Pro-Pain : Prophets of Doom

Hardcore / USA
(2005 - Candlelight Records)
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The war on terror
No truth, all lies
Awaken the masses
Open your eyes
Kill, rape, torture, pillage, as time marches on
A vicious agenda de force
Prize in sight, so we fight, and we pray that the kids are alright that we sent off to die
Letters sent from the base tell the tale that we face everyday but we tend to deny
That the cause is unjust so we must pray to god for the wrath is his will, so we kill
Branded weak are the sheep with no minds of their own
So they do what they're told, and they will
Thou shalt not fight for you!!!
US Uber Alles except for itself
A country divided by fascists and wealth
Begging for mercy, the truth never told
Families are broken, bodies are cold
Deaf, blind, all sides getting took for a ride
Being fed steady diets of grey
Death starved, so we dine up with a chill up the spine
As we drink it and wish it away
Such a price to endure all the theater of death has to give in the place where we live
Play god for the term play it well
Never learn, never will we forget or forgive
Thou shalt not kill for you!!
Bring it on!
Thou shalt not die for you!! Bring it on Neocon!!


Otta control
Out of our minds
Losing our faith, faith in mankidn
It's about us
It's about time!!
It's not what you think
It's not a free state
It never once was
Isn't that great?
You're walking in step with the forces of hate
So tell me how you're proud to be American vis a vis "say can ya fuckin see"?
Identifying enemies to unify our populace for the betterment of you and me
Oh, and now it's too late
There's no turning back the nazis of hate in red, white and black
You're un-American!!!
Dow of all fours, do as you told, media whores
Mission control's spinnin' lies, sellin' soles
Torture confirmed, the mission's a mess
Laws overturned, time to protest the power elite and their special interests
A self inflicted prophecy of military supremacy for national security
Shred the Bill of Rights and then make us all feel scared again
Incriminate the poison pen
Oh, now it's too late
We're under attack from forces within to fuckin Iraq
Your un-American!!!


Hate is on the march
Hence the kiss of death
A few will get out alive to take another breath
Freedom is on the rise in businesses all around
The public kept unaware and told to "hunker down"
Unanswered questions like how, when and why?
No accusations confirmed or denied
Left opposition laid down and played dead
Millions left speeches, scratching their heads
Genocide, homicide, legacy of a cold and a sick society
Put your balls to the test and bring it on
Better fight to the death
Hate marches on
Exit due process feelin' fuckin betrayed
I've never been known to partake in charades
Worshippers on the edge
Prayin for better days
I'm just a sucker for Jesus because I heard he saves
A gut wrenching process to bury one's own
Anxious and nervous you'll sit by the phone
Xerox condolences sent to you all from Rummy and George, Condi and Paul
Consider this and take a stand to make amends
It's not a place for your intolerance
Why do we feel the need to carry on this way
It's not OK!!
Hate marches on!


The first taste of freedom left a bitter taste and that's the reason why I hate
The one way system of society and millions of people who say "why me"?
If one world ain't enough for all of us
I'll pack a bag in time to beat the rush and go to a destination
Nice and new and I'll leave this place behind because of you
I did my best, but that wasn't enough
I guess they did not like my stuff
I'll bid you all goodbye and a board
A bus cause one world ain't enough for all of us
The salvation of our liberty is at stake so why are we
So compalcement inour petty ways?
I'm still searching for better days ahead in the midst of all that we desire
I'll travel through the muck and mire and tell myself move on and be a man
Gotta learn how to live your life as best you can
I've seen it all a thousand times before
I'd sit and watch the eagle soar
I once was proud but now I'm in disgust
One world ain't enough for all of us
Have faith enough to see it through?
Enough of me, now how bout you?
You can't possibly be so content
I'll send you letters from where I went


Run for your fucking life!!!
That's if you want to live
This place ain't safe nor sane
World destabilized by appointed police who'll make your loss their gain
Off with your fucking heads and die by the sword of bloody ignorance
Death and eternal pain for financial gain
This world is insane
I watch it all go down like a TV game with suffering so surreal
Ideologues mispalce the blame
Oh... they want a piece of you
They want a piece of me
One voice is all I need
Better think twice before fucking with me
Some say death to r hose who don't agree with us
Well I don't agree with us!!!
Eye for a fuckin eye in a savage world where war's the only choice
All taken by force whatever the cost
Now more lives are lost
Minds are injected fear
The press insincere
This can't happen here?
Oh, it's a brand new age with a brand new rage complete
With false pretenses, four more years of wars to wage
For the police state
Oh, I can't wait
From sea to shining sea they'll walk over you to get over on me


Odessa Texas 1948
Destined for greatness, and he couldn't wait
As for motive, that's up for debate
Lone Star, yeah... he's packin the heat
Rubbin elbows with the social elite
Who took notice of a world at his feet
The big drill, and the CIA
Richard Nixon paved the way for this god to have his day VP under Bonzo Reagan
Then Pres, of this once great nation
91', his first invasion
Oh... the good ol' days I miss
Now get me out of this, this hierarchal abyss
Kissin' Middle Eastern ass
While pride, black gold, and gas
Just a profiteer on your foreign soil
Operation Blood for Oil
Passed the buck to his number one
Now we're fucked by the bastard son
Can't hide, so we better run
Three cheers for the underachiever
Once a drunk, and now a believer
All hail The Great Deceiver
First term saw mass corruption
2 wars to boost production
All done for your protection
C'est La Vie to French relations and to NATO's limitations that prevent occupations
Oh... bleed me til' I'm bled
Voices never heard, blues are getting' red
Kissin' Middle Eastern ass
Skull bones, black gold, and gas
He an irritation and a fucking boil
Operation Blood for Oil


Torn and ripped apart at the seams
I guess I took too much for the team
Had a knack for keepin the score
But I can't put my thoughts into words anymore
I never reaped rewards from the masses
I stood tall and beat some asses
Accolades were far and few
I did it all not for me, but for you, and I'm torn!
Torn to pieces with every turn
I'm torn to pieces
Torn and lost in the game
It's like being left in the rain
Guess it's best to know when to quit
Well now you know that this could be it
Faceless in a redundant scene for dead ears and for silent screams
Where the cream don't rise to the top and too much talkin shit/talking shop
And I'm torn
Torn to pieces with every turn
I'm torn to pieces


Out of the dark, into the light
In god we trust, for god we fight
Clutching our guns, lusting for wealth
Trusting no one, especially oneself
Hundreds of planes inflicting pain
Pledge to make dust out of all that remains
Family of six caught in the mix
Mission fulfilled, all six are killed, and the death toll rises
Death on all sides, fewer allies
Moments of peace wither and die
Combing debris, unrency slows
Day after day, insurgency grows
Troops underpaid, orders obeyed
Thousands are slain, all died in vain
Armies of hate guided by greed
Open you up, take what they need, and the death toll rises


Break down the four walls forever
Time's up, set me free
I'll do what I want to whenever
Pissin off the powers that be
Led a life of death and destruction
Bet you'd like to see me die
A big nabd without interruption
Blood lust is satisfied
So what's the meaning of life?
And what do you suggest that I do with mine?
I'd like to get the whole world off of my chest
What's that look in your eyes?
I can tell when thing's ain't straight
Another voice inside me dies replaced with another fueled by hate and I hate all your lies
Look me straight in my eyes
I've done my time
Melt away the bars from this cell
It kinda makes you hard and cold
Life sucks in this private hell
It's not a place for you to grow old
This just a taste of tomorrow with the same ol' shit each day
Gotta lie, cheat, steal, or borrow
It's the good old fashioned way
So what the fuck do you want?
What the fuck do you need?
An invitation to hell on earth has been sent to you with a VIP
But like a dog on a leash, restrained from a vicious attack
I'll try to fuck you twice as hard as you plunge a grudge knife in my back
And I hate all your lies
Look me straight in my eyes
I've done my time


Over the sands, we will roll
Blood onn our hands and our souls
Filthy ideals fed to us those who play god
In god we trust?
This is insane
We were wrong
These days of shame last so long
I've taken on this position cause that's where I stand
Abort the deadly mission and meet our demands
Inhabitants beware of the fascist regime
Denounce the tales of torture, absurd and obscene
Pure deception, sleight of hand, spread dementia across the land
Information overload
Infiltrate the status quo
Don't speak for me or stain my name on these disgraceful days of shame
Your wordliest possessions are now worth a shit
Economical warfare, all world markets hit 100000 dead and billions are spent
Inauguration - all threats and messages sent
From the ashes we will rise to wipe this nightmare from our eyes
Our fear is most contagious, our ignorance bliss
A lethal show of force - but the force is remiss
All based on false perception to misplace the blame
No place to hand our heads in these days of shame, in these days of shame...

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