Pro-Pain : Absolute Power

Hardcore / USA
(2010 - Regain Records)



Hate and fear is all around
No one's ever safe or sound
Threat levels up and down
Wonder how your money's spent?
Wall Street Government
You and I irrelevant
Lies are truth and green is the new red
Those vultures picked our pockets while we bled
I told you before that it's all the same
We're prisoners of war and pawns in the game
The chain won't come off until you break it
Never give in, and don't fucking take it!
I'll break these chains - I'm unrestrained
World's going downhill
Buckle up, if you will
You and I will pay the bill
Close your eyes, open wide
Shut you face, enjoy the ride to state assisted suicide
Oh... it don't take much to poison a generation
Disgusted, I abhor this abomination
Where nothing is sacred and nothing is free
Except for the psyops "as seen on TV"
Will we succumb, will the giant awaken?
How many times can we sit there and take it?
I'll break these chains - I'm unrestrained
Lies are truth and green is the new red
Those vultures picked our pockets while we bled
I told you before that it's all the same
We're prisoners of war and pawns in the game
The chain won't come off until you make it happen
So just... just fucking break it
Well I'm not gonnatake this anymore!
I'll break these chains - I'm unrestrained
If you've got the means, we've got the end


Destroy your enemy, and do it well
I'm full of anger, boy can't you tell?
The bets we made are off, and things are bloody
The shit hit the fan (sniff sniff) - the future muddy
Death and destruction - all of them passed the buck
They can blame me and shame me, see if I give a fuck
I don't and I won't and I... well that's why I lead
And you walk ten steps behind me
All we need is another victim of society
A billion people who say "why me?"
Populations of policy
Tightly bound via prophecy
I don't care and
I'll deploy from anywhere
To destroy the enemy
Destroy your enemy, but do it right
Keep both hands on the wheel
And eyes on the prize in sight
Pockets are empty like the poisoned minds
Of the chosen few who I chose to be left behind
The ones who stripped us all out of all we had are
Condemned to a cell in hell, and I'm fucking glad
There's strength in the masses, and it's boom or bust
There's shame in complacency, so are we just...
Another victim of society


Blacken the sun
Wait for darkness to arrive
On deaths doorstep we sit
Some have sat there all their lives
In from the pouring rain
Right into the burning flames
Choke on the soot
From information withheld from the brain
Endless how spineless and lifeless we are
Helplessly hopeless and this is by far beyondgrasp and perception
We've chequered our past
Mindless the fools who think this will last
This is my decision...
When the world comes crashing down
I'll stand my ground
Into the pits
Of eternal lies and deceit
We hope to manage to survive
And take all matters to the street
Into the pouring rain
Hoping to tap one fucking vein
And crush underfoot all who resist
Of those who remain
Hate springs eternally
Lusting for war
The nameless and shameless will rot
To their core and beyond
Power, enslavement, by fascist regime
I've got the end if you've got the means
This was our decision
When the world comes crashing down
I'll stand my ground
This is my decision
When the world comes crashing down
I'll stand my ground
It's my decision...


War is hate and life is pain
In a world so evil
From the cradle to the grave
We're on a road to nowhere...
Going nowhere
With broken hearts and idle minds
We're wishing away
Our shattered realities
That left us in ruins
We've still no shame
Global atrocities
Bestowed upon us
Our god has spoken
But none took heed
So we punish the messenger
Now everything's broken
I've nothing to say
But for this they shall pay
Walk the plank
And fall to your death
The liars you trusted
Will piss on your head
We're on a road to nowhere...
Going nowhere
They tore us apart
Through balkanization
And cheap legislation
Now we're running away
Like fleeing slaves
From this global plantation
It's a petty place
And any race
Should feel disgraced
Pushing a pack of lies
With holes a mile wide
In front of our open eyes
I've nothing to say
But for this they shall pay!!!


I woke up in a fucking mess
Reliving the nightmares I try to suppress
Oh... the blood runs dry in the desert heat
I got a lot of remorse but there's no retreat
Liars in chief
Had us all believe
Greatness was achieved
Send us some relief
Cause I only dream about coming home
Dying inside
Take me for a ride
Put your flag away
Swallow all your pride
I play for once to be left alone
We're gonna get you home
Gonna get you home
I make war like a war machine should
Beat down every mother fucker that I could
It don't matter much what's wrong or right
But what does is that the end's in sight


It's 6 o'clock in the morning and I can't
Remember a thing that I did last night
My truth is stranger than fiction and I'll
Do it all over again but I know that your right
Now I'll settle for silence after 14 hours of violence
I've done my time, and my points they all ring
Hollow in the shallow depths of my soul and mind
In my soul and mind
I seemingly started a war
Please don't ask me for more
Cause I don't need to tell you again
If I told you all once before
Well at least I can say it was on
Even though it just wasn't worth
The pain or the price...
It was hell on earth
Another day in the trenches, entrenched
In all of the problems of my life
The scars I wear like medals, emotionally
Inflicted, but some by knife
Oh... you better believe it, cause I'm a
Force to be reckoned with my friend
Always looking for victims
It's all about survival in the end
It's ten o'clock in the evening
And the battle rages on and I see red
I try my best to fight it
Ground zero marks the walls inside my head


Divided we stand
It's been decided, we'll fall
We've been committed to next to nothing
Nothing at all
Atrocities revealed
Our silence so unreal
As seeds of hatred are sown
For my own nations annihilation
It's times like these
That test our souls
And shatter our faith in religion
And crush all goals
Yet this is why we fight
Cause we believe we're right
I detest the sounds and the sights
Of my own nations annihilation
Under the burning sun
Nothing ever changes from where I sit
Be careful what you wish for, you might get it
Now the hammer's cocked and the fuse it lit
Boom! So fuck this shit!
Annihilation on my own nation
Revolt, revolt, revolt, revolt!

8. Gone Rogue (I Apologize)

So, so here we are again
Right here, right now
It's just me and the best of friends
They say "love, love is all you need"
And I think that they're right
In these times for the lives we're leading
So I, I apologize
If I mean such nothing in your eyes
I, I've done rogue again
But I miss "that something" in the end
Now, now away we go
The time flies, the world dies
We've got our scars to show for it all
And yet we still believe in ourselves and our way
A life's work all in a day or so...
I, I lie awake
As my body aches
From the stance I take
I, I realize
That we must mean something
Before we die


High up upon that hill
Up above our land
Armed to the teeth
With wit and weapon in our hand
Got to resist, we know
To never relent although we better believe in
Ourselves enough to land the final blow
The demon seed was spawned
Spawned inside your head
And the seven seals were torn
Torn inside your head
The war's inside your head!
Rise of the Antichrist!
Usurper of the man
Claimant to the throne
By counterfeit
Legitimate forms of power overthrown
Into the fucking lion
Cage in the burning sun
We desperately cling to the false messiah
He's "the one"...


Fall into the chasms
Of darkness and doubt - from hence which I shout
For a higher denomination is calling you out
To serve with a true sense of self
Our purpose conceived, destruction we'll leave
For the utmost perfection in warfare is what we'll achieve
Oh, we'll make you believe
For those most likely to prophesies
We're all four horsemen epitomized
Now get on your knees and die
Fucking die by the sword of my...
Hate coalition
Soldiers of god
Army of one
Blind unto the games that are constantly played
With bliss on display
An unsuspecting populace
Is neutered and spayed
Forced into submission
By those who forever - think it so clever
To take the possessions of all
Except ours. Never!
Oh, in droves you deceive
So just who's side are you fucking on?
Who's this host that you feed upon?
Your parasitic reservoir
Will run dry at the wrath of our hate coalition
Soldiers of god
Army of one

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