Sea Of Desperation : Spiritual Lonely Pattern

Melodic Doom / Russia
(2006 - Stygian Crypt Productions)
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I am so lost
In this night
She died – I hear
She died
Killing words
All inside me
In phone
Destroy my sanity
My heart split
Asunder in two
In hard suffers
Of suicidal vortex
I avert from light
Laying unmoved
At somber death brink
Ashen and chaotic

At scythe of bleak July
I saw a crimson moon
With prophetic satellites
Descending closer
Accept my requiem
For whom I loved
I never forget
I will remember
Most part of me
Died with her
If I could knew
How pain she held
I am alone
Feeding on memories
Old pictures and past
Left by her

Perhaps all could be different
I never be the same
Somber skies returns tonight
And autumn grace is everywhere
Veils of rain are down...


I regret I'm pain
I am paralyzed
Good days are gone
October meet moonrise
I am forced back
To place you had died
I found your dress, it holds your scent
My eyes was full of tears

As light swiftly drown
Strong wings of grief is spread
I flee through time
Your likeness comes again

In my dreams
I see you alive
All is the same
And sun plays in your hairs

My mind's too weak
To remember
Time – worst enemy
Erasing me

My nerve strings pitched
Night weaves nostalgic
Drowsing oblivion
Terrible sights

Many words are dead
Many deeds to proof your life was good
Are undone...


Benighted my soul
Walks alone
Shores of autumn
Felt my steps
Dying leaves
Touch the surface
And drift away
To your new home
I see reflections
So familiar
On shaking silver
Wry from my tears
Creating visions
That gone so long
Half forgotten once back

I scribe your pain
Never be the same
That infant boy
Joyfully smiles
From photos
I'll always remember
Your words and caress
I see your face again

That dream again...
Village-I'm standing at the bloody pool
At the bed I found book lies unread
And the windows still unshut
Are you hear me in silent death?"

I am he
unrested stranger
Stacked between two worlds

Horrid past depress me down
Spring caged, condemned and weak
I lurk in furthest shapes
Healing wounds seems hungry mouths
Arctic cold binds my mind
Thin webs spread empathic
Colors die in eternal mist
Heart anguish is countless


Star flecked night
Is calling me
Moon shadows
Moving to real
One different of them
Shows me a path
And music from afar
Resounding softly

Towards the mystic
Chanting mist
Clandestine lot
Across myself
Grey sights
Of unknown

My spiritual Lonely Pattern...

Flickering lights
In center
Arise from inside
All memories
Sharing with a path
Wasted visions
It lull wild pain
It rest me for awhile
At rusted dark gates
My silent friend
Raise it hand
And melt in air
Spot on white
Oasis in sands
Salvation or the end?

My spiritual lonely pattern


Pacing through changing time
I felt some inner pressure
By shadows with mad faces
Pattern teems alive

It moving swiftly
So much around me
Crying and laughing
With promises and begs

I met something...
In this place of sanctuary
Obscure, lucifigous, desolate...

The sky're purple from rain
So dramatic
Bad memories, suicidal thoughts
Beat me with new force
My mistakes... my suffers

I see the end of pattern
I see a coming light
There's shine of alien sun
There's someone waits me

I still pacing
Every step's so hard
I follow the signs
Marks of god


Welcome to memoria
I shall give you what you had forget
In your eyes I see the rise
Of beloved silhouette

I begin to remember
How her spirit fled away
And the presence of you, angel
Now I am not afraid

Flashback again
Beating inside myself
As winds in naked trees
Conquer above ancient night

How I wish to join you someday
To look in your kind brown eyes
Embrace you all countless times
For you beloved sounds these rhymes

Flashback again
Knocking inside myself
Whisper is my woe
Beg me to come in

After memoria
I trespass frontier of oblivion
To rest awhile in blank
Melancholic sea
Beautiful and dear
Send me solo boat
And tranquility blooms in air...


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I can't endure
My horrid past
Sending up
Through spiritual lonely pattern

October tide
My demise
First step
To touch the heavens

Freezing move and echoes
Swoon at way

Men in my head
Which I loved
Playing wasted forgotten deeds
Makes me sad
Your ghost on the shores
Redemption, love and death

Eerie face of time
Staring at me

I'm alone in drifting boat
Dying all alone
And her spirit came to me
Then livelong grief is gone
Entire right and wrong

Sparkling at my sight
Whimpering angels died
Smothering atmosphere
Press me harder

Freezing moon and echoes
Swoon at way

Whisper me the name
One I won't forget
As suffers as joy as life
Cast me reflection
On the crystal surface
When the real and past meets
One drop can crush everything

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