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Atmospheric Death / Australia
(2007 - Profound Lore Records / Obsidian Records)
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Moiling spectral hollow
Dour of revolute procession
Theatre of thy phones brood

Souse in ichor the clique transfuse
Volute the swarth trawl betwist phonotic
Scoff the festune

Forebode of dead ringers conduit for those who spell doom
Pallbearer weeping seepia vorticist bore untimely passing

Marewerking antibody berthing lurid broth
Arcane whorl of sinews procure stitch in the aether

Cygnature vacillate residuum.


In his commorancy, the illuminary motions their forthcoming

Egmbuoyant heirlooms moored & reposed
Mortal impelled beyond causality
The ordinance streams

Equidistant the churlish refashion
Ulterior pneumatic antiques mercurial agenda peeled
Ruin - the verdict

Coefficient of the loom
Slothfoul plethora flourish in disgrace
Blotting dim
Entourage of phreqs encompass

Utricles gloat in abeyance
Riddling puce sleet bleaking fatherland null

Transfusion of the imbued pending
The consumptive dour
Foretastes the misshapen ones

Covetous juncture dilates
Avian xspectrents encroach
Plasm umbilicus steep au courant

Supinely bled the pupae shed

Tyme fly blown disfigments conclude
The pastures shall never thrive for those who sow
Seepia thee peerless shade
Your orbs to mirror...


Gateway open to a monstrous cataract
Explore drifting conjectural lands of ill
Abodes of horrible implications
No great thought may follow there
Atop seven golden stairs of cold kadath


Massing the telepathic sending's of the immemorial master
Utter contradiction of all matter, force & cosmic order.
Omniscient aeon devised design...
Complete destruction
Of all sanity & order

Summon the machine, ominpotent crawling chaos
Open our minds to the void
Carry forth our desire
That we partake in dreams of madness sake
Reveal the non euclidean blind nuclear

The outer dark, the forgotten, the whole obscene
Transcendent cosmivorious


Manor operants quarter surging disconcert
Pitching fulgor in lieu of those who shone

Waxen shawls of omenknow afune
Cornerstones of telemetry gloom
Ornery de luminate decree

Seepia accord thee
Stygian obsequious antipodes
Drear thy larder pardoor thy quay

Villas ecto; villas ecto; villas ecto; villas ecto;
Villas ecto; villas ecto; villas ecto; villas ecto

Plague wove rue



7. 13 GLOBES

Utterly outside, parallel to all mundane dimensions,
Impinging on none, conterminous in all,
The hideous bubbling of thirteen.... frothing globes,
Amoeba beyond the nethermost angles
Lurker at the threshold

Yog sothoth, the noxious liquescent blasphemy
Who knowest the mazes of time, for all time is one unto him

The key & the gate, opener of the way
Through those unspeakable of the void re-enter.

Soul symbol of the most abysmal evil.


Merchants plot, oubliettes poise
Dank ill begot, harrowing diffuse

Sinking liths ferment,
Heedless bill of fare
Murmur depth of field

Silage digest... drank of peril
Till father terror firma

Mephitic yield consummates
Faction conseeds

Adjourning mills ... ensue

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