Raven (UK) : All for One

NWOBHM / United-Kingdom
(1983 - Neat Records)
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Up to here with promises
No we can't take no more
It's time to take what we can get
And even up the score

Rising to the challenge
Take our chances with both hands
Take control
Ain't gonna lose it
Gonna take control now!

Work our fingers to the bone
We're fighting tooth and nail
Our backs may be against the wall
But there's no way we can fail


We're watching and we're waiting
In position lying low
We're too far gone to go back now
It's now or never, go!

Scorched earth lies behind us
As we assume command
We're going up and we won't ever stop
It's time we made a stand



Amplifiers humming and you don't have no choice
Standing to attention waiting for his masters voice
Forward is the cry that they're screaming from the rear
Don't try to stop 'em now just get the hell right out here

Mind over metal
Mind over metal
Fist clenching
Neck breaking
Head bursting sound

Darkness falls a mighty roar begins to fill the air
Crazy are the faces of the ones who really care
50,000 watts of power picking at each brain
Stretching every tendon they don't know it
But they're suffering from

Mind over metal

The eyes are filled with madness as the axe begins to burn
The drums are being pushed up to the point of no return
The mighty backline crashes to the ground

Mind over metal


Well i'm ready
Are you ready?
We're all ready to rock
We're here in your town
Bring the hammer down

You got nothing
You got nothing
You got nothing to lose
Get off your feet
On your seat!

Out here on the road
live the mental code
Switch to overload

Sledgehammer rock
It's gonna hit you where it hurts
It's gonna hit you where it hurts - Sledgehammer Rock

You got nowhere
You got know how
You got to know where you stand
When you come from the back
Ready for the attack

You got reasons
You got something
You got someone to hate
With both fists clenched
Like a bull at a gate

Bound to break your back
It's full scale attack
Painful as the rack

You got hustle
You got muscle
Stand up take the command
Ready to fight
Destroy all in sight


Hear ye
There is a riot in the town
Gather up your horses swords at the ready
No chance
Like a candle in the wind
Fighting for the sake of the king and country

As sure as the sea is blue
We're gonna run those rascals through
With the steel that shines so bright
In the magic of the night
No one gets the upper hand
In our green and pleasant land
Hear the call
All for one, one for all
All for one, one for all
Standing high, hear the call
All for one, one for...
Solid as a rock with swords in the air

Speak man
You've got to tell us where they are
The peasants are revolting, so are you
There's not a beggar to be seen
Where are the cowards of the revolution


Stop wait!
I smell a rat
Floating on the breeze hiding in the trees
No chance
They'll never take us alive
Not just a man, but walking fire



North Atlantic winter halfway through the homeward run
Headwind grows to force 8 as the ice blots out the sun
The captain eyes the compass and holds stead to south-east
But look over to starboard see the rising of the beast

The hunter picks his victim out, the weakest of the pack
He rises and delivers his attack
Run silent, run deep
Destructor below
All hell breaks above
They're after your blood

Explosion! and in disbelief the others turn and stare
And see the bail of fire that is spewed into the air
Destroyers seal off escape and respond to the attack
And drop their deadly cargo down to break the hunters back

The hunter is the hunted, the tables turned on you
Nothing else that you can do
Run silent, run deep
Destructor below
All hell breaks above
They're after your blood

Blasted out the water, only wreckage tells the fate
Strewn across the ocean as the captain grips the rail
The incident is over turn the helm full speed ahead
A pause and turns his mind to work nothing to be said


Underneath the chambers
Right beneath their eyes
Sitting on a powder keg
Ending all their lies

Sentry turns too quickly
Everything is lost
Overpowered caught red-handed
What will be the cost

Hung, drawn and quartered
Split from ear to ear
Hung, drawn and quartered
All the kings horses and all the kings men
Couldn't put me back together again

Ground into submission
They burn me to the bone
Question after question
In that mocking tone

Treason! verdict of the jury
Black cap judges head
Take him to the wooden scaffold
Hang till you are dead


Dragged out by the kings guard
Branded by the crowd
Mornings entertainment
See them laugh aloud

Placed upon a funeral pyre
Dressed up to the nines
Every year razed to the ground
A 100,000 times



I've waited too many times
It's got to be now, it's got to be right
All night i've studied the signs
It's got to be now, it's flight or fight

Can't back out
Too much at stake i gotta get through
No mistake
Now is the time and i know what to do

They ain't gonna take me away, No
I'm gonna break, break the chain
They ain't gonna take me away, No
I'm gonna break, break the chain

On the wire day after day
See the difference i just can't believe
The grass is greener that's what they say
I know that it's true and i gotta leave

Inch by inch
Cutting through see the light of day
No mistake
Now is the time and i know what to do


Cut the cable see the light of day
Cut it higher i'll be on my way

Can't back out
Too much at stake i gotta get through
No mistake
Now is the time and i know what to do



Ever since i met you, been out of my mind
Never was a bad boy, never unkind
Might have been a hurricane once or twice
Gonna shoot you right between the eyes

Run a million miles away
That's not far enough
Cause i'll come knockin' on your door
Screaming murder
I won't let them take it, take it away
Never, never away from me
I won't let them take it, take it away
Enough is enough and i'm aiming for you

Maybe no money maybe no job
Calling me a liar, calling me a slob
No sense of security
I want you do you want me?


First you push me up
Then you drag me down
I'm, i'm running blind
Don't you know you're blowing up my mind



The plans were laid, the sights were set
Slaughtered were the brave
The children died just where they stood
Chistened in their graves

Seek and destroy
Seek and destroy

Has god foreseen with aged eyes
A weapon far supreme
A holocaust to wipe the slate
And crush immortal dreams

Fire wind
Flash back
Mass attack
Wiped out


Weapon after weapon
After all that we've been through
Will we ever reach an end
You know it's up, it's up to you

The planet stands a monument
To all that lives and breaths
But what is war a tyranny
That evil men conceive



I'm into mental metal
My ears are well blown out
Still i'm prepared for madness
Just let me scream and shout

The system wants me to be
Faceless, just work all day
I won't turn into a machine
I'm gonna have my say

No giving i'm taking
I've got nothing to lose
I'm leaving and breathing
It ain't bad news

Athletic rock
You know i'll never stop
Number one crazy athletic rock

The trucks they keep on moving
On highways through the night
From town to town they travel
Delivering all this might


Rock don't look back
All of your dreams have come true
Rock make it last
All of your body screams out
Rock don't stop now
More of the same but louder
Rock on your feet
It it's the last thing that you do

No rules no regulations
We're right out of control
We'll blast apart your body
And rip apart your soul


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