Running Wild : Rapid Foray

Heavy Metal / Germany
(2016 - SPV)
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The sky is turning dark, horizon deep in black
The flag is turning red, so feel the reaper's trap

Bad news on the wind, the calm before the storm
Cold sweat on your skin, cause the bell calls alarm

Black skies, red flag, so hear the reaper's calling
Thunder, lightning, all hell is breaking loose
Black skies, jet black, so fear the reaper's calling
Hunter's striking, your hand is on the loose

Hell is on, courage gone
Thunder all around
Cannons crack, rip the deck
Shoot you to the ground

Fight or flee, ain't no spree
No prisoners allowed
Flag is red, turn your black
Survivors will be drowned

[Pre / Chorus]


Born for greed, the devil's seed, a demon in your soul
Money-bound, you're losing ground, a tank out of control
Trading war, mendacious law, creating all that grief
You don't care, it's all a ware, the pay is your belief

Into the fire, wretched liar

Warmongers, you lie and cheat on hate and greed
Warmongers, the demon in a shell
Warmongers, you hide the truth, you fake the news
Warmongers, you kiss the flames of hell

Children die, mothers cry, its all the same to you
Unimpressed, no second guess, 'bout the evil that you do

[Pre / Chorus]

Weapon trade, terror faked, you set the world on fire
But punishment will set an end, to atrocities, you liar

[Pre / Chorus]


Like a rolling tank, the engine to crank
Unwavering on your way
"A song and a dance", ain't no chance
You wanna rock out your day

You wanna shout it all out: all night long!
You wanna keep it real loud: alright!

Stick to your guns, fist up high
Stick to your guns, and don't let go
Stick to your guns

A pumping fist, studs on your wrist
Your colours show who you are
You gird your loins and your buddy joins
A fight in a musical war

[Pre / Chorus]


We hit the sea, wild for action
We wanna ride the daring waves
A fair wind, great expectations
Out for glorious raids

Setting gear, pick up speed now
We're gliding on side by side
Catching up with their prow
Cannon's fire will make it right

Frenzied and determined we fire all guns at once
Ship is changing hands now, a precise clockwork that runs

We're on a rapid foray
We know when the timing's right
We hit and run fast as lightning
Fortune on our side, oh oh
Fortune on our side, oh oh

Boarding now, we take all over
Gold, jewels and diamonds too
We live our life way of the rover
A wild storm right on you

[Pre / Chorus]

The hourglass is running so fast
Victory is oh so plain
A real blast from the past
A rapid foray once again

[Pre / Chorus]


Life is hard, to get it right it ain't easy
Desperation's in your heart
You need relief, so bang your head and feel the music
Well it's time about to start, get up

Head up high, you shout it out, your fist is rising
Your heart is pounding with the beat

Pulse rate is rising high
No, no compromising

Like thunder from the mountains
Like a storm from the sea
Like the power of an earthquake
Shaking up the street
Yes, rock'n'roll is equal
When adrenaline is high
Feel the rush by the blood in your heart, get up

Volume's high, you feel the noise electrifying
The blood is pumping in your veins
It is real, your feel, there's no denying
Your way of shaking off the chains

[Pre / Chorus]




Born in Wales, becoming a mate
1719 the year of his fate
His ship is seized, "Davis" is on
Becoming a pirate, his past is gone

Relentless in fight,
The crew's hold and guiding light
Bravery's first
And the trading ship is cursed

Black Bart at war with the world
Black Heart, embracing the curse
He's riding the wind or the edge of the storm
The storm before the calm
Black Bart

When Davis dies he is the man,
"Roberts" the captain, lord of the clan
"Royal fortune" becoming his pride,
"Nomen est omen" superior in fight

Relentless in fight,
The crew's hold and guiding light
Bravery's first
And the trading ship is cursed

Black Bart at war with the world
Black Heart, embracing the curse
He's riding the wind or the edge of the storm
The storm before the calm
Black Bart

On "Cape Lopez" the "Swallow" is near,
Hangover in blood, setting the gear
The mariner fights, firing a round,
"Roberts" is dead, finally drowned

Relentless in fight,
The crew's hold and guiding light
Bravery's first
And the trading ship is cursed

Black Bart at war with the world
Black Heart, embracing the curse
He's riding the wind or the edge of the storm
The storm before the calm
Black Bart


Transformation of the soul, clicks and likes the highest goal
Illusions turning into truth, put a spell right on the youth
Mobbing just creates despair, the smell of sulphur in the air
Trivialize the meanest act, criminals right on the attack

Riding on a wind of change, golden shackles 'til the grave
Fallen to a world of lies, to become a slave will be the price

Wold of illusion, lies and confusion
The "beast" is talking, while the devil's walking

Lies are blinding, pictures lying
Truth is dying, bounded and hellectrified

666 is what you use
You're finding lies where you look for truth
The "beast" is rising, talking well
Absorption in the name of hell

[Pre / Chorus]


A prophecy of ancient times written in the sky
The moon is bathed in deepest red, universal cry
Foretelling what he future brings, a coup d'etat and war
A radical change in history, revolution in the raw

We look upon a changing world, suffering's all around
Deception right on the agenda, veracity's on the ground

A bloody moon so big and bright, the horizon deep in red
Impending war written in the sky, words of death and dread

Blood-moon rising, the herald of the change to come
Blood-moon rising, foreboding there's no place to run

Fire, water, earth and wind, the elements on war
The earth will just defend herself, a universal law

[Pre / Chorus]

If you don't believe the words you hear
See, war is everywhere!

[Pre / Chorus]


Burning down all the bridges
Leaving all the past behind
Heading for a new horizon
The promised land to find

Hope in our hearts,
'cause the promised land is coming
Agony from the start
But a light is shining through

Into the west, countless lonely graves
Flanking our ways on the trail of no return
Into the west, we cut off the past
It's "death or glory" at last,
Into the west

We join the mighty trail
Just straight into the west
It's a ride of deprivation
Putting us to the test

Wild rain and cholera
No water, deadly too
Wide plains and starvation
Is what we are going through

[Pre / Chorus ]

After all this pain and loss
Destination right at hand
Too many lonely graves
But we found the promised land

[Pre / Chorus]


[Based on a novel by James Fenimore Cooper]

"Today I buried my son.
No father should bury his son,
Especially, when he is the last of his tribe.
Today my heart is bleeding!"

1757 the story began
"Alice" and "Cora" and a British young man
Ambushed they fall into enemy's hands
"Magua the Snake" is taking his chance

"Hawkeye" and the Indians right on his track
Hunting Jim down in the attack
"Magua" flees, becoming a ghost
So "Fort William-Henry" a shelter supposed

His soul's flying on the wind,
The valleys to roam
Free on the hunting grounds,
"Manitou' gave him a home'

He became the last of the Mohicans,
When his son died in his arms
He became the last of his zodiac of his tribe,
When he buried his son in his heart

All soldiers dead, the two girls are gone
"Unkas" to follow to "Delaware's" home
The sign of the "Tortoise" is saving his life
"Magua" flees to make "Cora" his wife

[Pre / Chorus]

Follow the "Huron", to bring him to death
Grinding his tribe, taking its breath
"Magua" is running and two of his men
He drags along "Cora" right by the hand

Right through the cave, abductors are trapped
The death of the cliff is holding them back
"Cora" is murdered so "Unkas" attacks
By "Magua's" knife he's stabbed in the back

1757 the story began
"Unkas" had died right at the end
The "Mohicans" fade, the end of the tribe
"Chingachgook" robbed of his pride

[Pre / Chorus]

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