Penumbra (FRA) : Emanate

Gothic Metal / France
(1999 - Season Of Mist / Metal Blade Records)
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I am not going to talk about the darkness
Best I will see if I can wake up
I do not want to talk about so many things
Best I will see if I can remember ...

While traveling toward salt, and if I do not understand is right or wrong
And I cold in the darkness

While you are coming towards me, I no longer understand if so live
And I cold in the darkness. Da, da, da ...

My soul is a wall that no longer sings, better still, trying to look
I do not want to talk about so many things, the better I will see if I can relax

While traveling toward salt, and if I do not understand is right or wrong
And I am thirsty in the darkness

And you are about to me, I no longer understand if so live
And I am thirsty in the darkness. Oh, da, da, da da ...


I've got to leave now
Leave this frozen and overcrowded town
And catch the first train
Not knowing its destination
I'm gazing at people
Each of them, those lifeless things
As I travel through the
Moody and rainy autumn night

Metal grates on metal
The shrilly scream of the
Brakes wake me. People get down
Staring at me strangely
I glare at them
And they hasten out

I can feel vibrations running through my body
As the machine starts again...
All alone in the car
The last station is near
I find it empty
I'm alone with the night
Guided by the echoes
Of melancholia
I'm walking up the dimly lit path

I'm swallowed by the cool
And obscure night
The wild and cold surroundings
Graze my skin
Excited by my senses
I run towards a glade
Trees in the moonlight thow
Bars upon the ground

Above me, the full moon is shining
And I shoot a sharp look at it
My eyes are crying
How could I resist it?
My throat, freed from its lump
Utters a long howl
It's been a long time since
I was no longer Human


Drowning in those waves of smoke
Which summits stand out like living roots
I feel them seizing me, wrapping me up, devouring me

Here. They come, on and on
Like plants born of satanic seeds

Cultivated in the Pandemonium
They're going through the ground as if it did not exist
Sprayed with innocent blood
They proliferate in the void of subconscious

As some of us are still resisting
Your strategy changes and liquefying
You blend in with the red fluid
Destroying our senses, creating new ones, unknown and

Taking us further
On until we give in
The ranks of the ancients
Decrease while those of The novices swell
The truest forbidden
Tradition in your name

Blanche fumée envoùtante
Que nos idées pourrissent par ton pouvoir intense
Combattue par la horde dérisoire des vengeurs de nos
âmes dèsincarnées


I remember now
Moon said take him, take
( ...take him, take )
It was in this town
( to start is so hard )
Thousand images in my head
( but to continue is your faith )

Wind was very cold
Weapon were my hands
Blood was very hot
Sanity runs across the land

I had promised her
( Don't forget )
The serment is kept
( you had promised me )
My name is colder
( my love, my puppet , my body )
That night and that death

This is my family
Look above your head
Nineteen eighty-three
The death was its bed

My tears are the price
You need me
For your eyes and your heart
To enlighten your soul
My mind's under ice
To show you the blood
My feet not on the earth

Over my cold cell
I'm looking for you
You're my fair, my shell
And I'll come to you


I don't want to commit suicide in this place
But I would like to leave my body one day
Just to see the decay of the human race
And tears in your eyes which will not stay

Souls of black possess me
My heart is full of darkness
Hold my cold and stiff body
In a morbid embrace

This sad and wrong happiness
Had bought in my soul
Desolation and emptiness
Now my blood is so cold

I'm falling in this dream
Which will guide me forever
In my last astral sleep
In a deep and strange heaven

The eternal painless...


Crazy girl, you just have to smile
Show your legs, turn them blind
Kill' em all, you're afraid
Cause they are still alive

Turn them off
Make them smell your
Flesh just to see their eyes
Bring them to your death
Crazy girl, crazy faith

Let your body speak
Open it like a door
Slave them with your breath
Crazy girl, crazy death

Life is a masquerade
Angel of love is a devil
Reality is so sad
Why's your hate so strong


The sweat runs on your face
As the nightmares take place
Always the same vision
Family slaughter comes on
This hell inside your head
Shows you people dead
You can think you' re insane
Cause you can' t stop this pain

Just a dream or sad reality
Doppleganger control all you see
Devil is the master of your mind

God can't help you, you just have to die
The blood smell wakes up you
The nightmare continue
Put your hands on your face
Be the slave of madness
Who is the assassin
You can recognize him
Mirror in the kitchen
Shows you his reflection

Just a dream or sad reality
Doppleganger control all you see
Devil is the master of your mind


I can see you through the surface
I know that you calling me
I can see you through the surface
Discovering more than others see

Movements of waves distort your face
But you make me feel you're so beautiful
There are no pain and no disgrace
This world seems so peacefully

Just fall into the water
Gliding deeper and deeper
Don't take your breath don't swim
It's an under water dream

Shall of fishes turn around me
In the silent carousel
My vision is not very clear
But I hearing your strange spell

So guide me in this trouble world
Call me with your crystal voice
If it's me you are waiting for
Let me come to you my love

You are down and I still not there
You can't hear my presence around
You realize there's nothing here
You don't want to touch the ground

Now, you can hardly see the light
Your darkness grave waits for me
You want to move but you can't fight
You are alone in this cold sea

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