Otargos : Kinetic Zero

Dark Black / France
(2007 - Rupture Music)
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Fold spaces
Lines to point
Distortion beyond infinite
Translation suprakinetic
Superluminal fluctuation
Temporal caco-puslar
Continuum-disharmonizing tachyons storm
Matrix of oversized invisible
Infra-suprascopic cosmos
Fractal designed multiverse
Hyperspace Star dust matter's I and what is Satan
I answered questions
But I can only conceide
We are messiah of nothingness
We are not Life, we are not Death

[Lead Astaroth]


Trans-continuum Traveling
Complex inertia in a neo-liquid multidimensional time...
I am an alignment
I am tentacle inhuman
Am I a devilish cosmic design, feeling or... satanic artefact ?
Space time absorbing superluminal wave's de-materialising the layers of my Temporal body-spaceship...
Plunging into an endless abyss without moving...
Singularity-dimensional's horizon
Swallower of creations and times
Zero becomes infinites
Crystallizing nuclear aurora hyper-dimensional
Paradoxes unified
I can touch the solid light...

4. M87

Over-gravity warps the continuum
Void within void
Fractal infinity, wormhole to Zero to solid time
Artefact of Annihilation
Gravitational convergence
Crystallizing time aeons
Neo-daemonic whirl
Cosmic sovereign
Maelstrom singular continuum over-twister
Cyclonic hyper-matter
Concentric dimensions
Tachyonic interferences
I am nuclear absorbtion
Event horizon's growing to infinite scale
Vortex of magnetic disorder
Tremendous power diabolic force
Core of aeonic circular

[Lead Astaroth]

Mega quantum storm
Atomic regression
Time reversal
Great annihilator
Sublime rotation

[Lead Astaroth]

Spectral shifting, huricane cosmic

[Lead Dagoth]


"A blackened sonic atmosphere pounds roaring like thouthands falling rains or invible meteors
Transdimensional infinite spears of solid light emerges, slicing and piercing the cosmos
A solid cosmic storm
And praises rise from the earthly-ground..."

The Dawn of final era
The dawn of Zeromegalpha
Darkside flashes and revelations appear
No eyes to define the concept of evil
Reality image deforms, collision of dimensions brings chaos supreme
I understand now I never did
I absorb the secret of time
Cosmos warps and folds up itself
Flesh, time and space are the same...

[Lead Astaroth]
[Lead Dagoth]

6. 1E.1740.-2942



No god to save us
No demon to fight
No power to resist
No issue at last...

8. VO-I-D

Intangible ectoplasmic embryon is growing inside my flesh
Leaving human shell
Rising to the stars
Distording spacetime and piercing the void
Fluid mass concentration
Matter means nonesence
Light emitted beyond the horizon can never reach me anymore !
"Reality obeys to my Subconscious cortex, I hand now all the cosmos, and Spacetime is morphing at my command"

[Lead Dagoth]

Over-Power generates insanity
Blurs my mind and falses my identity
(Particules strech to the infinite)
I'm lost inside the void
I'm all... I'm none...


Negative cosmos
Sudden light-inversion
Atomic whrilwinds shake the earth
Star-reflectless black monolithic erection
Collapsing dimensions bring life-eclipse
Anti-matter winds swoops
Stygian overwhelming cosmic hurricanes
I stranscand (whitin) galactic metamorph, the blood of creation on my hands
My flesh spreads chaos embryos
From my chest expel black novas
Irradiating abomination
Heretic of reality, herald of darkness
I'm a vortex spawn of the void
I control the frozen plague over the sphere occulting with my hand the rays of the sun... of the sun

No god

"Je commande la création au dessus des étoiles de votre dieu"


The last morphing of identity
Fusioning with the nebular essence
Enlighted by the entrance of brutal complete disolution
No life, no death
Just cosmic dust or another universe
Disolving matter, distorted frozen symetry
Dislocating time, quantum crisis
Sculpted by chaos
I'm filament of eternal
Just a macro-virus, non-divine hand-made
I absorb the concept of Zero
I assimilate the tore of infinity
Becoming hyper-matter
Quanteaon I become time... I become time...



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