction no one here today

harm no thing unless attacked then don't look back tearing it limb from limb
gently bend them bones again
respond rip out the broken parts
the speaker is now broken
thirst improves fading oblivion incorporating
everything that bleeds is what this thing needs to believe
this broken part of me is too dark a park to be
much darker than he dreamed left within a scream
funny eyes watch them die laugh at when they fade
these simple things will bring me in
to relish the last breath you breathe

the cake is left out on the floor to trap the rats that took the bait and ate the cake
in sensing the bottom and the end one only looks for a way back to the first place. what a place what a race what a confusion a nation with a fear of a fear of a fear. what's left of a bowl, broken, on the floor, alter dogs have grown angry and stoned watching the hours, burning towers could it have been
flip the bait turn the cake, tempt the fATE and be


War, is this cloud, such a plastic fantasy,
Can't escape, not allowed, not a peep from down below it seems.
The corner room is taken, you can curl up underneath.
Read the verge, not mistaken, eiter way it plays for keeps.
So what is your intention, and why do I have the creeps?

Come, live the dream.
Sorry sight on the horizon.
Keep it short.
Keep explaining.
This iversion coming on
What rapes the face,
of the child in such distaste?
Then puts up for all to see,
slithering to get away.

All is not lost, what is it and will remain.
Shake the fist to put it down,
it will tear but [?]
All shifted lost,
from a state of ill decay.
Be the rock to put if off,
for forever and a day.

Throw, it away.
Never find whats bright and clear.
Burn it up, to slit it out.
Buy it up, to show the fear.

Throw, it away
Left alone, to hit rock bottom.
Get a grip, throw the tip.

Twist the reason,
Generation. [4x]

Twist the reason.


In love we lie
Finds truth then tossed aside
Left out to dry
Run off this road on fire
I feel the second hand
Passed my life
And seal to breathe
Sometimes i let slide
All color gray
To form another day
Fly far...
Flies fly all left behind
Flies fly and fall beside
On high...flies fly
Test the rotten meat
Flies fly back to eat to carry on...


[Bonus Track - INSTRU']

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