Sargeist : Feeding the Crawling Shadows

Black Metal / Finland
(2014 - World Terror Committee (WTC))
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Endlessly crawling chaos
A black quivering mass
Behind these dirty walls
Relentless whispering
Eyes burning with hatred
Hundreds of them staring
Diseased little beings
Of unknown origin

Waiting and waiting and waiting
Whomever finds they way
Within these abandoned rooms
Of a chapel that was
Tempted into sneaking in
With a hope to find the tome
But what you founds was death
Painful and unclean

Drank clean from all the blood
Your organs their feast
Bones stripped of flesh
This place your tomb


Something rotten lays beneath
The chilling earthen floor
As if the stench has carried
With it some distant song

In the mourning tome of violins
Dissonate and invoking
Calling forth terrible dreams
From unknown planes

Visions of terror entwine
With darkenend reality
From charnel hallways
Come the glowing mists...

Creeping through the windows
Seeping through the stone
Walls begin to bleed
And the violins go insane

Heat of lava, cold of space
Eyes sewn shut to see
The wounds with dreams
The witch unveiled

One by one they are cut
Strings of the devil's harp
Morbid silence falls
And only death awaits


So it befalls us
Unto the Undead Temple
To carry on the torch
As his chosen mouth

Ever to exalt and glorify
With a stern command
The master of all things
Veiled and obscure

Ours is to wield
The unchained with magick
In which all the forms of
His divine wrath manifests

And to be forever ordained
In dead congregation
As must the serpent ever
Shed it's skin

Unto us the glorious conquest
In spirit as in flesh
To feed upon the carnage
And feast upon your souls

As the winged beast of night
Against the doves
Ours is the right
To pick clean your bones

As reapers we come and reap we shall
For who is more ignorant in his stand
The man who can not define lightning
Or the man who does not respect it ?


Priests are weeping
Young women are raped
You recall the good life
That once was yours
Your places of worship
Are abodes of suffering
Left in a shock of constant pain
With fire burning in your bones

Thirst so fierce that your tongues
Are stuck to the roof of the mouth
Weight of guilt tied around your neck
Is draining all your strength
Children die in their mother's arms
This is the day we've waited for
Sking and flesh wasting away
Where no light would return

Impure flames burn in the temples
On crumbling abandoned altars
Snares of deathand damnation
Consuming all in their way
Priests have died unpeacefully
While searching for mercy
All hope is lost
All hope is lost


I am the coffin spirit
Old ghost of vengeance
Cold may be my bones
Long since decayed my heart
Still here in this crypt
My cursed being bound
Not even rats have returned
Since many centuries

But soon i will again
Have their hungry company
Foolish humans have come
To try and rob my graves
Let them enter my darkness
And break the seal
My blades thirst for blood
For it is near...

So their fortune seeking
Became my rarest joy
Corpses of thieves a fest
For the rats have returned...


Gigantic carvings
Of the Other gods
In the mountainside
Of this waking world
A cold, darkened land
Full of steep black ridges...
Beyond which nothing
Is visible but the sky

Moon is waxing gibbous,
Two nights before it's full
The dreadful carvings glow
Under the moon's old eye

Come night, pitch-black darkenss!
Horns concealed by the shadows...
Howling of the nameless beings
Across the cemetery fields...

Black beings rise again
From their hidden nests..
The ones no one speak of,
The ones no one know

Come night, pitch-black darkenss!
Horns concealed by the shadows...
Howling of the nameless beings
Across the cemetery fields...


Legacy of your creator
Made you blind to the world
To think the only purpose to exist
Is to wither in his spiritless light

All the days accounted for
Seeking the love of thy father
Ensured of your greatest illusion
The heavenly paradise

Embrace the Shunned One
First angel of true knowledge
The one your jealous creator
Thought to have beaten

Pray for the true power
Which shall awaken the soul
And open His dark kingdom
Which lies deep in your heart

For it is prince Lucifer
Nay, the uncrowned King!
Who guides man with wisdom
And secrets of the ancient art

Hail Satan, the adversary !
First to question god's folly
For thiss is the righteous path
The gospel of truth !


Inside te demon's maze
Trapped in the void that is known
To exist between life and death
Where no common soul can dwell

Where winds forever blow
Only from the north
And each sign carved in stone
Is an epitaph

Inside the demon's maze
Searching for the gate
Accompanied only by despair
And the mad flutes tone

Followed not by the shadow of being
But by a being of the shadow
Unable to defeat life or reach death
In the cursed eternity


Waking from a dream
In the middle of the night
Glow of the frozen moon
Gently caressing my face
Hearing voices from afar
Beginning to chant

I rise from the resting place
Only to realize my feet
The decaying ground
I look and see above me
Nothing but murky soil
Yet beneath me i see
The starless sky ablaze

As above so below
Yet everything here is twisted
A tormented netherworld
Filled with agonizing terror
Crowned with my own entrails
A morbid king i am made

Pillars rise with corpses piled
In monumental worship
Of all thet which must die
Chilling winds attempting to sing
Yet only wails emerge
Crashing at my maddening senses
Do not touch the familiar floor
Something cold and slimy
Reaching ot for me
Stench of Mala Fide

Hands pulling me underneath


The sinister witch-fires gleam
Against a sky swirling out of form
Embracing the Undead Temple
Have their bleak flames flicered

Casting no living shadows
To remind of a natural place
To dance upon the walls and ground
Or to draw but nightmarish figures

Funerary worshippers crawling
Almost as a heap of flesh
Into the postal chambers
Enshrined with ancient symbols

To descend unto Black Earth
Where bones adorn all
Neither dead or with beating hearts
Are they, called by His voice

Gathering of hopeless souls
No longer able to flee
Flocking onwards
Down there where madness dwells

in the city of eternal death
In the shadow of the howling ziggurats

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