Oceano : Demo 2007

Deathcore / USA
(2007 - Self-Released)
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Upon a throne of eternal flames
A monolithic beast bearing many names has been awaken.
Off in the distance cries of anguish resonate beneath the surface.
Beyond thousands of agonizing screams echoes laughter of a dominant being.

The Devourer of souls,
The acuser,
Who find satisfaction in their pain,
This monumental destroyer awaits

Aroused in anticipation
For these black gates to open and unleash, implications of horror and bloodshed
For our sins.

Trading bloodshed for our sins,
There is no salvation.

There is no salvation.

For he has risen to conquer us.
He has risen to conquer us all.

He shall destroy you,
There is no saving you.


Am disgusted,
At the sight of your breed.

I am the ocean,
Stained of your existence.

I am leviathan.
The great demolisher,
The reincarnate,
conducting from beneath.

I shall submit your futile species
Through infinite tortures of the deep,
Abandoning you, emaciated, amongst darkness.

It pleases me to witness your macerated corpse endure torment at these depths.

Until this moment did you not expect any repercussion?
You're just as guilty as all the rest.

There is no god to pray to for deliverance,
At these depths he does not exist.

So believe in me.
Believe in me.

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