Oh, Sleeper : When I Am God



You're scarlet soaked and bold and the sheep's eyes locked to mine, sink to my bones.
Though your lips still drip, intentions, they keep me wanting more...
It's rising against all the walls we built for falling.
All the walls we built just stand in vain to draw you near.
It's the wool to hide the wolves.
And under these toes from where we last spoke, Your words laid so firm.
But I did not shed that skin like You said.
When the mason neglects the mortar, looks become deceiving
and when the bricks start to fall, I'll be the one crawling down this road so dark.
Vices like vipers
Speak in whispers.
My heel's the meat to sink their teeth,
Like the viper I kept when You said, "Let go!"
This is what it took for me to see.
WHEN I AM GOD this church is unsound.
Slithering in the shade of a sinking church,
Surprise is no excuse for the traps that you left in the wake of warning.
So this is the warning, you fall to learn.
And to the girls,
You're worth more than the cheap words.
You see your body as beauty, but your pulse is worth more.
Hear me, it's not what it seems, though the feeding tastes of honesty.
This is the warning, you're just a hit to coax my urgency.
Why do we keep what holds us? Why do I keep what holds me down?
Lose the weight of defeat. It's time to stand your ground!
Vices like vipers
Speak in whispers.
My heel's the meat to sink their teeth,
Like the viper
I kept when You said, "Let go!"
Since all the alibis of ignorance are void...
This, my lust, the pornos and the sluts.
Take, my lust, this world's love.
Great Counselor, take what's left.
Great Counselor, take what's left of me.


Like maggots, they breed with headlines, dining the wounds in breathless cadavers.
Mirror blind and aimed for gold, Now watch a terror turn on its own.
They race and they race to the carcass rot to feed.
And just past decay, this design delivers life, but they prefer to play cancer.
In chase for the sky, towers uprise. In fear, the earth quakes for what's forgot.
They cut like the butchers with pride as their cleavers, as the tide prowls their shores.
They never listened when we screamed, "Wash the blood from your hands!
Rip off the veils! Wash the blood from your hands and run, see what you forgot!"
Then the clouds met the sands as the cyclones began.
In epic charge rose the hordes, all branches and thorns.
As the stone from their walls broke legs as they crawled,
The stars had no mercy, they screamed for blood in their fall.
Six eyes pierce the night and now...
24 teeth in each of the 3 makes 72 white knives your new ending.
With every slaughter bring your kingdom home.
How are we deserving this pain we are feeling?
How are we deserving this pain with healing?
And on trails these symphonies of agony...
Cant you see? We're still demanding self-pity.
Look to the moves of the things surrounding.
We're the only ones, the only ones who keep from growing.
One day the reaping will return, and we'll be butchers no more.
Bring this slaughter home, and send everything above.


We watched them fall. Eyes locked to mine, feeling as if I had let them down.
Caught blinded by silk, led by lips to the baited chains. Now look around regret.
As the axe swings before your eyes, think how everyday we spent dreaming.
Never once did we pick up the sword and learn to fight.
Now is the time. Pick yourself up and fight.
Learn to swing. Learn to swing.
They watched me fall for the last time, but how is such an elegant blade to be stopped?
When in times where eyes set sites to cross-hair the weak.
My bride, I'll try, oh so hard, to find that Light. But in his mind she baits me to fire.
What a cunning foe we've met! Our horizons pushed pages away to a new fight,
A new method, new plan. But how do I train? How do you ready a child for war?
Oh what a cunning foe we've met!
The Captain, what will He send? I know He will send, but what will be sent?
I can feel a slip. A buzzard scrapes nearby, as I atop this hill, stand and scream.
It's all I can do to control my gaze from the curiosity of seeing myself as prey.
And then I heard an armored march. I heard an armored march that shook the trees.
Bows bent as they sang, "WE ARE THE ARCHERS!"


Sleep takes its hold with a sinking pull. And now that I'm alone, this burst of light
fills my lids and I'm awake to the songs of horror. Your ill-bought greatness, he's seen it all from the frame.
One day you'll reap the seeds of a shadowed past, and I can only hope I'm there.
You tried to satisfy the thirst of a thousand ages,
But built a stack of bones as your monument to dead vanity.
It's just a shrine to the words you use to wreck. Tell me, How can you sleep?
How can you just welcome the wine and throw out your nets?
You throw out your nets and set fame to bait the noose. Set fame to derail whats innocent.
Why spare the life of inglorious waste? Why let him live?
He's just hunting your own! How can you just sit there and watch?
"Because i love you more than you know. Look again and tell me what you see!"
In the window was me. The massacres were all me!
Oh God, please! Please! deliver the penalties for all of this from me.
I'm not finding justice, no warrant for mercy...
don't give up on me. Don't give up on me!
What happens when I turn and run again? And again, and again?
"I will forgive you."
And what happens when I lie to your face?
"I will forgive you."
Oh my God, I can be so defiant to some one who's arms stretch to me.
"I will forgive."
Don't give up on me! Don't give up on me!
"I have forgiven you!"
I'll awake to new purpose to fight this body.
No longer will I play the dark shepherd.
Let not my words be ripped from the throat of a horror.
Oh, forgiver! Where is justice in letting me live?


We came from the pile. We came from the dead and dying.
But the moment you pulled, You brought us back to the living.
Stand here to a world at war. This blacken field leads to ruin.
Ruled by folds pulled tight, and a pit so slick...
Draw your lines, let nothing cross. No!
What booming hate moves close, so vast that the clouds would follow?
What looms, with thunder?
And the water did fall. The turn of earth to mud.
Once dried veins, now fill and swell.
Lift the torches, light the fields!
We stand as the giants make way. We stand as the giants make way.
We are the few to shed the fold, we are the few!
Oh, sweet lit clarity grant us the eyes for this bane.
Towered beasts now meet our lines...
But fast on the wind came a song, and you turned.
The lines crossed now charge. The lines crossed but you turned away.
It was a beautiful song, sung through beast's jagged teeth.
It's not real. You'll see. It's not real. You'll see. You'll see.
She's the touch that you want, the soft wet skin that haunts.
Deep inside a warmth that lies on a bed, she's calling to you...
Fight from your knees and the giants will fall.
...taste the wine of her lips, feel free to taste this kiss.
And drink deep and forget the struggle in the battle you live.
Don't turn we need you. Don't turn I need you God.
The sirens are calling your name!
Come back. Come back. Make the call. Make the call.
Father, send Your rain. Send Your rain.
Lay waste to the kings here.
Lay waste to their grip and we'll rise. We will rise.


I walk alone, head down, in a pale grey scene. Every step leads to atrophy.
This body made for conquest, instead a pawn on a stage so worthless.
I saw the future as endless reaches. The skyline's promise, has left me faced with.
Who's dreams are you killing? And who's pockets are you filling?
Are you where you said you would be in the end?
I walk alone through the crowds of past failed kings.
Auditions were called for the hope-thirsting sheep.
What keeps this family of fighters from facing the war that they were bred for?
Who's dreams are you killing? And who's pockets are you filling?
Are you where you said, you would be in the end....?
I once saw my deeds grow to greatness, and now I'm lost in the folds and worthless.
Following the footsteps of heroes, never led to the safe and grey roads.


One step meets two, open, in the sea street. We will reign free.
I can't be king. Right me from this dead bulb.
One step meets two, open, in the sea street.
We will reign free, as the sons of the first King.
When wave meets foot, a ships wreck will drown it's crew.
Every man must face the fears, so he can brave.
Please, turn this vessel back to flagship
So I can brave it, hold fast and brave.
Every man who steps aboard must face the fears and brave. He must brave.
Cause even the most praised of ships, will wreck when the captain is careless.
Oh Captain! The waves are, like jaws, dripping...
Oh, let me not be made meal to the sea.
Cause I want to be strong. Yeah I want to see the cannons jump.
Strip my pride. Strip my pride. Let no fault meet this hull.
I know the reef's kiss. It cuts and sinks, draws me deep inside her.
I won't fear her. Through swells, we will reign free.
As the sons of the first King. The sons of Flagship.


With the dawn brings vision of the crawling field.
Riddled with vain attempts. All in a corpse, so familiar but not my own.
This is the difference, between you and I. We are the captive fighters.
But cuffs must hold stronger. Stronger than skin.
Oh, but until the drops number the floor I'll pull.
Cause I saw the gates, I saw the gates.
And they're guarded by a greedy shield and the most carnal of edge.
This is the difference. You've left on your own, so forlorn.
What have you done?! You've traded the chains, and bought yourself a new crown.
Now there are no bars! Now there are no bars!
When lips reveal the knives a victim from light, becomes feed for the parched.
Bishop, you're as far from the cloth as the dogs. And we share that familiar thirst.
Bishop, mouths wet with the thought of meat, to tear and taste.
But will it quench? Because it never does.
Oh our crest is the same, but it's a lie when you wear it. It's a lie!
For the chain and the drops lure. And you, the captive fighter, with victory off your tongue.
Thats what you did when you made your own crown. That's what you did!
When the weak looked up to you! But you wore your own crown.
You fraud! Light the pyre! A fraud has been found!
Let it be known, this war will not be won without fire, without loss, or without a fight.


I've found the pit to find yourself surrounded.
To the husbands and daughters, brides and sons,
You put a tyrannic terror up on his throne.
He's collecting blood like diamonds from all.
Behind this door we face a war... its claiming more.
Step back and take a look around you because we will...
DESTROY! REBUILD! Plant the seeds to reclaim victory!
On this day we will...
DESTROY! REBUILD! Plant the seeds to reclaim victory!
Though struggle we'll press on.
Mark my words, you cant find comfort in the arms of constrictors.
Lift back the scabs of content and prepare for change.
The doors swing wide, and we're drawn inside.
The gold stained bones give off the only light.
Oh, I found your prints on a fleshy pulse.
You made the waves to meet my foot
And all the siren songs that ring on and on and on.
I watched your vipers bring down the bishop and bait the chains to leave me hit.
Well I've brought all the archers, we lit all the pyres, and we've come to...
DESTROY! REBUILD! Plant the seeds to reclaim victory!
On this day we will...
DESTROY! REBUILD! Plant the seeds to reclaim victory!
Through struggle we press on...
We are the army of the far from perfect.
This is the call to tear down and rebuild this world.


When leaders turn to cowards and fall gutless to bribes.
When seductions raise the curtains and push virtue aside.
A holocaust is coming for all the pure in this world...
You can't use ignorance as an alibi anymore.
We could all bear the world, and fold our dreams to faults.
But when did hope fall short, and force our lines to crawl?
When the real horror's in mirrors looking back with a smile.
And arsenals of words used to wreck start to pile.
A holocaust is coming for all the pure in this world and
You can't use ignorance in your alibi anymore.
So when hell is at the gates, who will stand and meet the waves
and take the fight to their graves to end the dark campaign?
Its the reason we have come to the forefront of this war.


I've been hit! Oh My God! Oh My God!
The ground burst and cold soaks my shirt. Send word!
The claret river forms at my boots with a flash and rain of dirt,
I've been met for the hundredth time. Call the medic.
This wounds meant to cripple! Run!
The red crest on his head and a choice off his lips.
He sat never once phased. While I'm open and spilling!
Is this the end? Am I a sheep for the slaughter?
Am I just a sheep for the slaughter? Oh, no!
Oh Death, must you reap one more?
Medic! I've been hit! Oh my God! Oh my God!
The ground burst and cold....send word!
The claret river forms and pools over my head.
And for a moment I'm submerged in the lake, and a sparks birth could not be heard.
All night the thunder of war raged and it finally seemed as if I had met the eye.
With fights more lost than won I walk away with one trophy.
A thousand scars on my own chest, only to realize nowhere else was I hit.
But then with Your grip gloved by mercy, I was wrenched back to the storm!
Lay dead or charge the line! Another patch wont do!
Cut it from my chest, and begin this run.

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