Parricide (PL) : Kingdom of Downfall

Brutal Death / Poland
(2003 - Mad Lion Records)
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Stick into the gear of machines of systems
Of ancient factories of ill products
Of internal changes rotten products
Steel into the chest of historic slayers
For the makers of graveyards spat with black blood
For old times of honour mentally ill
Courts and penalties for the nuts of "wisdom"
For the authors of false national anthems
Of history stinking with hypocrisy
Public confession for executioners of our families
For the cowardly masks of self-appointed judges
Fattened with the leader's whips' blood
Psychologically deep slogans of the authorities
Clothed in people's plain words
Promises of better future
And democratically fair divisions


The stakes of the living are burning
With the greedy fire of redemption
The wind of change - the breath of midnight
With black sheets is vailing the day
The glowing sky's flowing down
Like a river of blood
On the dead fields of graves
In the glow of redemption
Frightened culprits' shadows dance
The slaughter of women unfaithful to priests
Deadly cry cut by the silence
Of the sword of redemption - the arms of God
Pious herds of fools
Undeserving to watch
Beat the ground with their knees
For the feet of hypocritical priests
For black dealers of absolution
Frightened by the vision of the end
Moisten papal signet rings
Leave sure of salvation
Fattened by the vision of bliss


Uncontrolled convulsions are throwing the burning body bound with a leather strap embrace boiling red's bursting its
veins with bloody fire's licking its face bursting pupils dead already are full of irritating smell of excrement are the
last moments

4. ...BUT SICK

Unintentional fault
Unpredictable by product of dreams
Of damned father's seed
And ill mother's womb creation
With prothetic gutter fouled
Creature of weak nature
On the ruin of old thought conceived
On the base of new delusions
By the law of the fit rejected
Since his birth untill darkness


Nobody knows why
You explain to the walls with your head
Hopeless painful theories
Why on innocent faces
You sculpt with your fist
The sense of your principles
Your dirty dirty arms and legs
You can wash from folly
The inside filthy will remain


Pity in the hollow eyes of brothers and sisters
Over the half-dead body lent
I feel metallic breath of death
They consume the youngest child
To shred they tear its human body
Greedily satisfying hunger
Endless pain of fratricidal feast
Juicy slaughter
Battle for each mouthful of survival
Animal instinct voice
Fulfils the lack of human morality
Called pathology of manners
Archetypes of impulses
Strenght for the fit-death for the weak


Here is your infant
A wave of burning lights
Villainy's weak heands' creation
Demigod's descendant - usurper's child
Astounds you with his power
You're building the kingdom of downfall for your sons
Here is your infant
Deformed bodies in a post atomic dance
Shadows with no face stopped short bombs
Along mankind in the hopeless shriek
In a silent radioactive wind
The arms of pollution encopassed all
The brain by power swelled - an atomic ulcer
One yields beneath the load of still new illusions
And seeks the way of perfection
In to the black surface of the sky
You're blind!
Racing into nothingness treads his own creation
Becomes the light himself
In the blaze turns blind the fool
Falls darkness below the cover of dust


Cold blade in the chest
Shuts down terrified eyes
Hands on the throat
Stifle the last scream
Death for rape!
For the pain of childhood - death!
Stiffening under his son's feet
The pervert's alcoholic corps
Exposed by a vulgar revenge
Of violently humiliated children
Death - a reward for rape!
For dark childhood - death!


Dry tears falling loudly
Tearing fake hair out
Mother's helpless cry
One more pathological spunking
Stretch ill child's nerves
Cut with a psychological torture
Wide belt in the trainer's hand
For the faults of youth
Blue furrows on the back of blitheness
Fatherly feast for the pale face
For the mouth open with fear
Ill hearth at homes
Fuelled by drops of pain
By the youngest's cry
By the call for help


Crazy king of light - the king of the moment has died
Dumb shadow of speech - hopeless shriek
Reflected by the long alarm echo
In lead houses secretly created
In new's arks - barques of the princes of the world
They're coming!
The new generation's crawling from dem-god's convulsions
Begotten from mankind's vomiting born races of genetically
Perfect errors in the evolution race deprived of sight
Open your eyes!
Ill mothers bear abnormal children
Into the gutter they throw the little forms
In toilets they flush unwanted shapeless bodies
This is your infants work!
Watch your world perishing!

11. HE

Don't give up to ill personality of pain
True for the hidden face
To animal illness lusts
Cautiously open depravity's eyes
With the numb hands training hunger
Give it a real shape
Look with god's eyes at it
If it's fear - kill with a suicide
Strange humble servant
Watches through god's eyes
Through the pupils' windows into the depth of depravity
Mouth is the door
Home and grave in each body
Tongue is the battering ram of destruction
Today be a father
Tomorrow the executioner be


Filthy divine fathers
Waves carried by gust
Expose false believers
With a beggar's prayer
Convert sinners
Named clean from evil
Offer your prayers
Since in unbelievers' frightened mouth
They may seem to be blasphemy
They may seem to be another sacred cross
Fill dry fonts
To sprinkle heads
Of new believers
They're bringing a paper priest
A drunken bible busher
Let him christen
Let him hear confession of the worse
The thirteen apostle


Raise your heavy head
Let the sun into festering eyes
Let fresh air into your lungs
Touch your chapped lips
Awaken another sense
And let your mouth bleed
With blood mix the sound
Through your ears stick in your brain
Now weep with your tears wash your face
Let your wounds sting
A hour will stifle the pain
I thought you were dead
But you're still running
Though blood'n'tears
Bellow everywhere
That you still exist


So you that the world is governed
By very different personages
To what is imagined by those
Who are not behind the scenes
Criminals within the law
Push inside our world
Nobody quite understands
Why we are here
We are searching for answer
That never appear

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