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Death Metal / Austria
(1994 - Nuclear Blast)
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I sit at home and watch TV
Tits and games are boring me
The only show I like to see
True life - Reality
Rear-end collision in the highway fog
This news sounds good to me
Blood and guts and women with a shock
I zip away
A boy out the window of a burning house
He is very brave and jumps
A lovely sound and the brain slashes around
I turn it off
I sit at home and watch TV
Reality shows are boring me
The only thrill I like to see
Real life - Reality
I spill the oil in my favourite turn
And watch the speedsters crash
I hear them scream and watch them burn
No zip away
Wood and carpets burst in flames
I used the gasoline
The office-employees in the 22nd floor
I call the private television network
Front row for the cameramen
I prefer to watch true reality at home
True life - Reality
Real life - Reality
True life


Uno, dos
Uno, dos, tres
Klyster boogie
Klyster boogie
I am addicted to my severe rubber-queen
She's my nurse if you know what I mean
You would never believe what she really, really means to me
Her climax-clinic is just where I wanna be
Yeah, a klyster with champ agne
Yeah, that's my favourite game
Yeah, caviar-dinner is it's name
Yeah, her stool is what I claim
Klyster boogie
Klyster boogie
Anal-flavour is my therapy
The sound of her farts is like sweet melody
Waiting for her faecal matter
Warm and fresh it tastes much better
Yeah, my tongue-penetration
Yeah, heals every constipation
Yeah, that's just my cup of tea
Yeah, Her faeces cover me
Klyster boogie
Klyster boogie
Some might say I'm perverted, mean and sick
But I don't care - Fuck you all and suck my dick
Never would tell you what you are allowed to do
So respect me like I'm respecting you
Yeah, a klyster with champagne
Yeah, that's my favourite game
Yeah, caviar-dinner is it's name
Yeah, her stool is what I claim
Yeah, my tongue-penetration
Yeah, heals every constipation
Yeah, that's just my cup of tea
Yeah, Her faeces cover me


He was known as a choker
Strangled people wouldn't say a joker
He choked them with a necktie
Eyes popping out - No air - Die!
Choked just for a joke
Males with a rope
Females got a tie
With his murderings he earned glory
To his victims he never said sorry
Put the string around your head
Laughed and screamed - You were dead
Choked just for a joke
Males with a rope
Females got a tie
Choked just for a joke
Males with a rope
Females got a tie



I love your face
With the eyes so wide apart
Transparent skin and veins
Your sexy smile
Every time I talk to you
You obey and understand
All of my commands
Your are a blooming flower in the garden of nature
Much social work to do
With your gentle grin and submissive creature
I've paid for you
Lend you from doctor of the mental home
Weekend for charity
Wife and kids are gone, we are all alone
Experience for you and me
Sweet waterhead
Fucking in waterbed
Sweet waterhead
Fucking in waterbed
I love your mouth
With the teeth so wide apart
Hare-lips that suck - Good
And then your ass
Your swollen little chest
And at the end - Now
Squirting in your face
Sweet waterhead
Fucking in waterbed


Hate was pushed away by sorrow
Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow
They will make my life a sudden end
Death is the punishment for me
I feel so lonely here
Memories are the only thing what remained
Hell is waiting now for me
There we'll meet again you'll see
You disappointed me so bad
So I shot a bullet in your head
I am in jail now
Waiting in my cold cell
To die
News - Radio, TV they call me the family man
Psychopathic killer - Or blood daddy from hell
But in the heat of the moment, don't you forget
I'm the type of guy who thinks his family
Has to be perfect eventually
Mary-Ann - She was my daughter and only sixteen years old when she died
Because she didn't listen to me - She listened to those rock'n roll bands
I caught her kissing this boy - In front of my door
These are the reasons why I ripped out the guts of that godless little whore
I'm a family man and I do what I can
To keep everything under control
I'm a family man
Angela - She was my wife and thirty five years when she died
Because she didn't understand me - She always supported Mary-Ann
She said this girl is old enough for having a boyfriend
This is the reason why I shot her down and made her sinful life an end
I'm a family man and I do what I can
To keep everything under control
I'm a family man


So what do you think now stupid little smack
Thought you could play the tough guy or what
You won't leave this cell until your brain's doing well
And if you don't obey I'll teach you...
Shut up - I'll fucking get youI'll smash all of you
Got nothing to regret
And I will not forget
My aim - Punishment - Pain
My will - Torture - Kill
My injunction is to change your confused mind
And believe me, we will do our best
Brain-washing, injections, shock therapy and special treatments
You deserve to suffer and...
Fuck you - You can't bring me down
Where's a will there's a way
No walls will held me in
My revenge will double my sins
You fucking freak shouldn't live on this earth
You're a waste of life and worth being killed
Death sentence actually is still not enough for you
But your wishes for us will come true for you
No way I'll change my mind
Hatred burns too deep inside
Try to kill me but beware
You'll be dead before I bleed red
My force - Hatred - Sin
My end - Sorrow - Grief
My aim - Punishment - Pain
My will - Torture - Kill


Let's go!
Minimal skinning can be an effective technique
Pain will be intense agonising horror
Mutilations should always proceed slowly
Victim fully conscious of what's happening
Slice through the skin
Peel it slowly off
Watch him scream and bleed like a pork
Removal of the skin
Use a little plier
Never-ending pain
Start slicing off bits of muscles
Bits of skin
In the search of perfect torture
Amputation may be a great punishment technique
Beware of too fast mutilation
Facial mutilation are psychologically devastating
Make your victim watch you do this
Chopping off his hands
Cutting off a limb
Gouging his eyes
Slice away his lip
Amputate his legs
Before pull off his nails
And cut off his toes
Chop his two ears
Remove the sex organs
Destroy his nose
Cruel and unusual punishments
Invention of the so-called church
Thoughts of christian imagination
Used against enemies of church
In the search of perfect torture
In the search of perfect torture


I'm the one who stands behind you
Helping hand telling what to do
The houseroof is the place we met
Hear me whispering: "Fly - Do it - Feel free"
Come on and fly!
Come on baby touch the sky!
I'm the passenger in your new car
But with me you won't come very far
This solution is the best to take
Step on the gas forget the brake
Faster, more gas!
Practice suicide!
I'm Mr Sandman in your bedroom
Recommend the pills right for your doom
These taste so sweet like
candies from the store
Give them a try - You need more to die
Eat them and die!
Eat them and die!


I am sorry if I've burnt your fucking skin
I kiss your shrivelled lips as fucking grin
When I beat you up, you squeak for more
Fuck bizarre is what you're looking for
Stinking cunt, fat and old
Fuck bizarre - I've never been so far
I take care to leave no fuck ing scar
Senile bitch in leather and chains
For three weeks the stench remains
She's just not dead
Pins and whips
Klyster, incredible
You eat my shit as I told you to
To drink my piss is nothing new
Explore your frontiers - long way to go
Grandma I hope you like it so
Fuck bizarre


She's lying on the floor with blood between her legs
A man was beating her and compelling to sex
Tears in her eyes
Her mind was in a haze
But she recognised that motherfucker's face
He's the guy who's working in the liquor store
The sales clerk and she's seen him before
The cops didn't believe her and said it was her mistake
When she's dressing up like being on the make
She was trying hard to forget that night
But it didn't work out she felt to dirty inside
Sometime solutions are difficult to find
Suddenly a bestial idea came on her mind
She called up a friend and told her the plan
And asked for help to kill this man
So they were waylaying him and punched his head
He lost conscious but wasn't dead
When he woke up he couldn't move at all
Only could watch the girls cutting off his balls
Blood was splatting red when he started to yell
Crying for his mum because it hurted like hell
They placed his genitals deep in his throat
And watched the suffocation of that fucking goat
All the raped women should get their revenge
"Kill those motherfuckers!" say Pungent Stench

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