Orphanage : Druid

Gothic Death / Netherlands
(1994 - Self-Released)
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Et was pulled away by force
When I began this quest
They took away the spark
My future, life of bliss
Face of blood they left me
Near death but full of hate
To leave without a trace
And take away my mate

Journey of my major decline
Minor of joy tears to dry

I seem to fly
Drifting through space and time
Flying to my destiniy
I can't seem to find
Anyone who's in my way
Will know the price to pay
I'm numb but don't count me out
My odyssey will end one day

The quest has made me tough
Entombed in solitude
I reached my goal and thus
A better man saved you
It was a conspiracy!


Rex tremendae maiestatis
Qui salvandos salvas gratis
Salva me fons pietatis... amen

The trumpet scattering it's awful sound
Across the graves of all lands
Summons all before the throne
Death and nature shall be stunned

When mankind arises
To render acount before the judge
The written book shall be bought
In which all is constained

From the depths of hell
And the bottomless pit
Deliver us from the jaws of the lion
Lest hell engulfs them

Confutatis maledictis
Flammis acribus addictis
Voca me cum benedictis... amen
Oro supplex et acclinis
Cor contritum quasi cinis
Gere curam mei finis... amen... requiem


Through the wasted years and all bitter times
The druid came to heal all our crimes
As long as we're surviving he shall conquer us all
In the book of ancient magic and light
The ancients will obtain the knowledge of their might
To heal the tortured souls, their ultimate goal
Angels of mercy in disguise
Save tortured souls
Freedom is their goal
Onwards they dwell
Druid, a winning streak
Ancients, doom is in your hands
If you want to see the day
The reward is to travel through the skies in times to come
Then it will be you who lives


Endless waves roll by, lost in the tide of time
Freezing emotions hold my mind
Chained by the shadows inside
Try to remember, can't forget
(all my life just seems in vain)
Even the sun has left
Taking me down in an abyss
(only have myself to blame)
Having no regret

Candles burning shining bright
Helping me through the night
Soon another morning comes to clear me up inside
And I try...
All my troubles, all my tensions
Make a new start, make it happen now
Darkness fades as clouds roll by
The sunlight bursts the sky
Cleans my body, frees my soul
(only had myself to blame)
Leaving it all behind

Afraid of the world I weep in my fear
I mourn for unbelievers
Damned for life they'll be
A journey of my major decline
Minor of joy tears to dry
Being fearless is life's fantasy
So I'll be a victim of fear

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