Revocation : Existence Is Futile

Death Thrash / USA
(2009 - Relapse Records)
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I can hear the sirens screaming from the sky.
What will it take for me to sleep
Through the fucking night?
For now it is over
But how long will it last?
A new day reveals the destruction,
The onlookers just gasp. Mortar rounds and napalm
A city under siege
Mothers clutch their dying children
Don’t tell me, this is just another casualty
Pestilence reigns, bringer of plagues
The end is near
How can there be a tomorrow?
There was no today.
Catastrophic, misanthropic, darkness is now underway
The light of the future comes only from burning remains
Another sleepless night, another air raid
I can feel the terror set in,
Coursing through my veins.
Annihilation, anxiety, my fearful thoughts drowned out
By the deafening artillery.


On the drink of a total collapse the jackals laughing now
Civil unrest growing every day,
World governments are crumbling down
Calculated economic devastation spreads across the globe
Hidden agendas of voracious corporations have been exposed
Nations reeling from a crippling blow,
A dying system bleeds
The ones who bludgeoned feel no remorse,
Overrun by greed
Disgusting lust for wealth
Swine revel in their filth
Pay for your avarice
In greed they trust
Where's the fucking outrage?
Our futures vanished overnight and the ones on top
Sit back and watch the world burn from their palaces
We rested assured, while behind closed doors
Corruption was running rampant.
Everything we worked for has gone up in flames.
Now it's time to make them pay
Exile the executives, let none escape.
Sentenced to imprisonment,
Their arrogance has sealed their fate.


Chaotic dystopia a nucleus malign.
Blasting waves of discord,
Warping bounds of space and time.
Seething, grasping primal leech
Seeping throughout existence,
Saps universal energy to fuel maelstrom synthesis.
Hallucinogenic realm of deafening cacophony
Writhing, shapeless, fearsome, fell:
A permanent apocalypse, beyond endless wastes,
Infinite vacant spaces must be crossed
To enter into territory of eternal holocaust
Unable to comprehend the nothingness,
As i rise into the unspeakable void
Absorbed, digested by the chaos realm,
Consciousness implodes as i leave my physical form
Relinquish all self-importance
Recognize your pitiful state
All life meaningless and empty
Wretched cycle, no escape, struggling yet gaining nothing
As celestial pyres burn
Existence is futile
And to nothingness we shall return.


Arthropod vector with genetics rearranged
Viral cell culture
Effects a chromosomal change
Pathological swarm, infestation on a massive scale,
The brain's flesh is torn
Implantation of the larval cells
Neurotoxin, scrambles brains
Eternal stream of screams deranged
Driven to a shrieking rage
Once infected, none shall be saved
Wriggling pupation, writhing spawn are burrowing
Neural transformation, ceaseless shrieks bloodcurdling
Terrorist conspiracy, a hideous plot with twisted aims
An act of insurgency
A scourge of screaming unrestrained
Riots, violence, chaos, toxic torment




Brick by brick the damned dismantle
Their ancient tomb of imprisonment,
And stride into the waning midnight
Lusting for blood and dismemberment
Deranged and driven, a misguided doctor conducts experiments
Rejuvenating the newly deceased
By injecting foul serums
The doctor is insane
Reanimate the dead
Injection to the brain
And now it‘s time to shred
Trained and adept in scalpel and tools,
Creating hordes of obedient ghouls
With a simple incision
Of inhuman precision, he slashes all ties with the self
The results are hideous, monsters guilty of cannibal crimes
No corpse fresh enough
To prevent precious brain cells from expiring
In a grisly accident, a decapitated madman is reanimated
A ripping shrapnel blast and a vicious ghoul is re-created
Headless, yet living, beware the wayward surgeon
Slicing with dexterous hands, inducing catatonia
To make minions under his command
Raising an army from corpses and bones
Writhing and ravenous
Undead legion, reeking of rot, death-march rattles on.


The corpse master presides over congregation zombified,
Indoctrinating the populace.
A military nation, upon the eve of war
Inflicts retaliation.
On enemies in distant shores, gripped by an iron hand
Military industrial, exterminating the dissident voice
The fog of propaganda, instilled across generations
Inhibits independent thought, sapping vital motivations.
Proliferation instead of disarmament.
Destined to fail, meltdown is imminent
Overlord overthrown.
A challenge to rise from the rhetoric,
Dismantle dictators and rancorous politics.


I take my stand today
Against the ones in my life
Who always seek to betray
This is my final reckoning
Those who try to manipulate will be cast out,
Only i decide my fate, the era of lies is at it's end
Your treachery is sickening
All those words that you said to me
Were nothing more than prepared statements
Your treachery is sickening
Now the liars feast on their own fucking tongues
Choking out the voice of treason
Silence the serpents, let them drown in their venom
I purge myself of this poison
Your web of lies has come undone, never again.
Watch how quickly they'll turn upon themselves
No where to go, there's nothing left, there's no one else
Their selfish deeds only serve their own agendas.
Isolated, the bridges you've burned
Are now reduced to embers
We take our stand today and scream out loud
The anthem of the betrayed
This is our final reckoning
Now the cleansing is complete
No longer undermined by those who seek to deceive
Banished are my enemies


A team of researchers descend through the deep,
In search of he who sleeps
Cascading down into the black unknown,
Where foul lurkers roam.
The crew achieves depths that no one has ever attained
They gaze in wonder at the creatures
That roam the abyssal plain
They plummet to the deepest trench
Explorers in search of leviathan
They wish to gain a glimpse of the beast,
It'll be the last they ever see.
Thermal sensors detect a life form of enormous magnitude
The crew foolishly proceeds, its slumber has been disturbed
1000 eyes open all at once
The crew horrified, they know not what they`ve done.
The captain calls to reverse course
So that the crew might escape
A doomed fate is upon them, now that the monster`s awake
It's barbed tentacles unfurl and coil around the vessel
The craft is no match for the beast,
Its teeth shred through the metal.


Silence, the hymn to the somber lands,
As nuclear winter descends,
Wraiths of past nations linger and loom
In the shadows of history’s death
An unsustainable standard of violence
Has decimated the makings of man
And commodity`s gaping influence
Has distorted and defiled all the land
Written in a timeless script, the tragedy of modern ages
Cries forth the dismal fate of man
In bloodied, tear-stained pages
Trapped within a fabricated world
Of gods encased in metal beams
Subsumes and enveloped in synthetic dreams
Evolution holds a cunning trap
The misfortunes of the human are his works,
Though brilliant they may be
They've led him to his ruin

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