Pestilence : Spheres

Death Metal / Netherlands
(1993 - Roadrunner Records)



Unconscious, conscious
Your mind is trapped, your body is free
A senseless life in silence
Your eyes are closed, yet you see

Within your personal world you see
A realization of what could be my soul
Or is it just my fantasy?

A timeless world unreal

Reach out for all you can not feel
Things you have seen at places that you have never been
Invision what turns out to be a part of life's history
Flashbacks of things to come
Past and future are one

Mind reflections
Mind reflections

Roam into the nowhere of pleasure
Behold through your inner eyes

Experiences of human nature appear on the screen of imagination
Seen by the restless mind
The source of subconscious visions


Hidden deep inside is one's personality
Intentions unaware await to be set free

Memories of how one used to be repressed by life's reality
Face what's left behind
A life of a different kind

The truth, a thousand tales
Twisted words, fantasies
Spoken by the tongues of the faceless identities, the beings so...

Multiple, Multiple

Revelation, of the inner transformation
Betrayer, of your self-creation

Burial of a former life by the power of your energy
Secrets long forgotten still hidden in the same entity


Sceptical research of mind control
Fear of philosophical consequences
Theories given to master and use
the hidden abilities of your senses

Explore minds' mystery, and capabilities,
A subconscious release

Distant perceptions from different times
Fragments from one's selfconsciousness
Deceptive visions can be so real
By trusting our gifted awareness

Mental force set free, personal energy, magic strength in me

The level of perception, reach incomprehension,
Imagination, lost in confusion

Hypnotic state of reality
Offering gifts through which you'll see
The secrets kept from humanity
And secrets they will always be

The level of perception, reach incomprehension,
Imagination, lost in confusion
The level of perception reflects an illusion,
Mind intu‹tion, constructive delusion




Paved roads of deceit
Leading to all life's directions
So many went ahead
Self-denial at their horizons

Reaching out for all that's there to achieve
Despite your being and what you believe

Weakening of the truthful being
On the rise of a personality
Within your own creation of lies soon you'll be

In search of your entity
Betrayed by who you would like to be
A journey with your mind
Seeking traces you left behind

Eye-sights replaced by views driven by human desire
Fulfillment of your dreams have made you a liar

Soul Search


The temple of the soul
Home of the spiritual source
Blessed with powers we unfold
Human magnetism, uncontrolled

Personal energy
The magic of nature
A presence of ourselves we cannot see

Personal energy
Consciousness, life towards the essence of eternity

A domain of harmony
Captured past and future
A vision of reality
Divided structures, the higher senses,
Polarity around all creatures,
Increasing possibilities of self-discovery,
Energetic thoughts creating electricity




The Highest Intelligence
As the explaining principal of existence
Visions and conclusions eager
To reveal some kind of significance

Critical realism, an imperfect reality
Knowledge, a human construction of theories

Moving the limits of wisdom to edges of its disappearance
Explantions captured in schemes of time
Unfolded with human interference
The emptiness of ignorance in a darkened void of mystery
Unanswered questions to be solved
By the presence of some deity


An endless galaxy of time zones,
Dimensions, preserve the astral secrecy
The unity of time and space, a human philosophy

A faithful reflection, an imperfect reality
Knowledge, a human construction of theories



The process of life
A future at distance
Time does not run except for your own existence

Stages set to pass with your fantasy
Dreams to realize, visions to see

Altering goals
Aim at perfection
Absorb all there is
To achieve satisfaction
Subjected to obsessions
Avoiding each choice
The truth given to you proclaims through your voice

A life to learn...

Ideals that collide with what you are about
Captured in imagination
Reality hands you the key to get out

Permanent ignorance, products of symmetry
United pride, collective stupidity

Enrich your mind with the wisdom
You'll find through your changing perspectives




Within the bounds of begin
And end lies the evolution of all that lives
Repeating history is its time ahead
Technology seems so primitive
Different eras unknown to man set
Standarts we've tried to discover
Revealing purposes of future lives explain the presence,
Past, the ever

Monuments misplaced in agelessness
They fill the void of what used to be
Lives beyond the ones we know
The mind's view on surreality
Days fade out the clock of existence
When dreams start to roam the nowhere
Birth of new beings in nature's creation
To die and evolve in a new sphere

Demise of time

Behold the vision of all dimensions
From the perspective of eternity
Decades meet before my eyes surrounded
By the edges of reality

;歌词由 添加 Bourrin - 修改此歌词