Reverend Bizarre : So Long Suckers

Doom Metal / Finland
(2007 - Spikefarm Records)




You say that I am evil, but you don't know where I have been
If you could see some of those places, I bet you would be worse than me
Oh you can say that I am drowning, but you should have seen me when I was alright
I am done with your pity, so (now) "Thank you and good night"

I still have my wheels rolling, but the engine is old and petrol is low
Don't put your weight on me. This burden of life you wouldn't know
You can keep the distance, baby, I don't need you or those of your kind
I will leave this world alone. I am not able to ease your mind

You say that I am evil, but you don't know where I have been
If you could see some of those places, I bet you would be worse than me
But there is one thing I want you to know: Avoid those who gather at night
The forces they use are dark. They would swallow you without a bite

Caress me now, this last time
As you know I have to go away
I will go to some distant place
I don't want to see you anymore
Because your beauty makes me tremble a new
Woman no more shall I live as your slave

You, you took my heart away
Took it away and left only emptiness
Woman, oh it will never heal again
Sore I am, fallen down on my knees
You want me to bow to you, that I will do but I swear, this is the last time

Witch, that is what you are, making me long for you this way.
I taste your sword of understanding
Mouthful of metal until I bleed. You will let me down.
Tooth and claw, with a razorblade I cut my veins.
With my blood we toast (for) the Iron Law

Bring back my heart. You don't need it now
I've gone so far. I am lost somehow
I've been away so long, hard to find a place
I try to look ahead, but I am lost without a trace

Even when it's gone, hear what I have to say
You can't ignore the past. No use to run away
I clean all my wounds. My will is still of steel
The years that I have lost can't change the way I feel


Lying on my bed alone in the dead of the night
Torturing myself with thoughts of her
Like a silent breeze of poisonous air, the sorrow comes

All those memories of better times fill my mind
How little I understood back in those days
Now, when all is gone, I see the value of everything that I have lost

Still, her eyes are haunting me when I try to sleep
In the silence of the night, I hear her voice
I know the day won't that I am done with this longing

A night like this, I wish I could find my way out of this world
No matter how hard I try to forget and clear my mind
The sorrow comes

The sorrow of being left behind
The sorrow of the destroyed dream
The sorrow when all trust is gone
The sorrow giving birth to the will to die

Ooh, I know I should move forward and give something new a chance
But I am unable to break these bonds of what once used to be
Sometimes I can't help thinking there is only one way out
Through my own sorry death, in the hands of Azrael


It came like a black cloud rolling through the sky.
Without warning I had to learn the truth.
As the book was closed we all knew it was his turn to die, and I was to be cruelly evicted from my youth.

That first day of summer I unveiled the secrets of Doom, and I walked with legion of Demons by my side.
My whole world fell into the void at his funeral room, caressed by summer's gentle breeze I cried.

My God, I can't conceive.
Why was he torn from me ?

Death is all that I see when I observe the world we have built,
And Death is the majesty we all have to face.
But you my God are the one and your word is fulfilled as we sleep under peaceful shade of your grace.

Until that I just weep
Waiting for eternal sleep.
How can I carry on,
Stand up and see the sun ?

No !

Oh, you can help me to make it through.
I shall put my trust in you.
I trust in you.



I have heard the war is coming. I am ready and willing to fight
For one last time I need your lovin'. Won't you warm my lonely night ?
Many good men before me have gone to serve their lands, sacrificing their lives
Years have passed, remembrance lives on, all the tears of mothers and wives

If I die and never return, will you come and seek my grave ?
Maybe one candle there will burn, in memorium of a soldier so brave
If it's the war we are heading towards, all the more I need your love




Here I wait, in the shadows
Raise my two bloody hands
In the center of a circle, bodies joint in deadly dance
I have killed with my brothers
By my hand the weak must die
We leave a trail of lonely mothers, who mourn their martyrs side by side

The ruler of this holy city, respected till the end of time
Reluctant to show his pity when religion turns to crime
They believed in the virgin mother, for that they must be crucified
They cannot love any other
Elder gods they left behind

Those who are about to die, make sure that you will learn
Trumpets sing and children cry when fires of Mars will burn
Christs may come and Christs may go, but Caesar is forever
Come, my son, and you shall know: Tonight we hunt together !


A knife to cut the skin
A cave to hide in
I open myself to you
Counting the scars I bear
I know I should be there
But soon the day will come - when we leave

I think I found my place
I found the truth in you
We stood among the ruins
No more I fear the night
Your eyes bring the light
The door is opening into the shrine of sleep

Deep in the woods stands an abandoned house
Its windows face the night
Behind the green door, we have the suicide shrine
The flowers of Orient cover the bed

To be anywhere out of this world, in peace
To leave these cruel woods behind. Release !

When I open my eyes, clouds are dancing in the sky
High in the air, strange birds fly
Warm wind brings luxurious scent of unknown flowers
On this perfect grass, we make love for a thousand hours
I kiss your wounds, and in our eyes they disappear
The valley below has a veil of gentle rain
Never again will we have to feel the pain
The purple mist conceals a giant mountain
All its streams run to the shining fountain
Once, in a dream, I have been here,
But now, when with you, I have no fear

And when night falls upon the horizon, there is a blaze
Our hearts rejoice
The old world has reached its dying days
I kiss your wounds, and in our eyes they disappear
You hold me tight, and our minds, once distraught, now crystal clear

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