Paths : Old Graves - Paths

Black Metal / Canada
(2014 - Self-Produced)
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I died in search of worlds divine,
But found nothing on the other side
So I regress
To tread familiar soil
And drink the waters
Of earthly turmoil
I watch as land lays desolate
And watch as mankind regrets their greed...
I weep, weep for their failures
As they poison the air that we all once breathed.
I couldn't bear to see,
I do not need to be,
Please just forget me.


Your mouth sanguine pouring
Into mine to taste the wine
Holy sepulcher of unknown lives
Wash them away with the grail
Eyes red with fire
Burning and shining, my thoughts
The sun turns crimson
Whitewashed with rain
This is where death begins
I bury the memory of you
Under the burning embers of time
You were the light amidst the storms
You were the river to break the snow
I built your tomb with my broken hands
Whitewashed the grey
Blood showing through the cracks
A monument to my own failings
She was the horizon burnt under sun
I was the fading light of long dead stars
Crushed and broken,
Body to rubble,
My weary soul remains a fragment of your past
Upon dust clouds
You stand over my world
Atop the sky waiting for the dawn to come
A chalice filled, the colour of passion
The blood-red sky opens

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