Oblige : Expectants

Death Metal / USA
(2007 - Stillborn Records)
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Enjoy today, tomorrow will never come
Enjoy the light, it's the last time you'll see the sun


Your world comes crashing down
You will be buried alive
Your dept (sic) to us will be paid in full
One limb at a time

My list of enemies grows greater
With every breath of life I breathe
I just hold my tongue and let my fists do the talking

I've got a question for you
Did you think that you could get away?
Did you thing that you could hide in the shadows forever?

I have not forgiven, nor forgotten
My hate for you I will never abandon

Never again will I be a victim of deception
I will not take the bait
Now you've awoken a monster
A sleeping beast
You have taken for granted for the last time


Cut through my chest
Tear out my heart
Let the blood spill to the floor
Take what we had
Something I thought so pure
Depression welcomes me with open arms

Your words are poison,
Your lying eyes and your face I despise

What happened?
Questions unanswered
Love is the knife
Pry out my heart
Stab it vigorously

The memories meant nothing
Once so close
Now far away I gave you everything
The window's shut
The door is closed
You will suffer for your lie
I can't look at your face


Run and you'll only die tired
Lie and deny how you've wronged them
Let fear consume you
We are out to get you

Confront the corrupt
This is long past due
Walk to the guillotine
This will cut you in two

No mercy of sympathy
Save your breath and strength
For the afterlife and what is to come
For this is the hour of vengeance

I gladly watch as you suffer
Gladly watch as you cry
Gladly watch as your life ends

Just shut your eyes
For the raped
For the ones that your filth stained

Confront the corrupt
For the misled and betrayed
Confront the corrupt
The end is near
Your life ends here

5. LIVIDITY (Instrumental)


Enough is enough
A remanufactured version of the same old bullshit
A spitting image watered down
You will pass as quickly as you came

A word from the wise
Quit manging onto the heels of others
By the skin of your teeth
When the wagon weels fall off
You'll all be stuck in the mude
One and the same


Crawl inside your holes you little cowards
You slaughter the innocent in the name of your god

Your time will come
Your time is near
The trenches you hide in will soon become your tomb
The truth is we will never reach common ground
We will never reach an understanding

Your live (sic) holds no value to me
We will meet you at the battle grounds
Pride in our hearts and hate for what you've done

Your time is now
Your time is here
The trenches you hide in will soon become your tomb
And every waking day I will seek my vengeance
The day we meet there will be no sympathy
Kill all those who oppose



9. 149-51

The mask of deceit got left at home today
Revealing the inexcusable mess you trully are
Unsatisfied you look
To the ones that play your own game better than you

Who in their right mind could justify this
Did you remember to pull the shades over their eyes
Before you left them at home
You wouldn't want them to see you in a different light
You wouldn't want them to see the real you

If they only knew the man that they look up to
Is lower than they
If they only knew the man that holds their hand
Is slowly slipping back to your false reality

Home just in time back to the misery you've created
Send the kids off to bed
Sleep tight children
Rest assure the only nightmare you'll see
Is the one that tucks you in at night

Another late night at the office
There is absolutely nothing wrong
Throw it away
Throw it all away
One bill at a time


You're the reason I hate
The undeserving
The unappreciative
You've tarnished a name that so many have died for

Just stand there and hold your sign
Just sit there and burn your flag
If your boy was still alive
I bet he would be pretty proud wouldn't he

The real war is at home
You've turned your back on your own
Must have forgotten that you know something we don't
Yea right
Choose your side

Followers could never understand the role of a leader
You've bet against your own team
So soon to quit

You claim that you have all the answers
Or so you thought

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