Queens Of The Stone Age : Queens of the Stone Age



Who are you girl ?
Who are you boy ?
Bet I know what your up to
Can I come along ?
Your home numbers on the wall
I just had to call... had to
I'm not the only one who will
Run with a knife

Open up your eyes
Open up your room
Open up your arms

Third 16th Sunday
2:16 Sunday night
Where's your daddy now ?
I heard he went away
Who are you girl ?
Cause i'm so bored with myself
Anyway...anytime... anyplace
I just hang around


Third 16th Sunday
2:16 Sunday night


Open up your door



I see you go
Through a park in a haze
Well I don't listen
For traffic goin' the same way
A simple system... yeah
I string 'em up, I cut 'em down
Dare I say

A perfect vision
Such simple ways to let you know
Free range humans
All cooped up, naked clown
Is playing lame... yeah
I string 'em up, I cut 'em down
Dare I say


If it gets you down well then I'll take it
If it gets you up well I don't want it
It lets you down so broken-hearted
If it gets you down well then I want it

If only... only (x4)
Was nothing at all

So I've blown my mind to make it lazy
Those long, long days with no escaping
I hold the wheel to let it go
Don't want to stop, don't want to know
If it gets you down well just don't blame me


If only we're nothin' at all


Got some action on the other side
Loose teeth in my head
New programs are comin' in
So rise and take your oath
I wish we'd get away
Drink wine and screw
I knew someone else before
Looked alot like you

And they're gone, I'm gone, in space

I've been programmed as I said before - technology
Just rolling wheezing and breathing
Eyeballs and teeth
Words are weightless here on earth
Because they're free
You knew someone else before
Looked alot like me




Me just happy robot
Live on hill of beans
You and I, cut from same cloth
Ripping at the seams

Cut... snip... cut

Don't forget to remember
The devil's got pills in his eyes
Look, laugh, but don't touch
Cut you down to size

Cut...up...cut (x2)

You would know

My girls all out of focus
It ain't no big surprise
Daddy got his gun loaded
Got crosshairs in his eyes

Shot... up... oh (x2)

[Chorus] (x16)


Too late to think and filter anymore
A bitter pill to swallow...maybe you're
In a blanket haze of Ephedrine
I'm wondering where the hell you been
So come on and right this wrong

You've got it all right
You've got a feelin'
I'd rather open up my wrists - let it go
You've got it all right
You've gotta feelin'
There's devils and ropes around your neck
Cursing them all
And you can't hear it... can't hear it

Ain't got a mind to deal with anymore
Sabateur, infiltrator and maybe more
If you're not blind and dead
Then how can we pollute your head ?
So come on and right this wrong

I got it all right
I gotta feelin'
You'd rather open up your wrists - let it go
I got it all right
Yeah I got a feelin'
There's devils and ropes around my neck
Can't even know
Cause I cant hear it
Can't hear it (x3)


Setting sun deals hands of gold
There's velvet eyes in mexico
Just a fall away and all she said was true
Speak in tongues speak in lies
Drooling livers born to die
It's a wonder that those guns don't point at you

Keep sayin'... go on (x2)
Keep sayin'... you won't... live forever

Point and shoot I know just what you mean
In a world that's full of shit and gasoline babe
One dog's dead one's on the phone
Just leave a lung or leave it alone
It's that same old song again
I hate it cause it's true



It's a mistake but who knows ?
Followed you home, crawled in your window
Cause life is a trip when you're psycho in love
And I know

Followed your friends, you were not there
Slashed and I cut and I bled in the sink
Heard what you said and you're laughing maybe
Slashed and I cut and I do it for you
I want you to notice when I'm not around
Wherever you are

[Chorus] (x4)
You're solid gold... I'll see you in hell


Mule want it
Mule want it Sunday
He'll eat it
He'll eat it in one day
How long... do I wait
Be the mule that you gotta be

Underwater one day
Gonna sink it and make 'em think it's too late
For your love... for your love
Be the mule that you gotta be


Cozied up to the toilet
Face stuck to the floor
I met expectations
That I was trying to ignore
Job had such patience
I wonder, "What's that like ?"
A hundred thousand million
(But I hear) thats what you like
So I was thinkin'...

So these cities are sprouting
Like a spit in the eye
And this world isn't waiting
It's just passing me by
I just peak in the window
Lookin' inside
The butchers got a fork in your face
But I'm standing alive
And I was singin'...

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