Sear Bliss : Decade of Perdition

Symphonic Black / Hungary
(2005 - Red Stream)
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In the deep of the Carpathians
Surrounded by forests where beasts of night dwell
On a bare mountain it stands
The loneliest fortress

O' lord Opour
Worship the four elements

God of Earth, thy gift a great stone
Created not by human hands

God of Fire, thy gift, a furnace in the bowels of earth
from which thou throw out thy fury
Through the "flue of hell"

God of Water, thy gift an awesome trunk
Transformed into a stone black as night
No axe could chop it and it sparks by the beat of steel

God of Air, thy gift an enormous thunderbolt
That fell on the ground of


Fright calls me from beyond
By the lip of a faceless man
I'm waiting to glide his voice to my
Neverending dark
To feel my body
As the icy wind touches
The memories of ancient ones,
The memories of heroes
Which were redused to ashes under the fullmoon
I fly towards you
I feel the dying grasp
Of your untouched heat
I'm waiting for her voice to show a sign,
The way as the picture of eternal fire and power
To shine my light, because it is I
I fly towards you
I'm waiting for your comfort
In the path of the far voice


Am I ruling in hell?
Or is it just a dream so cruel
I have taken the hands
Of the most magnificent doom
Blindly I'm seeking for the wisdom of truth
With persistence untold
I'm standing in a lake of warm blood
Yet my visions are cold
I see cliffs and peaks licking the sky
And deep cold lakes
With the universe their bottoms unite
Cosmic forces gave me the strength
To take my journey
And to be one with the stars

I was a demonfaced man
But now I'm a manfaced demon
Look at me and this face
Bathed in the silvery moonlight

I admire the splendour
But it's getting pale as I leave it behind
Now the sparking stars are the only light
But their shining still as cold as ice

I died a thousand times
Yet I believe in thanatism
So I avoid the realms of bliss
In the search of utter end

May the darkest space be my tomb
And may my blood paint the stars
Lifeless I drift far
But I reborn in the shape of emptiness


There's a feeling that weakens me
Sucking my blood
Like thousands of leeches on my skin

There's something that keeps me sleepless
It draws me in deeper and deeper
Like black holes devour the stars

There are memories I find myself
Imprisoned in earthly flesh
But the ground will be shaking
When I unleash my wrath

I have been at the birth of time
I have seen rainbows made of methane
Galaxies were my playground
And the universe will be my grave

I sank into the waters
Of grotesque
I must drink from the fountain of wisdom
For I want to roam

The unfathomed depths of the universe
Where stars are born and die
And the aeons seem only to a moment
A tiny fragment of endless time

But now I stepped through
The threshold of fear
My heart is filled with joy
I laugh upon the mortals
For they can't explore

The unfathomed depths of the universe
Where stars are born and die
And the aeons seem only to a moment
A tiny fragment of endless time

I have been at the birth of time
I have seen rainbows made of methane
Metagalaxies were my playground
And the multiverse will be my grave

Nothing weakens me anymore
It is unearthly tranquility I found
And now I cross the river of no return


Snow falls into her open coffin
I'm looking at her frozen face
someone has painted a smile
on the face of death.
Unprepared to her sudden exit
the fast arrows of my imagination
are flying through the air,
Confused in this madness of the flesh
I feel I've been tricked.
Who holds the answer to this?
Sweeping rain of tears pounds the earth
And echoing cries reach the universe
Misery descending on my days
I'll pay whatever price
I have to pay.
Go now, get prepared
So you will be able to understand
This internal hell


My body is plit open
At dawning of pain.
Come, step inside and dream on.
Beautiful suffering it is
On the other side of an other dimension.

"With dead bodies we hug each other
I touch you with my ice cold fingers."

Do you feel it?

"We dance together, on the horizon
Of eternal sadness,"

Winter veil covers us.

"Wake up, on the day of your funeral
Praise the Lord"

For this beautiful night.


The blood on my face
Runs from my eyes
And stains the world red
I feel the heat and see the pain
Nothing seems to move
As I watch the future
We`re watching each other
As if we`d never met before
As if we`d never lived before
Only the hidden feelings would burn
And in this world of red
We`re becoming something else

We feel our blood - the lust
As we are dying now
Our whispers will shine
As a sign and as the secret message
Of a suffered end...

Voices are coming from inside
They`re becoming stone
There will be tall walls of them
And these mountains will keep our inner world
The deep voice of immortality
These mountains will stand forever
...You can`t destroy them...


The forest is dying
In the heat of the sun
The countryside is burning
Dying birds on dying trees
They sing their last song.

The sky turns dark, the sun
Falls apart.
Full moon shines.
The sky opens up
From the next world arrives Vata.

Icecold fire burning in his eyes
Awekening, from the other world
Into this real one.
Wolves licking my body, frozen in ice
Desire grows the desire of...

It brings eternal winter
Onto the sizzling countryside.
The mourning is still painful
My soul frozen in ice.

Adramarah calls me again
I stepped into his dream
Piercing coldness embraces me.
I feel the power of the next world
I feel the power of the Lord of emptyness.

Now I think back
A strange feeling, as I lie buried
In the frozen ground, I feel the coldness
Of the sweeping winter storm


Awesome power
Spiritual journey
On the edge of the horizon.
The moon projects dream images.

Frozen mourning calls
On the eve of the pagan winter

On a November night
Dreamworld, in the frozen
Reflection of the sea.
Internal powers draw me in
Inside my own self.
Paralysed voices
In a virtual reality.

Frozen mourning calls
On the eve of the pagan winter

10. 1100 YEARS AGO

Oh my lord, let us fire up every church
Oh my lord, let us break every bell
Oh my lord, let us kill every priest'
(11th century saga, Hungary)
Witches burn the twelve holy disciples
Christian believers frozen in blood
On the darkest infernal day
On the dawn of eternal funeral
The holy trinity burns on the stake
Faith of our heart, the only sign is immortal

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