Shadow Of Intent : Melancholy

Death Symphonique / Etats-Unis
(2019 - Auto-Production)
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Deep inside the madness designed, you rot
Hear this foretelling of crepuscule doom most feral
The desolation of a human, an incarnate disgrace
Obliterate proceeds their fatal function; disease
Devastation is the antidote
Chanting for the anathema of grand dolor
Dishonoring fathers through shedding of blood
Environ the influence rising through all
Into the mouth of the maelstrom
Foretelling of crepuscule doom most feral
Environ the influence rising through all
All is lost
Falling into oblivion
It shall envelope all
Engulfed by fire and cast to the flame
Pure melancholy
They begin collapsing downward through the obscure godless chasm, plummeting an infinite depth inside the mind
Deep inside the madness designed looking outward awaiting their death
Knowledge of life and power
That was not what they found
They did not choose to survive
A reason couldn't be found
It took their lives


Hail the night, and reject the sun
The raging fire blazing all mankind undone
I declare you the soon to be departed
Unspeakable atrocities shall come to light
You are all servants to ideals and stigmata
A curse most grim, the siren’s hymn
Deliverance is a fairytale shared by all
Liberation, rebel, rise!
An ancient madness leaves their restless souls lingering
Urging to drink the fleshy chalice of vindication evolving throughout time
Vindictive, I am deific in origin
For I dwell beyond the walls of man
Amalgamation of chimera and permanence
I hold the power of all that is
By laws of nature, I am the fifth fundamental force
By laws of flesh never to be spawned
By loss of love, of cancer spewing forth
By loss of life, the climax of this decrepit world


The magnum opus of gods disdained
Like ants they burn under watchful eyes
I decide who lives or dies
Oh, how divine
Extinction of the human swine
In advancement to the final light
Demented sickness bred upon the earthly parasites
Their ashen anatomy scuds the blood soaked plains of eden
Admonition had been expressed but no longer obeyed
In the midst of the reckoning, they cower before the night
Nyctaphobic incantations swell within their hides
The astral intent of an irenic paradigm
Diminished of existence, a future so sublime
And so the bidding proceeds
The bidding proceeds
The unfurling torturous visions show, display, a calamitous mirror of pandemonium
The last of the suffering are failing to grip the rusting handles of control
Compelled by a higher power they sever each others heads
The perfect progression of mankind
A barren and breathless macrocosm
To the earth I give a clean slate, and I curse humanity in their cadaverous repugnancy
God-born, dead and left impaled, mangled posed in cruciform
Adorned with sores they sought to rid themselves of this karmic plague
Submit, lie in the grave you willfully dug yourself
No remorse for the creatures of the earth
At once you gathered to witness the wrath ever instilled upon the last of human greed
No remorse for the careless creatures of the earth
No remorse for the creatures of the earth
No remorse


The ether realm declares the world but a stage
A coldly calculated transformation to the grave
Onward we follow, herded as slaves
Collectively lapsing into the land of flame
Alas, the truth has been presented before my eyes
I’ve been unbound from the shackles of faith
No longer lead to believe there is hope beyond this world
The rope starts to sway
The voices died one by one as they called my name
Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain
And naught a thing to blame
Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain
Under the moonlight I yield
For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel
The reasons, the answers will follow me to the grave
Under the moonlight I yield
Venture beyond and prepare the final phase
Now I look beyond the black eclipse
The macrocosm of the divine
The sullen moon pulls at my soul, a beckoning for relinquishment
Like the tides under lunar influence
The urge is relentless I venture beyond
The voices died one by one as they called my name
Wept until the body could no longer feel the pain
And naught a thing to blame
Trapped in a shell of excessive disdain
Under the moonlight I yield
For I am not enslaved, but one of many of those who kneel
The veil beyond cries my name
I have left behind all that I love, and all who commit
My soul in the hands of destiny
Briefly embracing the chill of Dimethyltryptamine
A struggle for many is the end of the few
A cancer that no mortal man can elude
I hang in my sorrow with no dispute
Just know I'm sorry, I swear to you


I awake troubled by what my eyes perceive
Is this heaven, or is this where the frail lay to rest what was left of their souls?
Where depravity sinks down the ever-growing hole?
Anguish in mockery, denied by creator
A fortune worse than damnation in hell
Dark surrounding me, black is all I see
This won’t contain me
Is this just a dream?
I can’t feel a thing
This dark surrounding
Oh, I had sought for so long this delightful sensation of passage
For I did not know what lay beyond
Will I be released?
Marveled, enthralled within a tenebrous realm captivating desperate departures
Mortal become immortal
Your lust for the gospel had delivered your soul to torment
Yet my cries had been heard through the pain I had wrought
I dance towards the light for I have found what I sought
Piercing his words through my mortal shell
At last I have learned that this cannot be hell
Our worship was false
For he is the destroyer
You know him as god
As he creates, so he destroys


What purpose have I, on this damnable path?
Captured in a nebulous gaze, longing to feel the sun once more
Total demise beneath its looming presence
What purpose have I, on this damnable path?
The unsealed abysmal creation ascends from below
Its thunderous march reverberates through the bones of the accursed
I took my life so that I could know rest
To die with the sins that were left unprofessed
A husk for the gods to molest
Oh, exiled lord of the unblessed
The darkest of idols, of power so divine
The damned, the ceasers of its thriving appetite
The doom of their dejected conscious imminent
Gulping gallons of blood, crushing their bones within its teeth
Incessant doxologization of trapped souls
Pie jesu domine, dona eis requiem
Before the process of disintegration, a sacrificial slaughtering of masses lining for decapitation
Single file at the behest of their demise
Embracing nocturnal damnation
Observer of perdition
As we near the subsequent torment unknown that awaits
Total demise beneath its looming presence
To the monarch umbra I am bound
To live as waste
To die as a slave
A fate most deserving, their debts shall be paid
Living as waste
Dying as slaves
A fate most deserving, their debts shall be paid


Here I am on the other side
Surrounded by voices of those who have died
The sounds of their cries engulfing me
But a calling illusion cuts through them all
A goddess of shimmering light demands my faith
To the temptress I must oblige
It bores within
You cannot refuse her persuasion
She gives you the end to a broken heart that no one can mend
Agony seeps in, and I try to mend it
I can’t take back the things I’ve done, this is my repentance
The time for reprisal has passed
Seduced by a cancer forever to last
She will consume whats left of you
The torment never ends
She’s in my ears
She’s in my mouth
She’s in my mind
Dirge Of The Void
Goddess of shimmering light
To the temptress, I must oblige
She’s in my ears
She’s in my mouth
She’s in my mind


Deceiver in a darkened disguise
A familiar exterior unhallowed inside
As the figure dissipates from the gateway
Ignis fatuus
Calling from the abyss
Seek out my voice
Do not be afraid
Take my hand
I will show you the way
Revival of noumenon to this diadem
Essentia, with vigor I quell
Ascending the unascendable
For the bonds on my spirit have disenthralled
Life finds its way into the void until the veil is shut again
Breaking down all that we know until the veil is shut again
Where the darkness yields the plentiful
I shall prevail and will emerge as legend
The wretched possessor begins to show its true intentions
This is not the salvation that I seek
I long to be buried in the ground
Sinking deeper down
Yet I remain damned
The dreaded mystic abyss
The facade forever expands in this derelict dominion
In perpetuum I dwell
The harvest of innocence
To be ingested
The gaping mouth of judgement and creation absorbs
The dreaded mystic abyss
This is no longer the calm before the storm
In sheer denial of the situation, not responding
Pulse is quickened from the pain, I feel the blisters forming
The conflagration rising, panic stricken, fire storming
The malefactor makes its presence known, she lingers watching
The veil has been shut again




I emerge alive
Regurgitated as a slave to the tests of time
I reject and do not rejoice my immortality
For there is nothing left of this place
Spawning unto desolation again
In shadows I slumber until I am but dust
Am I to live in nothingness?
In death I live to dwell the days away in fathomless dismay
Am I to roam forever gone?
To roam forever gone?
Festering memories of the past start to project
Then wither away inducing insanity on my behalf
We were led to believe the netherworld is of myth
But it dwells within and its nature so abstract, yet so very real
A most horrid fate
Ghastly rotting grave
Bloodshed and malice conjured the source of our decay
We wasted away
I am he who lives thrice begotten in bedlam against evanescent horizons
How melancholy
Time withers
The sun extinguished
And yet still, I remain
The age of man passes
My progress, struggles, and suffering a waste

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