Polyphia : Resurrect

Progressive Metal / USA
(2011 - Self-Released)
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You always took their side

I've seen the way that you've been writing off all these incompletions
To try to make acclaim

No one's buying it
I'm not the one that you think is wrong

Can't you see
It's not your fault
For you to live this way

There's a darkening of the agenda
When your intentions belie your name
It's not the ending that you had been hoping for;
But you'll be hated just the same

Not like you'd even know the way
To say that you were the one at fault

And when you told me to never expect this
I knew that you'd be the one they'd blame

Empty prose
It's not the liars tongue, but the lyric;
The way it twists through the web you wove
Intertwined in your discontent

Someday, I'll open up
And show you a better way
But while we're still waiting here
Just know that I'll be safe


Weathered bodies of the fucking dirty
They used to call me
Dead man
Apart from the only

There is a hope
There is a way
Precoceived ideas, discovery
All to the end is a journey

And take these memories
Of what could not be

Away from open eyes
Cast out and thrown into the dark
With alibis of nothingness

Did you think that everything would be alright?
Why couldn't you just open your eyes?
Wake from this nightmare

Slesping with an artificial motive
And we've all closed our eyes

Sleeping with an artificial motive
Eyes are bowed
To the sound every waking moment brings

Here we go again
I'm not the same
As anything
You've wanted

Here we go again
I'm not the same

Take me away
Lost in a nightmare I can't escape
There much more to life
Than this idle daze

(Take me away)
So many losses of the hope that we've been dreaming
And we've all closed our eyes

Weathered bodies of the fucking dirty


Loud stares, blind screams
Muted reality
Living nomadic revelry
Take it all away

Did you ever really think that you would see me again?
Some things are better left unsaid

Our life; torn away
I've take everything
Part from me

It's so hard to leave
When everything's
Part of me

Because remembering the future

I know our sickening way
This absent world's morality

Forgetting us from the day we part
We are nothing

You saw me away
Without one word

I'm the one to change this
But I can't take it back
I've made my leave
I'm gone from everything

I've been away
From all I know
For so long

So far away
And you take me home


This is my reality
Enclosed in possessions
I'm calloused entirely
Breathless heaves

The air I breathe
Now unclean
The hiss of longing now envelops me

Did this just now occur to you?
Have you been awake?
I've taken all my hope and faith
Far away

Behind these bars, everything closes in
A scene that enshrouds in shame

Nothing obtained remains the same
(Taken back over waves)
But everything we gain fades away
(We pretend endlessly)

Through letting go of this lie
I learned to live again

I found the beauty in parting ways;
I know now I'm living for
a sense of self

The only real thing left to hold
Is the life I've been given
I've taken for granted

Now the writing is on the wall
We're too far gone to see

I know this wasn't all my fault
And I can't help my afflictions
I may be born a possessor
But I'll die set free

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