Obeisance : Lucifer Master

Thrash Black / USA
(2002 - Utterly Somber Creations)
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10. The Rape Of Nanking

Nanking 1937,the city's rape has begun,
dead chinese by the thousands,the japs are having their fun
killing chinese civilians,the Yang-Tze river runs red
mountains of rotting bodies
too many have cut off their heads

aaaaaah!! Banzai!!
Homicidal devils,merciless butchers!

Constant killing contests
bury the chinese alive
chinese cut into pieces
the japs laughing,satisfied!
Next to Emperor Hirohito
worthless' the life of all japs
to them chinese are subhumans
so run them over with tanks!
Line the chinese up
see who can kill more at one time
next to a festering death pit
dead chinese kicked inside
Emperor Hirohito
his others are well obeyed
thousands of women raped
thousands of chinese men flayed!

Nanking 1937
the women's rape has begun
women and girls raped endlessly
the japs are having their fun
Nanking 1937
the city's rape is done
by 1945
the japs are doomed
and are gone!

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