Sargeist : Tyranny Returns

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We - the sons of ruin and terror
Rape your souls with Black Metal wrath
You - the worms of humanity
Thou shalt suffer the Black Metal wrath

You try to fucking humanize
This true satanic movement
But you are wrong
It can never be human

Anti-human, anti-life
Cut your flesh and worship Satan
True unholy metal KULT
Dedicated to worship and war

You make it a trend a game
Try to play the supreme's role
You will never have the same
Understanding and hate we have

When will you fucking get it
It's not "music" but propaganda
Of anti-human, anti-life message
And values to destroy human life

"Improvised hateful list of posers"
Fuck you all!

You only feed the business
Commercialism and humanity
Kill yourselves before you can
End your miserable humanity


Can you smell it in the air
Smoke is rising, fog of revenge
A wounded warrior is crawling back
An arrow in his chest

He is bleeding, death is near
Ravens watch him oh so close
Dying proud with honor in fight
Under creed of a heathen free man

Down his trail their houses are burning
Even children beheaded in hate
His heart is still with old gods
He knows the burning burial awaits

Tribe will mourn the passing of a kin
Soul by soul with thoughts to avenge
Sign of wolf branded in belief
Hail the victory and iron will

Times await their emended return
Though of old the weapons changed
Marching on still with pagan faith
And with intent to fulfill revenge

We are encouraged by blood
By the battle spirit
None can bring silence today
For tongue of vengeance speak


Fires burn yet again
Fed with corpses of the men
Who opposed us and never will be free
They still live for only flames to see

And the old gas chambers
Destroy human life again
Pestilent weak people
Grimly rid with Zyklon-B

You will work force labor
For our engines of war
As the fodder to feed with
To be reaped with war

God's race feeds our cause
Such an irony within
Grim Northern funeral winds
Blow again over lands

No mercy will be shown
Panzer march, panzer march
Iron tyranny and hate
Conqueror fire and supreme art

Dark fortress of Sargeist
Soon stands rising proud
Nation's flag upon the walls
Cross of blue on white

Reshape the fallen dignity
Of a mighty northern race
We are the first of cruelty
Beating on humanity's face


We can smell the blood
Among the leaves and branches
Taste the old forest breath
So hateful and pagan in tongue

We are brought to a place
Sacred among our race
Old gods watch our fight
Strength and glory at our side

The blood is still calling
Wakes an instinct of wolves
Hate in our blue eyes
Pride of the alpha supreme

The strong race is coming
End of all Jehovah's life
We must write again with blood
Write the nature's laws

Soon our throne is built again
Made of Christian skulls
The culture of mighty nation
Is brought to life again

Our beliefs in the ancient gods
The sorceries are binding us
With the victory and sign of the sun
Magick strengthening our creed

Our people, listen to the wolf
Deep inside your soul it speak
Honor, blood and cult of heathen man
A white wolf of highest order

We are cavalry with the might mares
Young and strong, full of pride
Strike with hate in our blue eyes
Iron tyranny returns




Vlad the third, the Impaler Prince
Wallachain lord of sins
Born in 1431 in Sighisoara

The year was same his father became
A part of the Dragon Order
Thus the name Dracul - the devil
The dragon of evil and hate

Years had passed and he was taught
The art of war and noble ways
He had the Faragas and Almas dutches on his days

Destiny gave him not more than six years on the throne
Still he ruled with tyranny and mercy was not shown
He loved to set a banquet up and watch the people die
Old and young and children tortured under Dracul's eye

Armies of the Turkish fled with fear burnt in their hearts
Terror spread where corpses hung and where the rotting starts
On mountains near the River Arges he had meant to be
But on this sorrow-guided trail became his misery

Betrayed by no one but his brother - he did flee
His wife had thrown herself to death for brother's men to see
For years he was a captive in the court of Hunyadi
Then he came to pay revenge and set a reign to be

Vlad the third, Impaler Prince
Wallachain lord of sins
Born in 1431 in Sighisoara
In the end he dies in battle, how, remain unknown
The year of 1476 death was his own


March to the black holocaust has begun
Funeral tones echo over all the land
The rebirth of a satanic empire of death
Without the human Christian millions of weak

Black pure imperial blood
Herited from funeral sworn
In the soil where rotting bones were placed
Our souls grew and from the curse were born

We are not human though human appears outside
Maybe human destiny awaits for this flesh
We are the face of your timeless death
A circle made of sinister, morbid intentions

The strong race is coming to end all life
The creature of god, the larva of feebleness
Of such monumental hate darkness will rise again
Bestial offering of human blood (final nail to the coffin of god)

In the endless night to come
Roaring hell of Black Metal
Sinister light of the funeral torches
You'll see it before a sword


The end belongs to none but you
Created from dust and empty souls
You'll soon return to the void
A destiny worth of nothing
You all nasty creatures of god
Will regret you ever lived
You the Nazarene, bastard crowned
You shall feel the spear once more

Our kingdom - the night
Everlasting - when humanity ends
For the glory of Satan

And all human your father made
Oh, we'll laugh at their ashes grey
Until the winds from the sea blow it away
In the dark war, endlessly

The moon, the cries of wolves
The ancient times
Only night brings a feeling
To this "human" body of mine
Nothing in common with life
Only death is real


Terve Suomi, Isanmaa!
Your song will echo ever long
Burnt with pride into our heart
With honor marked on our souls

Your blue eyes are the thousand lakes
Our banner white and blue
You are clad in white of the winter
Beauty of the north so true
And the nights of summer they are bright
With endless sun among the stars
And forests vast and cruel
Breathe the culture of our race

We are from the Cavalry Town
Once with name Lapwestrandh
Once again we will return
Regain the pagan past
Every flag will celebrate our sign
Iron sun wheel of the gods
We will rid the land of the plague
Burn the churches to the ground

Comradeship through iron and blood
We unite in sacred war
Our hearts forged unto battle
Thirsting for the victory
There is nothing stopping our march
Black holocaust funeral march
Terve Suomi, Isanmaa
With blood and honor, iron and blasphemy



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