Pro-Pain : Contents Under Pressure



25 bucks and a bottle of wine
The pressures on but I feel fine
I crawl into a hole for a couple of days
This God sure works in mysterious ways
Heart has been racing
Since I was a boy
And I too bleed red
Gonna crush kill destroy
Paralyze me with a mind charade
I took a wrong turn at the freak parade
If less means more then more means less
I'm just a little white pawn in a game of chess
Call me crazy
I call it a ploy
Still water runs deep
Gonna crush kill destroy


Burn the bridge
And severe all ties to the right
Kiss the kids
Cause daddy's gone off to fight
Brace yourself
For the search and seizure of the land
We'll spread the wealth
And finally gain the upper hand
In death and taxes
God we trust
E.Pluribus unum shine
I rust
Hang 'em high
And don't cut em' down till you're told
We're justified
In taking back what they stole
Mad as hell
We desecrate in disgrace
Dry, the well
You kick the dirt in my face
In death and taxes
God we trust
E.Pluribus unum shine
I rust


Sold to the highest bidder
How does it feel to be meat
Hard as nails like a psycho killer
Runnin' around as if you're oh so street
Well it's time to check yourself
Cause if they find you out they'll
Drop your ass on the damn shelf
Just another corporate tool
Gonna show you why it pays to be genuine fool
Bite the black sheep and emulate
Messages that they create
Our nation is fueled by hate
The decimation of a facist state
Same as it ever was, or maybe not
Sick enough to make your head spin around
Or get your ass shot
I think it's time we made some noise
Drop bombs
Seperate men from boys cause
Independence is king and
Anything else don't mean a god damn thing


Genocide is looming out over the east
So catch a ride in the belly or the back of the beast
They burned down the church
And the preacher had died
He was a man of the cloth with a gun at his side
Bang, bang, bang, friends are dead
With the fragments of bullets inside theirs heads
Now they lie in a ditch where the bodies are dumped
And they were stripped of the clothes
Which the bullets were pumped
We must forgive but not forget
The choice to kill we will regret
The shells will rock the tiny town
When neighbor come to gunya down
Dogs of war are declared on the loose
Put a rope round your neck and tighten the noose
Radical pigs huddle safe in their slop
While the rats will starve in the cage till they drop
Here we go again
Just remember Somalia, flashback Vietnam
Rwanda's a lesson that need be learned
They put the gas to tyhe flesh to the match till they burned
Terror beyond what we can see
As history repeats
No way to protect or to defend
What we can't comprehend
The end


The people shouted no justice and no peace
It's getting pretty wicked and wild in the streets
We're frightened of the gunshots in the park
Praying that our kids come home before dark
Screaming sirens cuss the air
They're killing our kids and they don't care
It makes you wanna hang your head and cry
It makes you feel powerless inside
Took the tech 9
To the head
It was a mercy kill
And there were five found dead
Violence nine to five
I can't really say that it's great to be alive
I'm talking about the bloodshed overflow
It's moving too fast for the folks below
When reality rears it's head
Hope is lost as tears are shed
We fall prey to violence crime
Been sittin' ducks for all our lives


This court is in session
So stand erect
The case persecution
Of generation X
A taste of pollution
To make you choke
En masse execution
Behind the smoke
Discarded and thrown by the wayside
Endorse this punishable act
Blame us if we are what you made us
Die slowly but leave us intact
They buried the treasure
And burned the map
They cut down the trees
And drank the sap
The earth is a prison
With no where to go
Contents under pressure
It's bound to blow


Man went on a mission
To save the day
He started a militia
Called crime does pay
Everywhere he went
The crowds would gather 'round
As he posted propaganda
All throughout the town
Violence everywhere
Blame the government
Show us that you care
How's the money spent ?
Said it once before
That ignorance is bliss
And media's a whore
All because of this
Prison you made
It's built to last
How can you stoop so low
The fate of our futures in the past
There's nowhere for us to go but
Against the grain
Politics is business
And business sucks
Extortion is the key
To making bigger bucks
Judges taking bribes
While golfing on the green
While the lawyers get some grease
To oil their machine
Promise everywhere
None they'll ever keep
Justice isn't fair
Pockets gettin deep
Patience running out
The people gettin' pissed
We never had a doubt
They'd wash their hands of the
Prison you made
It's built to last
How can you stoop so low
The fate of our futures in the past
There's nowhere for us to go but
Against the grain
I got armor on my back
And eyes in the back of my head
So behold the overthrow


Once there was a promise
A promise made to me
That if I keep working hard
My dream would come to be
Built a future with my hands
Was punctual, met demands
Then suddenly tragedy
If the system keeps fuckin' me
I'm going back to the box city
If patience is a virtue
Then I am a saint
Beaurocracy in motion
You're going to have to wait
It takes a buck to make a buck
And those with none I guess are fucked
So we were never really free
This winter is killing me
I'm trapped out here in box city


Stuck in a rut of a depression
Putting every emotion to the test
Infatuation, obsession
It's making you feel like you're the best
Well, I for one, another person
Who never connected with a crowd
My isolation is crucial
In making myself feel proud
Remember what dad told you
"Don't believe the lies"
"They'll cultivate and mold you
Right before your eyes"
It's just the same old song with the same old dance
I kicked it live when you still shit your pants
Stuck to my guns
That's what life's about
When the ship rolled in it left this
Odd man out
Isn't it cool to be the captain ?
Isn't it nice to be the king ?
How can you smile in a heartbeat
Amidst the pain and suffering
It's never too late to learn a lesson
Like never go down without a fight
Make positive out of the negative
By keeping your karma insight
It ain't about where you come from
It's about where you've been
When you were all that and then some
The vultures sucked you in


Well it's 6 am at the white house
And the sun's just about to break
Gonna go for a run with the C.I.A
And talk shop with my boys in Kuwait
We got ethnic cleansing in Bosnia
While the Haitian's come in by boat
I think it's time for some media posturing
To put the spark right back in your vote
I reserve the right
To lie straight up in your face
I'll squeal in delight
And leave you in disgrace
I will not step down
Hurt my pride
I shalt thou commit
Political suicide
Got a real nice disposition
More perks then a chock full o'nuts
But I can't stand up to the congress
Cause I just don't have the guts
My hands are ties domestically
I gotta brown nose the N.R.A.
Those campaign contributions
Have put me where I am today

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