Samson (UK) : Shock Tactics

NWOBHM / United-Kingdom
(1981 - Grand Slamm)
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Katie was a kid, I guess she hid her thoughts from everyone
Went to school at eight, she was never late
Didn't know the meaning of fun

Every night Katie prayed to God above
But her daddy gave her everything but love

She woke up one day, said: "I'm on my way"
Her mummy read the letter, It did say:
"I'm on my way, I'm on my way"

Riding with the angels (x4)
She's having fun fun fun
She's having fun fun fun

Rode around and every boy in town tried to win her back
It was no go, cause she rode with Joe, he was the leader of the pack
People ran for cover when they rolled to town
The night was black, rain on the ground

Engines scream, running too fast
They knew the ride would be there last
They're on their way, They're on their way


Look out


Riding with the angels (x3)


Riding with the angels, Fun fun fun fun fun fun (Repeat and fade out)


You grabbed me and whipped me and scratched me
Raw lines were crossed on my back
Teasing and taunting me, twisting my words
Eyes turning red fade to black

Earth Mother, Help me
Bury me down there
Earth Mother, Can't you see
Suck my breath of air

Snake like you kissed me and chained me
Treachery barred my escape
Surrender to destiny, damned for all time
Eternal light, losing faith

[CHORUS] (x2)


[CHORUS] (x2)


Crawling round with beady eyes
Mister undercover
Late night brawls, street lights call
He don't need a lover

Misunderstood by womanhood
Mortgage is a millstone
Think of lies and alibis to cover up at home

Are you alright girl, for tonight girl
Just give a little. I'll give a lot
Are you a nice girl, A Just-the-type girl
You've got the drug and I need a shot

Seedy hotels, crooked motels
Short-time letch, a special
Twilight-life as a ten minute wife
All so artificial

Rejected maligned by all mankind
Hypocrictic bullshit
Tell me who's rich, Now who's the bitch
Keep that red light lit


When the men come to town
When they're looking in the bars
and they're crawling in the cars
and they lay they're money down

When the men come to play
When their business day was done and they're looking for some fun
You take their money and you blow them away


[CHORUS] (x3)


Here I stand, I believe it's true
Running out, life's running out on you
Witnesses we are all together
Preacher's son waits for heavy weather

Bloodlust I'm letting go
Bloodlust I'm letting go

Alone a lion waits for you
Cry for forgiveness for what I am about to do
Years ago I began to fall
But, now you're here I'll end it all and crawl



"Bloodlust I'm letting go"


Got me here again, waiting for a sign
Raising my hands to the sky
The rain will fall and end it all someday
But until then I'll wait on my mountain and prey
On you!

[CHORUS] (x2)

Bloodlust! (x7)
Bloodlust I'm letting go

Bloodlust I'm letting go


Get out, you're not my kind
Sleazy little lizzy thought you'd got another find
Yes I know you're big inside
Loud and proud, I know you're legs are open wide

Life can be so unkind
Bye, bye honey, lovey-dovey, took you from behind
Maybe it's just as well
I took your body, blew your mind and told you Go to hell!

Fast living female, who you married to?
Dirty little lady, I'm creeping up on you
Nice boy, but you don't see
Your out of luck, you'll get no truck with me


Lousy little schemer played outside the rules
Took me for a dreamer but you were just a fool
Pretty male plaything made you feel alright
Took you for your money, now I'm off into the night



Speeding down the highway, bright lights on the road
Looking for a woman for the night, gonna shoot my load
Rocking and rolling on the mainstreet, seeing the lights flash by
Rollin' to the left, rollin' to the right, get high tonight

Bright lights
Running faster than you
Bright lights
How does it feel to be through?

Sun's up, 5 a.m. the sun is in the trees again
Coming back to hit the town, gonna kick the hammer down
Speeding in my head, waking up in bed, sweating, shaking with fright
Rollin' to the left, rollin' to the right tonight



[CHORUS] (x2)


You don't move me
you don't stir me
You only cheat me
And I ain't gonna run around for you

You've got a bad reputation, I don't give a damn
You've got a bad reputation, I'm not a proud man
You've got a bad reputation, You've got a bad reputation

I've been bitten again, twice shy (x4)

Always teasing at the end of the phone
I feel like a dog without a bone
You're talking dirty but I'm on my own
Coming on the end of the f-f-f-Phone

I've been bitten again, twice shy (x4)


I've been bitten again, twice shy (x8)


Gazing at you in the darkness, lustingly
Nicotine glistened on your nails
Drunk and incapable my thoughts ran free
Numb red lips and scaly skin, I must have lost my mind

Join the line
for a grime crime
Nasty nights
Sordid obscene sights

Said some words that I don't remember
The quickness of the hand deceived the thigh
Your public double standard made me wonder
As cap in hand my flesh crawled out the door




Terror at the bandages on your wrists
Horror at the holes in your arms
Panic of your insanity and bad breath
Never mind, I'll burn the sheets tomorrow

[CHORUS] (x2)


Muscles getting weaker
Outlook getting bleaker
Sun is setting in your eyes

Winter's blown your hair grey
For many seasons now
As you speak your willpower is drained

Now we can start the long way home (x2)

Call upon the energy within you
Communion will come from all around

Magnify your tiny light
Spirit blessing in the night
Feel your power surge

Now we can start the long way home (x4)

Rest in peace tonight
If we find our way back there

Deaf and blind and weary
Rest and sleep tonight
If we build a place of peace

So when we've made our last goodbye
Our final breath and contended sigh
Our children will be free

Rest in peace tonight
Find our way back there

Now we can start the long way home
Find our way back there
Now we can start the long way home
Find our way back there

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