Putrid Pile : House of Dementia

Brutal Death / USA
(2009 - Sevared Records)
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Your life's at a standstill
Dwelling in a pit of anticipation
Sob to ease the pain
It distracts you from the thoughts of what can and will happen

Knowing that you're going to die thrills me
I unlock the door that suppresses desires
Releasing all the inhibitions that bind me
Behold dementia

You'll be gone from the world that you've infected
A virus coursing through the veins of society
I tel myself the world is better without you
I do this to justify my deeds

Knowing that you're going to die thrills me
I unlock the door that suppresses desires
Releasing all the inhibitions that bind me
Behold dementia

The tears flow
Beg for mercy

I feel the hatred welling up inside me
Churning my insides
Dead is the man that I once was
A worthless pile of compassion

There is no sanctuary
As darkness descends
The madness that was dormant
Rears its ugly head

Knowing that you're going to die thrills me
I unlock the door that suppresses desires
Releasing all the inhibitions that bind me
Behold dementia

You're caught in a whirlwind of pain
Beat the fucking teeth out of your pie-hole
Security for when I shove my manhood


Suicide is for the weak
That's why I chose this way for you to die
You don't want
Me to be
Your killer
Your suffering would be what nightmares are made of
Tied up to my cross of death
Your hands free to cut your own wrists
Bleed out

Put on a morbid display for me
Front row to the show you see
Threats to rid yourself from the world
Have finally become reality

Put on a morbid display for me
Front row to the show you see
Threats to rid yourself from the world
Have finally become reality

Before you die
Blunt force trauma to your skull
I bet you didn't see that coming
The most important homerun of my life
Shit and piss splat on the floor
Expiration finally occurs
Time to bind your arms to the cross
Brutally tenderized
How will I keep from cumming?

The urge to see your guts
Infects my being
I can't hold back any longer
Hastily disemboweling your soulless carcass
Wrap the intestine 'round my neck (teradayctles)

Stroking the innards on my cock
Ecstacy, reality
Phallus thick, about to burst
It vomits cum repeatedly
Look at what you made me do
I've gone and dirtied my basement floor
You were nothing without me
A speck of dust is floating aimlessly in the wind

Vomit forth
Death is here


Banished from your exhausted life, come to me.
Frail and meek.
The perfect day to mold into what I need.
A submissive cumcatcher from top to bottom.
Forever dripping with my seed.
Collar tight, spikes embedded.
Pull you closer with the chain to swallow cock.
Bow down to your master.
Burning the midnight oil.
Sleep deprivation hazes thoughts.
Latex clad for eye candy.
Mouth braced open so your teeth won't scrape me.
I wish you had a gag reflex.
Needles crossed through your nipples.
Oh happy day, semen flows from my body into yours.
Unexposed to air.
I am your god of degradation.
I piss on your pleasure center.
Filling your birth canal with urine.
Showering with golden waste.
No recollection of the life left behind.
You're mine to do with as I please.
To do with as I please.


Pray for death!
Backwoods electroshock therapy.
Feet in a pail of water, wrists and ankles tied tight.
Live wires released from my hands.
Pray for death!
Battered and bruised, dripping blood, you reek of urine.
Electric death, my cock erect, suffer unto me.
Pain is all you'll know.
From here to eternity.
What a silly fool I've been.
How could I have killed you first?
My cock makes me remember.
It's standing at attention.
Cut the torn shirt from your wrists and ankles.
I prop you up on the back of the chair.
Thrusting cock into crusty fucking slop hole.
Take all of my semen, take it, take it, take it!
Post coital satisfaction.
I'm done with you, you're nothing.
Bury you with all the others.
A shallow grave is all you deserve.
Gnawing, tearing, ripping at my mind.
The urge to kill again has already set in.
No one is safe from being placed in their grave!


Oral fixation!
The taste of pussy and blood is what I need.
Prep my knife, it's ready to spill your life fluid.
Hopes and dreams for the future shattered.
Stabbing visciously, to lubricate you see, penetration.
You piss on my face.
Trembling, frightened...poor you.
Poor you.
Blood runs red, dripping from my cock it keeps me hard.
I can't help, but fuck you again
Because you're unconscious from the pain.
A dead fuck is what you are now and not
Much has changed from the past.
No act of clemency, it keeps me aggressive for the future.
Dirty dog, you're not worth the leftovers you scavenge for.
To me, you deserve all your suffering.
Your genitals carved to shreds.
Mine sticky from the blood you've bled.
I bet in our next lives we'll meet again.
And you'll die as you did way back when.


Your feet are tied behind your head.
Hands tied behind your back.
Raised up cock level, suspended by meathooks.
I gaze into the mirror behind you to
Witness the blood trickle down.
Down to the floor.
Looking into my eyes you'll see
The madness that hides behind.
My calm demeanor misleading.
Deep inside this mind of mine,
You've already been hacked to bits.
I am your torture killer.
I am your torture killer.
Ravage your pussy, no limbs in my way to obstruct my path.
Vomit shoots through your ball-gag onto me.
It's time to die!
I stop the air flow to your lungs.
I reap the seeds of hatred with my actions, my hands.
The tools of death, I squeeze tighter.
You die!!
I cum inside.
Bloody knuckles, our foreplay has given me.
With your death, your memory
Remains in my conscious thoughts.


I'm raising the dead.
Children of the soil.
Meet your new life.
Feel your hunger grow.
Insatiable lust for human brains.
You're to roam the earth.
Killing off life.
This is my will.
Evil spells.
Chanted in the night.
I wake the dead.
Arise, the time has come.
The living shall suffer immensely.
Arise, the time has come.
The decimation of the earth.
Rotting skin and hunger for brains.
Drapes over the undead completely.
Servants of mine 'til the end of time.
Eager to do as I say.
The dead shall walk the earth.
Killing for me as they venture forth.
The dead shall walk the earth.
Starving for the taste of human flesh.
Wandering aimlessly.
All in their path shall fall.
Do my bidding, make haste!
For my throne is anxiously awaiting.
Eating death that once was life.
The taste of blood is all that they yearn for.
Vast numbers across the earth.
Shall be immolated for me.
They're taking your lives.
They're cleansing the earth.
I'm now crowned the king of all human kind.
My minions surpassed all expectations.
Following my every command.
They vowed for a life of servility.
An iron fist to rule the world.
Driven by my thirst for domination.
The end complete.
The final chapter in history.


Welcome to fecal frenzy.
Club of disease.
If you're into the brown.
Then admission is free.
Scattered scat zombie trolls.
Making their mark.
Flatulence permiates.
Inhale rectal exhale.
Peanuts exfoliate.
Shit smearing madness.
Covered from head to toe.
No one's exempt.
Enter if you think you can hack it.


Such a sweet succulent neck.
Oh how nice it looks when my blade pierces and cuts.
Your blood spills on the floor, my cock at attention.
I'm doing the world a favor by killing you.
My eyes gleam with your suffering.
Your life has been wiped away.
Prepared to kill by any means.
Dirty rotten filthy whore.
You were beautiful before, you're even more beautiful now.
Pale with no color, the way it has to be.
Your neck and chest are stained with blood.
The frozen look of fright is on your face.
Unbuckle my belt, squeezing your breasts.
You know what's next you dirty little whore.
My cock yearns for you, throbbing as hard as it can be.
Slamming my rod in the driest of cunts.
The way it has to be.
This is your reality.
I gently stroke the laceration on your neck.
I can't keep from ramming my cock inside.
I've sucked my bloody fingers clean, I explode.
They'll never forget the atrocities that happened here.
When I'm dead and gone.
The atrocities that happened here.


I know that you don't want it.
But that doesn't deter me from my objective.
In my cross-hairs for such a long time.
Routine memorized to benefit me.
You don't have time to pray.
As you're suddenly snatched away.
From the nightly walk you've traveled so many times before.
Tear away your clothes while hand covers hole.
I don't need you to alert anyone.
Shedding tears of fear, violations here.
Your dry cunt makes me come with ease...ease.
I am the face of death!
I alone have sealed your fate.
I am the face of death!
Slowly slip away from me.
Dead and abandoned in the bushes.
Your only purpose was to relieve me.
Relieve the pressure from my loins.
Conceited cunting whore.


Mr. and Mrs. West, Britain's serial best.
Torture, murder, adultery.
Their life began after the kids were asleep.
Buried in the garden, a daughter they'd keep.

No one would ever know the true extent.
Of the crimes committed by these two insaniacs.
The bodies were rolled into the daylight.
The grisly parade of corpses captivated the masses.

Mr. West told the kids that
The fathers broke the daughters in.
Mrs. West would beat the children severely.
Some of the victims were tortured in the basement.
Some were taken to a farmhouse,
Dismembered, brought back and buried.
All of them were raped.
He killed them when they tried to leave him.

No one would ever know the true extent.
Of the crimes committed by these two insaniacs.
The bodies were rolled into the daylight.
The grisly parade of corpses captivated the masses.
Captivated the masses.

Daddy wrote in his suicide letter,
"All I have is my life and
I will give it to you, my darling.
When you are ready to come to me."
Come to me.
These words were written just before he was found.
Swinging in his cell.
And the mother was left to carry out her sentence.


Deep in the bowels of my basement.
There sits a box of goodies that excites me.
Filled up with putrid gore.
Body parts of the young and old alike.
Festering right here before me.
I murder with my conscious clear.
Soaking in the pluck of humans.
Up to my neck.
Livers, kidneys, lungs, and intestines.
Just to name a few.
Naked and standing at full mast.
Slamming my cock visciously spewing semen ecstacy.
Praise my gorebox.
When all my victims have succumbed to my rage.
They're prepared for amateur dissection.
Their ribcage meets my bonesaw.
Bones crack as I expose their innards, so inviting.
No need for gloves.
Fondle their bloody organs.
Can't ignore the madness that saturates me.
When I bathe in innards, the lion's subdued.
The stench of the virtuous ascends to my nostrils.
Triggering reminiscent thoughts of when I made them pule.
Why do these morbid deeds you ask?
Could I have been abandoned as a child?
Or maybe beaten to a bloody pulp?
It could be a million scenarios.
Maybe I just like the power of death.
To see my victims paralyzed with fear.
Control of their fate.
I just love to watch them die.

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