Opeth : Pale Communion

Progressive Death / Sweden
(2014 - Roadrunner Records)
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Eternal rains will come
(and) We should say goodbye
(to) Suffer on our own
Song that thoughts were home

So hard to keep the darkness from seeping through
When the flood comes to drown us
There's nothing we can do

Told me not to wait
(Un)less I could wait forever
(Be)cause there's no time for us
To comfort in what was

So hard to keep the darkness from seeping through
When the flood comes to drown us
There's nothing we can do

Here it comes
On the cusp
And endlessly
Can't forget

Reaching for the surface, I see you


Child, at the bottom was born
To a world of deceit and then a land of lies
Vagabonds would take her away
The stars that stands are lost in eternal sorrow


She walks across the country
She holds her hand up high in the rain
Mother was screaming for help
She turns around to stare at a scene from her memory


She sighing, wishing her heart
Flew through a flap of wings that’s come from a dream
The top one is waiting to see her name
Coming to inside at the cusp of eternity



You are seeping a hand put by guilt
Constant morning shutdown
Devils spread the disease on your lips
Reaching out for your lies
Pain of your fall

Seeking of the wicker heart
Eternity in your grieve
And the life flow gonna sum all the linger
It from your head

In your head

(with the) Moon above and the sun below... (x4)

I can't remember the sun upon my skin
Live to a summer was whispering within
I'm always waiting for you before I sleep
There is no comfort in the distance that we keep

River of grief grounding
River surrounding my heart
..................into failure
Reaching a bone

Devil comes upon my eye
Why their road taking me nowhere?
Why their road taking me home?
Home as my grave.

Waiting for a day
There's nothing left to say

Voices sound despair
With familiar friendship
Sanity in your head
Holes call to destruction

Dying fast
Sun dying fast
This can't last
It's nothing ever had

Wither flowers flesh
There's a need to sever
Myself for waiting nothingness

Still drifting sun
Like upon the earth
Still the air is dry
And the Holocaust wait


There's no help in wake of a need.
There's no help to dispel the pain
There's no help still some clean to phantal
There's no help



What's left when the morning comes
Is the memory of a future
When my blood is done
There is nothing left to hold onto

There were friends waiting at my door
They have gone now, for the air is new
Stalked by my word, when the rains came
Made it true and pure to dissolve the hurt

Loneliness and destruction
Pursuing a dream we once had
Is it our intention to follow this road till the end
Even if the end is a word, sorrow

There is a bond between us
Even if it's frayed, it's unbreakable
So I come for you
And I welcome pain for a second, belonging somewhere

There were times when I lost my way
With hope hope pouring from my soul
Shelter from the silence
Don't want to bear my scars for you




Show me a sign of troubles in your heart
Spare me your lies and tell me that you're mine

And our bodies float on the river
To the oceans of demise

Made me a slave to the secrets of your silence
But you told me to stay
And you told me you're mine

And our bodies float on the river
To the oceans of demise

In light of all things to come, why do you despair?
Because when you have no one, no one would care
So don't care

And all things will come undone
There is nothing to share
I'll be waiting for no one
And no one is there to care

Can't see, can't feel
You run, I long
I wait, he comes
Takes you away

In the embers of summer
All things must die
There's a passage of fire ahead
Fire on the other side

There comes a time when the river runs dry
Winter comes and we sacrifice
Our lives


This is weep beyond the water
Winter signing in my heart
Don't see my eyes, .... slowing me down.
Can't pass through to your decide

She knows I'm the one who sought her.
When we fought, we fought so hard.
She holds the secret, won't show me how,
How to break the riddle in her eyes.

This is treason!!!!

There's no reason
Why'd you go?


Inside ghost of love is laughing
When marks frusted where I go.
It tells me nothing has belong that whispers
You've seen darkness before...

In time, heard the will subside
Longing is so overthrown
What's left, boy, the cross inside
When the air go, What a failure

This is treason!!!!

There's no reason
Why'd you go?

And you never have a feeling of the sorrow inside
And you haven't been the reason why hole-up subsides
And you've never seen the aftermath of giving up.

And we giving up...
It's over
And you giving up...
It's winter,
In your....


The dream of our youth is up ahead
Life has become a burden
Move in circles of suppressed despair
Waiting for the sun
Upturning stones to find evidence
That hides in the recesses of our hearts

Written decree of the loss
Carrying the faith in the cross
And the cold years are coming
For the victims of the longing

Out through the doors of starvation
Into the wraith of damnation
Where the bitter winds are singing
For the victims of her longing

Carried a lie through squalor
The evil need to dominate and raise hell
Gives birth to an anger inside
We can control this

The blood of departure in our tracks
Drifting from our empty left home
Your hand reached out to hold mine
But you're grasping the thin ice

Asleep in the rain
It shallows again
The ghost in my head
Has forgiven me and lifted its curse upon me

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