Oceano : Depths

Deathcore / USA
(2009 - Earache Records)
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A new plan has been devised.
As a society conducts in shadows within confines reeking of rotting flesh,
overflowing with human filth and defecation.
Fecal stench nauseates the senses.
You're oblivious to their dark deception.
Of the hundreds they've held captive you've been selected above the rest.
You've been selected above the rest of your kind.
So prepare to experience these methods first hand.
Five repetitious blows fracture the back of your skull,
you are restrained and rendered motionless.
Vomit spews from your mouth and nose as you convulse,
your insides exposed for farther excavation.
Spread and dissected,
fading from consciousness,
your blood soaked body skinned from head to toe.
Gaping wide open,
the intent of this gruesome affliction begins to show. Butchers of man have set their sights upon your flesh,
for profit and nourishment.
You are dismembered.
Every entrail is consumed.
Every entrail is consumed,
None of your limbs shall go to waste


I am disgusted at the sight of your breed.
I am the ocean stained of your existence.
I am Leviathan,
the great demolisher,
conducting form beneath.
I shall submit your futile species through infinite tortures of the deep.
Abandoning you emaciated,
amongst darkness.
It pleases me to witness your macerated corpse endure torment at these depths.
Until this moment did you not expect any repercussion? You're just as guilty as all the rest.
There is no god to pray to for deliverance.
At these depths he does not exist.
So believe in me.
Believe in me.


He waits upon a throne of eternal flames.
A monolithic beast bearing many names has been awaken.
Off in the distance cries of anguish resonate beneath the surface.
Beyond thousands of agonizing screams echoes laughter of a dominant being.
The devourer of souls,
the accuser who finds satisfaction in their pain.
This monumental destroyer awaits,
aroused in anticipation for these black gates to open and unleash implications of horror and bloodshed for our sins. Trading bloodshed for our sins,
there is no salvation.
For he has risen to conquer us.
He has risen to conquer us all.
He shall destroy you.
There is no saving you


As the atmos,
atmosphere gradually continues to dissipate an invisible pressure increases in irregular strength.
Soon this world shall crumble beneath its own foundation.
A neglected stronghold of protection has been penetrated. Who shall we place the blame?
You're held responsible for your own end.
Implemented by ignorance,
provoke by your arrogance.
Do not attempt to kneel or repent.
You've earned this punishment.
Slowly oxygen escapes from your diaphragm.
You had your chance and you did not listen.
Upon the population gravity unleashes its overbearing weight.
Your fragile spines instantancously crused.
Crowds reduced to fractured frames, scattered flesh


I want to listen as you suffer,
witness your lips beg for death.
My desire is to revel in this torment,
let your misfortune quench my thirst.
Restrained as I spit in your face,
it disgusts me more than your insides.
I'm pleased to see you in pain.
You'll find it hard to speak with a broken jaw.
Whose name did you scream?
Scream as you are battered repeatedly,
tortured beyond capability.
Plea to a god whom exists at your own convenience.
He won't respond.
No one shall heed your call.
You are subjected to my morbid imagery.
I envision every incision made.
Your open wounds shall remind you of me.
Whose name did you scream? Beckon to me,
you are defeated.
The irony is you've provoked these events.
Beg for death




We are the antidote and also the disease.
We're the oppressors who posses marks of the beast.
Mankind deserves this.
A catalyst for deconstruction.
A scapegoat to hold humanity on its knees.
A self-inflicted social anarchy to frighten the population into submission.
Intricate color schemes on TV hypnotize them while they sleep,
and from behind the scenes inject a fatal dose of misery.
So let these structures fall.
As buildings crumble,
watch this metropolis transform to ruins.
We have no sympathy.
Victims lungs overflown with debris,
their fractured bones exposed,
lacerated is their skin.
This is a demonstration in the clout of government:
Failure to conform equals destruction.
At the end of this world we hold all the answers.
At the end of this world you'll posses only misery


You know my name.
Recognize my number.
Cower in the presence of my wake.
My forehead foretells of the chaos to come,
and as I said there shall be no salvation at the end.
No more world,
no countries or continents.
Only a bloodstained wasteland created from the aftermath of my Armageddon.
And with my legions I rid the earth of all traces of your existence.
This is a global extermination.
Mutilated corpses litter the ground on which I stand.
I am the epicenter for these events.
After your execution I want to taste the blood of Christ. Does he hear you cry out with arms to the sky?
So continue to pray and endure this unrelenting onslaught of pain.
So continue to pray,
Find refuge in your faith.
So continue to pray.
On judgment day God is no longer listening


Centuries wasted wallowing in our own defecation,
as entity over-watches silent yet in disgust,
evoking thirst for destruction.
A divine intervention is underway to cleanse our burden of mistakes.
Clouds transform into a mammoth storm as the skies blacken with ash.
Downpours of sulfur nauseate and fill your chest. Overwhelming showers of flames cat through the flesh. Screaming like suffocated swine this is our punishment. Only few remain,
for he's unsympathetic within his campaign.
Screaming like suffocated swine this is our punishment.
Remnants of scalded skin permeate an unpleasant stench, serving as a reminder his hands are only temporarily cleansed.
Casualties are taken to stimulate change


Your kind has been aborted.
This world abandoned left desolate,
depleted of all its resources.
There's no recovery from this.
Yet there are survivors scarce who hide amongst the ruins where a crucial decision must be made:
To die of starvation or take ones life and feed upon their flesh.
The sky won't expose any answers to stop searching there. You cannot escape reality's trials with a simple prayer.
For such a complicated sin fear not of punishment.
Find enjoyment in their pain and incisions made.
You're not a heathen for thinking this if God can allow these situations.
With no response or a single sign sent from the heavens,
is God deaf,
or maybe dead?
Is God deaf?
God is not deaf,
just nonexistent.
Allow your last ounce of faith to diminish.
Let the hunger consume your thoughts.
For all the years spent on your knees finally stand to think without looking above,
Finally you stand to think,
without looking above.
Desperated times call for desperate actions. So murder, consume,
and repeat for survival in a devastated world of exile.
This is a mandatory sacrifice


The ancients, they forewarned of such plight.
Infinite blackness shrouds the sky.
This is only the first sign.
The ancients,
they were forewarned of such a plight.
Years passed on,
nobody listened, nobody survived.
Mankind's demise is reoccurring.
Every succeeding generation is predestined to suffer.
Until these voluminour hordes are satisfied or nothing is left to devour.
The most insignificant of beings have rendered mankind helpless.
This impending swarm harbors a catastrophic epidemic sweeping the coasts,
invading your homes.
Transmitting necrotizing fasciitis,
the aroma of facal particulates infiltrate the senses,
and form the altitudes they descend.
Overwhelming multitudes of incessant arthropods fulminate from the sky engulfing everything in their path.
Still they have an appetite.
They're not satisfied.
Still they are not satisfied.
The plague campaign takes flight,
and so this plague continues on



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