Qafas : Kafkaesque Retribution

Doom Black / Bahrain
(2011 - Salute Records / Rigorism Production)





I, embrace the will to die
I, scathed the flowing tongues of lies
Deaths to quench my soul
To whose cadavers, swords shall toll

Perishing within the orifice of scorn,
Limbs and logic coagulated and torn
Defleshing the masks of blazing deceit
Inhumane repulsion, that accepts not defeat
Disintegrating skulls below acidic regurgitation,

Revenge becomes complete

Whole and complete,
Carving void,
Etched within my essence,

Until Death,
Death awakens in me,

Whereas those nights of malice,
Nights of torment,
Nights of dormance,
I’ve seen the forgotten end, and becoming,
Of the new world,
Whereas these nights, became the epitome
Of a shadowed destiny
Marked by agony, trailed by deceit,
And redeemed through destruction,
As visions guide my way to the man-made Hell,
I forged within my cell

Thy carnage will ensue, the wrath I was accursed to,
And given to by subterfuge,
this blood-written oath I vow to you,
By the black vines of malice that tear within my soul,

Breathe within my carcass life so I may take again,

By extinction, eradicating the festering pustule of wounds
By descension, I spiral down into the coals of death
By possession, I wreak of corroding steel
By obsession, I drench below your entrails

;歌词由 添加 Matai - 修改此歌词