Saidian : ...For Those Who Walk the Path Forlorn

Melodic Metal / Germany
(2005 - Metal Heaven)
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Locked up in chains standing back to the wall
There’s no way out when you’re falling
This life is wasted deep down to the core
Can you heat the demon calling ?

Reaching up to the heavens above
Falling down to the flames
There’s just one way so hold on to love
Fight back or this is the end

Burn down the night
Fight to survive
Changing the ways of time

High as a kite
Reach for the sky
Never give in ‘til you burn down the night

A thousand ways to get burned and go down
Right on your knees you’ll be crawling
Long way to go and no light to be seen
But still salvation is calling

Don’t surrender, say hard on your way
Never turn back again
You can win if you trust in your fate
End all the hurting and pain


Sleepless nights, days full of sadness
Drowning in sorrow and pain
Don’t tell me lies, don’t take me for granted
I might not come back again

Tell me what is on your mind
Is this your own way of life ?

Can’t stand these lonely nights
You won’t hear me calling
Can’t stand these lonely nights
They’ll take me away

Out of sight, out of my memory
I tell myself one more time
But still it’s true that I can’t forget you
No matter how hard I try

Tell me what is on your mind
Any chance for us to find (a way)

In loneliness I am bleeding
But you just don’t seem to care
Voices whisper she’s leaving
Drag me down into deep despair


She’s one in a million of a kind you’ve never seen
(With) one glance from her eyes she’ll have you on your knees
She’s roaming the night scene
She’s the hunter, you’re the prey
(A) beauty shinning even brighter than the day

She’s treating you right
You’re burning in ecstasy
Before you know it
You’re under her spell

(She’s a)
Silent killer
She’s just a grand illusion
Silent killer
Watch out
She’s coming your way

She looks like an angel
She’s the devil in disguise
Just beware of what is flashing right behind her eyes
She’s more than temptation
She’s the original sin
No way to escape her magic power deep within

She’s taking control
She’ll bind you forevermore
You’re just one more victim
Caught in her trap

She is the answer, just your one desire
A promise of passion and delight
You’ll keep on searching for a heart you’ll never find
Her love will blind you like the sun in the sky


Somewhere deep in the night I’m stranded
Feels like I’m washed on a timeless shore
Tell me where are the days of glory
Gone away, it seems, forevermore

Eye to eye with love’s damnation
Tell me why, it’s not in our hands to foresee
Mindless crime and desperation

Come falling down
I’m down on my knees
Back to the ground and now I can see
The end of my dreams

I can’t hold on to your heart of stone
Don’t tell me I’m the only one
How long ‘til the crime is done ?
How could I have known you’ve got a heart of stone ?

I can feel out there a storm is coming
In the sky clouds are drawing near
There’s afire raging behind the mountains
It’s time to face all my fears

Eye to eye with love’s damnation
Never mind, the sorrow I’m feeling inside
Cold as ice, the end is awaiting


I’m not a sinner, I am not a saint
Just trying to survive this lonely game
Still can’t remember any time at all
Of sharing love without and endless fall

I’m crying, I’m fighting
But all in vain
Running round in circles

I cry in the rain
Lost and alone again
Calling out your name
I never had a chance
To show how much I care

Nothing’s forever, but one thing still remains
No pleasure without bearing endless pain
Am I the only one who’s meant to be alone ?
Feeling old and cold down to the bone

My crying, my fighting
It was in vain
Running round in circles

I cry in the rain, lost and alone again
Calling out your name, I never had a chance
To show how much I care, facing the truth again
Crying out in vain, I never had a chance
Alone I face the end...


Out on the edge of nowhere
Lost in a desperate fight
Oh Lord, I feel it coming
There is no place to hide
Cold fire, darkness shining
I’m crossing liquid skies
And through my eyes of a child
I see my life passing by

Is this today ? Is this tomorrow ?
Losing my way, there is a price
We have to pay

Now I am living all the lives I never knew
Where am I going ? Is this a dream or the truth ?

Something out there is waiting for me
In the end who can say what will be

(We are)
Breaking the chains of time
We are so far beyond the line
Breaking the chains of time
Is there a way to stop this fight ?
Breaking the chains of time
Caught in between of daylight and night
Breaking the chains of time
Could this just be our last goodbye ?

No end and no beginning
Not one thing stays the same
Is this the final curtain or just another way ?
So many years and ages
What have we learned so far ?
Where are the answers that we’ve searching for ?


All my life I’ve been walking on my own
Not living for tomorrow, but for today
(But) since that time, when I looked into your eyes
Nothing seems to make sense anymore

I’m closer to heaven
One step away from you
It feels like I’m burning
I’m melting away, it’s true

Can’t stop the ice from breaking
This heart’s on fire
For ever since I saw you
I knew the reason why

You are the only one
Light on my way

Running wild, wasted days and sleepless nights
I’m lonely as a man can be on earth
I’m on my knees, I’m praying for salvation
No matter where I’m going, I see your face

I’m closer to heaven
Still far away from you
Could I be dreamin’ ?
Oh no, what I feel is true

Can’t stop the ice from breaking
This heart’s on fire
Can’t hide the love I’m feeling
I’m drowning in your eyes
Hold on, can’t you feel it ?
Tonight’s the night
For ever since I saw you
I knew the reason why


For this day I’ve been waiting so long
The outbreak is finally here
There’s a light at the end of the night
And not one thing left I must fear

They won’t pull me under
I conquer every shore
(I’m) like a rolling thunder
Can’t hold me down no more

Raising the power inside of my mind
Barriers are taken by storm
Leaving the sorrow and sadness behind
Exploding like never before

They won’t pull me under
I’m shining like the sun
(There) ain’t no turning back
Until I’ve won

Raging fire
I see the flames, they burn so high
I rise again to find my paradise

Raging fire
I feel the heat that glows inside
A burning spark brings me to life
(Me to life)

I feel the fire

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