Rottrevore : The Epitome of Pantalgia

Brutal Death / USA
(1990 - Self-Released)
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You're to live by their rules
Willingly, obey regulations,
No one will or shall defy
They're controlling all lives

Brainwashed are all the minds
Who live their whole lives by being intimidated
What will it take to give sight to blind eyes
For all naive followers who don't realize
Everything 'bout the system is a line of lies

This dominant force is controlled by such few
Tî battle its powers no one will do
To begin this harsh war
First victims will be slain
If you don't fight the beast
You'll die slowly in pain

Ways of the system, will remain the same
'Till all the conformists quit playing this game
And begin to fight the system to make a change


Denying your future its all a dismal dream
Twisted reality, the most it ever seems
Unconcious awareness, is the death of all your hopes
Pushing to the limit until the end of the rope

The fate in store is penance convicted for your sins
Annulment of your actions is battle you'll never win
Searching for your fortune unlit the day you die
Always seeking to never profit as every day goes by

When you've found your senses... a tunnel of despair
Severed thoughts of tranquil... will all just rip & tear
Extinction of forgiveness... our mental scars grow large
The verdict of your sanity... is guilt your are charged


They utilize the system, the power of control
Got you all their mercy, obey as you've been told
White collars doing justice? Criticizing you
Tearing at your freedom,
There's nothing you can do

Prisoned in the social dungeon,
caged within their laws
Dispersing off their selfishness,
they toss you to the dogs

Blind to all subconsious cries,
too deaf to even care
Struggle for your blemished rights,
then slapped into the chair

Incubating haired, hatching such a greed
Vending all their lying truth,
just to suit their need
Syndicated governments, ceasing all demise
Spawning off their ignorance,
then impale you down to size


The sounds of icepicks shattering skulls
Horrid painful screams echo in the air
As we drop each victim one after another
We don't even think to care

After all we've been put through
Our revenge is yet to come
Powers of the system have been overtaken
Politician elimination has already begun
They must be punished for telling us a lie
As we slowly grow communist
Our limited freedom begins to die

Now's the time for the supreme beings
To step down from their thrones
To feel pantalgia no ones ever known
No form of retaliation will make up for damage done

Innocence wiped out by subliminal command
We shall feel no sorrow as they cry for their life
We'll stick to our word and never give in
Each will slave to us this force will win
As all happenings take place they're not by our will
Our subconcious minds have been disturbed
Therefore we've developed this instinct to kill

As we all perished eternally we've only them to blame
Gluttony and greed totally ruled their mind
Now we all suffer and the past is a thought left behind


To divest of normal bodily form
Puntured wound and skin so torn
Dwelling parasites that rot your flesh
To decompose to great grotesque

Agony and malady, disorders of the brain
Deformity offensity, extensive deal of pain
Amputation, blood cremation
Limbs of rancid waste

Mass distortion, gut abortion
Disgorge the putrid taste

Disembodied souls never rest
Steaming blond gushing from your chest
Putrefaction, mortification
Saprophytic, annihilation
Amputation, blood cremation

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