Our Last Night : Building Cities from Scratch

Post Hardcore / USA
(2005 - Self-Released)
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I keep my kings in the back row,
But I will taste my glory.
Their crowns lined up, they look so good.
Gold medals are rare here and silver straight up dominates.
As my skin gets thinner, my body gets cold.
Get down or dodge blankets of bullets,
Oh you know how opportunity seems to never stay on it's Feet.
The sky falls as chemicals react, I guess I'll wait in Line for this one.
The victims will come back for their revenge with a motive And a truck full of motivation.
This ships the first to sing while it's the last to go Down drowning.
I keep my kings in the back row, but I will taste my glory.
Their crowns lined up, they look so good.


We've played this scene out one too many times,
Just make sure you have your lines ready.
Let me set apart dysfunction from love. (action. )
"My dear, you've been trapped down here for days.
The red marks across your heart have faded,
But the days events remain fresh in your mind.
The mistakes you've made in the past have paved the path I Took to find you.
There's a shipwreck outside, but never mind that for now,
We have unfinished business to settle.
I've been planning our escape. So take my hand, I will not Return without you. " (cut. )
Ladies and gentlemen it's where we cue the next scene.
No, the set isn't changed, the curtain just falls for a While.
Well shortly be back to where we started.
I'm still waiting to pick up the pieces.


(No Lyrics Available)


My misconception has got me nowhere so far,
And it's too late; were too far away from light.
These games just make me sick and tired of everything.
I know that I don't need this, so I'll act like I don't Really care.
I'll finish what I started.
We've come so far just to hit a brick wall.
Your words drenched in forgiveness, dripping with Chemicals.
If only you could take it all in.

I'll call poison control.


You know what? I think I've finally broken free.
I've finally finished this boring movie, but thank you for Casting me,
And for this somewhat shocking ending.
I'm not good at this whole main character thing.
Now I look back at this bridge I crossed after I've Strapped dynamite
To the supports and given the signal to the wrecking ball.
We yell lets blow this to pieces. We demolish it.
I couldn't go back if I wanted to, so we learn something New everyday.
This confusing thing is getting old.
Oh come on, you gotta love when certain people play games When no one else wants play.
Oh, and I almost forgot that none of this matters Anymore. . . and I couldn't careless.
Why can't anyone ever get that right? I did the telling, You did the wrecking.
Don't worry, I'm not mad, things turned out just fine.
But while were on the subject of wrecking, I'll sign the Papers to finish this.
And while you're doing God knows what with who gives a Shit, I'll be happy now.
"I could tell you what I'm thinking, but it could wreck What we have. "
And come to think of it, I was right all along.


Cut the chord from this power supply that gives control to This failure.
I am justice anticipating sweet revenge, like a killer.
As the fog clears out, promise appears in the distance.
I never did realize what living actually was.
Who knew Eden was arms lengths away?
With cinder blocks tied to my ankles I float to the Surface.
Finally I can taste it, a taste so sweet.
And as my teeth start to crumble,
The ruins form shapes of bows and arrows that shoot their way to victory.
My faults are overcome by endearment and I am free to go.
Romance wakens as it acts as a medicine for the sick.
It cures millions who didn't think they had the slightest Chance.
I raise my hands in triumph and a sigh of relief as my Feet are no longer paralyzed with cement, and I can move Again.
The first place I'll go is the only place I know, so Please let me in.


If it's what you want, then don't talk.

We'll sit here in silence; no words, no letters.
We'll sit here in silence
Because maybe it's better than realizing the truth we Can't handle.

I feel as if I'm trying,
And I'm willing to die to make you realize our situation.

As if nothings enough, we could make it out alive and Unharmed.

I keep this inside with the best intentions,
But it brings out the worst in what we have.

We will get out alive.
My stomach feels like caving in every time I hear these words,
"it's never too late and later is better than what we Have. "

I feel as if I'm trying.


You've got nothing to lose, and you've got nothing to Prove.
You've got nothing. So what do you say? There's no pain in Trusting me.
Don't wait, are we there yet? Because this has been one Long ride.
You're so good at keeping secrets, I hope you lose your Talent, so I can be sure of this.
Were so close yet so far. I make these choices with what I Don't know.
You can try to drown me but I would breath underwater.
Try me now while I'm still willing. This is is because you Lift me.
Is this what you wanted? Is this what you wanted from me?
Because it's all I could ever ask from you, and I think
About why you keep me waiting here the same.
This is what I want, couldn't ask for more.
No one knows this.


There's something about the scent of gasoline;
Its an addiction to the crime scene.
The way the light seems to shine on everything right Before the sirens sound.
We've been through this before, and this is textbook Manipulation.
But darling, I've heard more convincing excuses from red Hands.
"It's been a long night" she said before I hit the lights.
This is passion where you least expect it; a kind of Beauty. A sickening concern.
I've fallen into the open arms of a stretcher from a Second story window.
Someone once said that love overcomes all things. That Someone didn't know you.

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