Seven Severed Heads : Seven Severed Heads

Death Black / USA
(2005 - Self-Produced)



Such a good boy, deep wounds to cleanse the pain,
His mind, so weak... Mommy gone, his world in flames,
God will watch you while Im away,
Now Im alone, can't dig into your grave...

There's padded walls inside his mind,
He laughs last, behind a mask!

Drain the veins, loss of control,
Anguish and hate, all you know,
Twisted artwork now your mind,
Take the last breath while you die...

Cut out the worries of your mind.

Why do you long for her reality,
When you can't see it without her your eyes?
You've raped your innocense,
Now your on your own.
Who gets the last laugh behind a mask?

Fuck your thoughts!

Gutted the senseless,
Strung up by the heels...


Corporate confusion makes heads collide,
In a fit of rage, you realize...

Your nothing but a slave to the system!
And I wonder how you sleep at night,
Guilt and cold sweat paralyze you senseless.

Somewhere in the back of my mind,
I realize there's no time left for you,
So I'll call it quits.
Nothing exept consequences left for me,
Consequences took for free.

Thought of these lies all through the halls,
So I wish this upon you all-
Every exemption all over again,
Fall to your knees and wonder when...

Lesser days come to pass,
Quench their thirst on molten brass!

I used to lay dead at night,
Searching for wrongs to claim the right,
Close my eyes, bow my head,
Remember hollow words you said.

Fuck the System!

Fuck the system with all your thoughts on life,
Are the ones who recover still trapped on the frontlines?
While the supression takes a toll on your sane,
You'll find one more reason the body's drained.

One last conclusion makes heads collide,
False hope solutions and your suicide!

Fuck the system!


Do you choose to lay down in a nest of filth?
I can't take anymore of this bullshit, I've been cast out.
And I despise I've reprogrammed my existence,
My souls stripped bare...

All I see is black...

I can't believe all the bullshit that pours from you.
You make me sick, I can't stand the thought of you.
I want to watch bleed, you taint my soul.
I hate everything you love and all you know.

It all fades away...

All I see is black!

;歌词由 添加 BLACKWATER - 修改此歌词