Revocation : Revocation

Death Thrash / USA
(2013 - Relapse Records)
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Signaled by pheromones, the mark of doom's been placed.
Death squad deployed, the colony must be erased.
Ominous droning of wings echos on the wind.
Swarming elite descend, the slaughter to begin.

A superior genus.
The highest order of hymenoptera.
Horrifying Behemoths.
Completely defenseless against the terrors.

Infiltrate the hive.
A massacre of inferior brethren.

Drones rendered helpless in the face of this attack.
Unstoppable voracity, nothing can hold them back.
Moving with one purpose, killing with efficiency.
winged creatures lay siege, from this massacre there will
be no reprieve

An orgy of evisceration.
Thoraxes severed by mandibles ravenous.
Thousands lay gutted from this extirpation so calamitous.

Ducculent larvae, the spoils of war.
Regurgitating the brood, gorging on gore.


Spewing bigotry from your pulpit.
I will hear no more.
No respect for any of your beliefs.
Your religion is a bane I abhor.

Always the one to cast the first stone.
Your hypocrisy is legendary.
How much blood must be spilled?
To satisfy a god imaginary.

Throughout the ages.
How many were persecuted?
To satisfy your beliefs.

Total refusal of your message.
We don't need to be saved.
Will never be a fucking sheep in your flock.
Indoctrinated and enslaved.
Soldiers of Christ lay down your arms.
How many must fall upon your swords?
Preaching discrimination all in the name of your lord.

Followers following.
Never questioning.
The bullshit your swallowing.

Shepherd we have scattered your flock.
Now your congregation has abandoned you.
Inspirer of hate, soon to be defrocked.
How pitifully you cling to your archaic views.

Preacher we've come for you, to cleanse you of your sins.
Forcing your beliefs upon mankind,
A holy war you cannot win.
Preacher your days are few, the walls are closing in.
We will hear nothing more.
Zero tolerance for your moral corruption.

Shepherd we have scattered your flock.
Now your congregation has abandoned you.
Inspirer of hate, soon to be defrocked.
Pay for the sins of your righteous abuse.


The beast is here with all of us.
Exerting its malign influence.
Warping and twisting our minds.
Molding us to become one with its kind.

Invading our homes, poisoning our families.
Its influence grows.
Slowly becoming one with the beast.
Hear its words, its whispers growing louder still.
Dividing man against his brother, bending us to its will.

We gaze hypnotically into its single glowing eye.
Mesmerizing the populace so that we may comply.

Behold the archfiend.
Harbinger of animosity.
Callous and obscene.
The lord of lies and bigotry.

Indoctrinating our youth, embedding itself within
Staring into the glare.
Receiving its hidden transmissions.
Bear witness to its corrupting force.
Spreading its influence, with iniquity at its source.

The demon's power grows.
The longer that we remain in a trance.
Holding dominion over us, fostering ignorance.


Possessed and mindless.
Completely lacking substance.
Worshipping gossip and insipid excess.

Consumed by consumption.
Devoted to dysfunction.
This is what you've become.
Vapid, empty.

You cannot help yourself.
Obsessed with nothing else but blather.
Glorified banality.
With no humanity just chatter.

Zombified, the bran dead now arise.
With desire in their eyes.
And nothing on their minds.
Can I defy?
Or be commercialized.
We must sever the ties that bind.

What has bred this culture?
Full of distractions.
Caring not for significant issues.
Only for coming attractions.

Programmed by programming.
Stupefaction is what they bring.
Liquefied brains melting.
Cling to nothing.

These numbing agents.
Spreading their contagion.
Infecting our society.
We have fallen into a deep narcosis.
Enslaved yet thinking we are free.


Cracking the earth down to the depths below.
Burrowing deeper to where vapors flow.
We descend into the unknown.

Laying waste to the forests and plains.
Now a wasteland is all that remains.
Raping mother earth for a profitable gain.

Unearthing the crypts,
A foul stench spews forth from the deep.
The plates start to shift,
As open sores from the earth start to weep.

Carcinogenic chemicals injected.
While metal monoliths are quickly erected.
A growing populace becoming more and more dejected.

Flowing rivers of life now bring only death.
Mephitic pools seep and infect.
We continue to destroy at nature’s behest.

Smashing through the hardest of stones,
Thousands of feet below.
Dire consequences soon to be shown,
Unearthing effluvium from long ago.
Water so contaminated that it can burst into flames.
Poisoning the populace with vaporized remains.


Emptiness in my bones.
The void you left me.
Woe is all I know.
Shackled to melancholy.
Delving deep inside.
Scrape away the crust.
Revealing what I hide.
All that's left is a husk.

Replay it over again.

Memories affixed in my mind.
Your remembrance is a bane.
With every stroke of your pen.
Authoring my pain.

This is what I've become, what you have made.
I will curse your name till my final day.
Burying love in a frostbitten grave.
Undying hatred, the gift you gave.

Fractured and fragmented.
Forever cold to this world.
Ice coursing through my veins.
Animosity unfurled.
You are the sour taste.
That still lingers on my tongue.
I will curse your name.
Till the dying breath that leaves my lungs.


Roll out the bogus talking heads.
Tell us all how to think.
Bearing the chalice of disinformation.
Which we unwittingly drink.
Fraudulent opinions with zero integrity.
Calculated to foster animosity.

Besieged by the media blitzkrieg.
Under attack from hyperbole.
What we've seen cannot be unseen.
Demoralizing our society.

I refuse to swallow the pill.
To choke back their swill any longer.
Pushing the agendas of the hate mongers.
24 hour news cycle, rinse and repeat.
Tune in for the latest tragedy of the week.

Besieged by the blitzkrieg.
Overwhelmed by crisis fatigue.
What we've seen cannot be unseen.
Visions of catastrophe.

Their vile rhetoric is noxious.
So nauseating and toxic.
Spewing their bile it is sickening to hear.
Their backwards logic.

Worshipping tragedy.
Profitable calamity.
Ratings go through the roof.
Stay tuned for hyperbolic insanity.




Building up your empire by any means necessary.
Your only goal was to aspire.
To a selfish life devoid of charity.

Never caring for those in need.
Accumulation of assets driven by greed.
Your health has failed you in your later years.
A corpse to be stricken with fear.

Your palace is now your tomb.
But no one will mourn at your grave.
Entombed by wealth, by greed consumed.
Death is the debt you must pay.

The shriveled shells of kings.
Rotting in their crypts.
All your wealth you leave behind.
Your legacy doesn't mean shit.

Clutching your scepter, adorned with jewels.
Here lies the end of a pitiful rule.
A decaying corpse cloaked in excess.
From avaricious affluence to nothingness.


Faint sounds coming from my window.
Is someone there?
Mind playing tricks again.
Must be the midnight air.

A foreigner in a far away land.
Growing ill at ease.
Wear from my travels.
Succumbing to fatigue.

A visitation from the spirit realm.
By haunting visions overwhelmed.

Dreamscape of a memory.
A place so familiar.
Is this reality?
Reflections from the mind's mirror.

Awakened as the drapery falls.
Entangled in the veil.
Confused in a cold sweat.
Lying naked and pale.

Tentacled horrors.
Burst forth from below the ground.
A sinister voice echoes.
From the sky with a thunderous sound.
The specter hovers above like a black cloud.
Casting its shadow, an ominous shroud.

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