Sargeist : Unbound



Insignificant is the source of light
In the infinity of the abyss
The entity of chaos continues
In the flesh of new creation

Concentrated cosmic darkness
Comes by catastrophes
From the depths of chaos
Time is indifferent to Hell

Silt of Samael manifests
By His venomous essence
Active satanic resistance
In holocaust of inevitability

Negative radiation
Reflection of evil
Directed against the divine
By darkness to eradicate

For his blood runs in many rivers
Piercing the universe
His wounds belch poison clouds
He is the one who subdued time

In whom the darkness is incarnate
In whose roots evil grows
In whose foundation is the universe
And man has come from His flesh


Glorious, glorious witchcraft
In mysteries as in plain truths
Lost art of the ones who see clarity
All that which remains in secrecy
As a flame taking root in the heart
Of one sworn to walk the hidden path
As an insight unlike no other
To be able to look into primordial night

Glorious, glorious witchcraft
In anathema for ages and ages
For there is no slave with an eye
Deeply connected to undeniable wisdom
Harnessing a full cognition
In deference to the lord of lords
Always feared and loathed
Amongst the rabble of this world

Glorious, glorious witchcraft
Enlightened far beyond the reaches
Of all that which causal musings
May ever be reflected upon
For it is not one path
But an entire map of roads
On which the sorcerous will
Shall set foot forevermore


Beneath the age-old citadel
Restless black waters churn
With waves of mad whispers
From sources seldom spoken of
Forever the enchanting waves
Surge and curse all men
Eager to swallow and devour
Those who mortal dwell

Seven out of seven times
The unknown in the depths
Shall embrace the drowning
With death’s cold bliss
And seven out of seven times
That man will become nothing
He had not already willed
In his deepest desires

To enter the sunken temple
The black onyx ziggurat
As it manifested in vision
From the womb of void
the abyss shall gaze into you
Within the subconscious
Beyond the consecrated gate
Of one’s den of vices


I hear the spirits whisper
All around me in the night
My existence makes them sing
Actively seeking my company

They will come
I can hear them again
Occult presence in this world
Channeled through my soul

There is no such thing as fear
Only fascination and love
Empathy for the lingering dead
I’ve chosen this way

You can hear them if you will
Death is just the beginning
This living body is nothing but a vessel
Already dedicated to death


It has always been there
As far back as I am able to see
In the childhood memories
Like an old towery tree
Amongst the most vast darkest forest
Shrouding the baleful skies
Yet hailing both the Moon and the Sun
When the old man is long forgotten and gone

No matter the place or time
It never faded, never disappeared
From house to house, age to age
Followed every single step
Yet evaded the curious hunting eyes

Travelled over quarter a century
Accompanied through all the ashen paths
All of them joys
All of them sorrows
Leaving behind no victory or defeat
Still its face stays hidden
No names have been heard
And I guess we never truly met

Floating in every shadow
Be it the dawn of a new day
Or the heart of the deceased light
It still remains like a silent mountain


Her mouth is an open grave
Eternal curse waiting for them
This time it will be ultimate
It cannot and will not be undone

Once their homes desecrated
Invaded silently from the inside
They saw not their seeds in bloom
Hope had faded with all life decayed

Who will inherit these thousands of tombs
For the dead will always remember
Eyes blindfolded, necks cracked
Souls devoured and spirits slain

Feeding the mindless horrors
Motherless children are waiting in the void
And when the cycle turns and Saturn storms
The hex will go wild

Death will be a servant under the spell
Diseases shall obey the higher voice
Life for a life, soul for a soul
this curse will be eternal


Always starving, always hunting
Like a wolf in the forest pitch black
Alone in the shadows hungry for blood
In stealth preparing a flawless attack
I am unbound

The reflection in its burning eyes
Like a candle light against the wind
Storming through the darkness
Consuming all the light
I am unbound

From the midst of the sun-burnt rocks
Like a shooting star the serpent strikes
By the venom a blessing is given
With its every drop a painful curse
I am unbound

Always strangling, always attacking
I will not let you out of my grasp
I will kill again, I will always hunt
Magna pecus, magna venator
I am unbound


I now let my voice resonate
Through the silence of the night
Awaken o mighty lord
Ignite the blood running through my veins

Let me take part of your brilliant light
And your all-consuming darkness
You who chose to descend into the darkness
To bring fire divine to the vessels of clay

Father of spiritual transmutation
Let me in your transcendent mysteries
Transform and forge me in accordance
With your forbidden art

Bless me now
In the awakening of my demonic self
Bless me now

Master of hidden wisdom
Let now your mark glowing on my forehead
Burst into fire and crown me with the flames
The flames of enlightenment
Liberating my inner flame divine

I bow before the shadow of your horns
and praise you
And channel the force and power
Of the master that dreams beneath
The mountain of darkness

Bless me now
In the awakening of my demonic self
Bless me now
Master of hidden wisdom


There is no compassion
For here the darkness begins
I am the singing death
Of the serpent’s embrace


Partaking from the grail of death
Perfumed with the odour of serpent saliva
As bitterness hangs to and in the throat
Breathing in the mesmerizing vapours

Unblocking the burning gateways
To that which manifests within
A ripple in the brackish vision
Expanding deeper in a trance

Where no dream is without a cost
Where nothing is in everything
to be the prophet, to be in Him
In life dead to this world

In transition to the divine
At each sound of prayers vibrating
At each step closer trembling
To drown in sterile waters
Pilgrimage to the primeval womb
Formless and unthinkable
Cleansing in death communion
Dissolved in consecration
In the depth of darkness unveiled

Where no dream is without a cost
Where nothing is in everything
To be the prophet, to be in Him
In life dead to this world
I follow one star
The one of them most dormant
Yet the brightest of them all

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