Nunslaughter : Goat



This night Rise from the depths of
Swamp fright Look at her putrid
Face the Truth about your
Foul lies and your deceit
Steal souls Deep down in the
Dark hole Cast forth into
The murk Where evil dwells
And the pain still lurks
Her acrid breath nightmarish ways
Can tell a tale and blue your skin
She must return with bartered sin
And the Crowned and Conquering Hag
Has a message for you
The Crowned and Conquering Hag
Will watch what you do
You must pay for your devil deeds
She grasps for hate archaic grip takes hold
Lucidity is lost as you sink into the mold
Condemned Shock of malaise
Foresight Through the swamp haze
Freedom is Now gone
In the clutches of the captor


We gather together with murder on our minds
Nuns are the target Religion is the crime
Driven by lust and deep-seeded resent
Tonight we go and raid the convent
We have come to kill We have come to rape
No one survives No one escapes
Corralling the victims Mephisto grins
This unholy night The massacre begins
Raid the Convent
Avenging all the ghouls and witches
Raid the Convent
Condemned by all these bitches
Raid the Convent
The attack on Catholicism
Raid the Convent
Assailants propagate the schism
The stains of blood from those we brutalize
Adorn the goats and oxen that we ride
We leave the churchyard and start back to the woods
The master cackles as evil conquers good
The onslaught is over The ambush is done
The headless corpses Decapitated nuns
The black white and puddles of red
This flock of cunts is now fucking dead
Raid the Convent now


In this ritual
You will be reborn
Hail the one dark lord
Submerge yourself in gore
Ritual of Darkness
Baptized in blood
Crucifix in flames
Eat the holy child
In the wake of death
Ritual of Darkness


Jesus is fucking doomed
His death is coming soon
This time he will not rise
Well make sure he fucking dies
Doomed Doomed Jesus is Doomed
Destroy the Holy Ghost
The one we hate the most
Enjoy eternal life
With out Jesus Christ
Doomed Doomed Jesus is Doomed


From the fourteenth century
Teachings of the ancients
Told from son to son
A Cabalic Sephiroth
10 spheres A diagram polarity - The Sephiroth
Mythological beliefs
Encompass 3 columns
Which will you follow
Which will you believe
Equality Mercy Severity The Sephiroth
Condemnation or divine rapture

You face the world you hold the key
You are the master of your destiny
Take on this dare with chaste moral code
Bearing the weight of this life worthy load
A book cant tell about life after this
You have to learn or face the abyss
What I have said comes from inside
Youll find the answer when you have died
Mandate your own future
Mystical wisdom Divine quality
Maior Arcana The Sephiroth


Slaughtered remnants
In the grave
Rotting bodies
Is what I crave
Serve me darkness
I must consume
Zombie feasting
I must consume
Sacrificial Zombie
Deep in the earth
I eat the flesh
Raw and rancid
The taste of death
Your Gods name
Burning holy
Till nothing remains


She thirsts for blood
The passion in my dreams
A sanguine taste
Pleasure so extreme
I await the bite
And say that I am well
But in my heart
I am on my way to hell
Now I feel the power
Rush into my mind
The knowledge of death
From the start of time
I use and love
This wicked cunt
To possess the rights
She lives by night
Deep down in her grave at night
She walks below the land
Gathering victims to her breast
A lurid conquest of man
Shadow in the black of night
I follow religiously
Giving myself unto her
As she feeds on me
She lives by night


I grasp for the truth and clutch for the Power,
Invoking the Demons below
Beyond hells gates and up to the tower,
With knowledge the Grimoire bestows
Cast me a spell of Satanic Superior,
To quell the Christian mind
Torture the masses of God's inferior
With Lucifer's grand design
Up to the Earth, the dawn of the dead,
On flesh my servants are fed
To torture and rape the holy land
The death of God in my right hand
I grasp for the truth and clutch for the Power,
Invoking the Demons below
Beyond hells gates and up to the tower,
With knowledge the Grimoire bestows
Thou art in the kingdom of hell.....
Slit your fucking throat
Demons, Angels and witches spells
Sacrifice the fucking goat


Through the Heavens above in the azure sky
It is my mission to watch them die
Since days of old all I want
Is to gather their wings on this Angelhunt
Hunt the divine with malice and hate
Because of them I know my fate
Exist in this world deprived of mirth
Raise Hell to Heaven and rid the earth
Of Angels in the Sky The Devils will rise
And kill the pious On this Angelhunt
Cherub beings preach peace with a dove
Calumet of war a sky with no love
The consecrated feathers of this angelic being
A flame with Hells foul breathe
The humility of Gods sanctimonious creations
Relegated to whoredom
The Perverted seraphim wrought with anguish
A debauched and defiled saintly species
Plummets to the stygian creek
To be devoured by ghostly visions of demonry
Ive cleansed the heavens with steel and flame
Vanquish the goodness to Hells dark domain
One on my list Three is now two
Dont fuck with me God Ill come for you


There is a house upon the hill
From which this story is told
A tale of human cannibals
Brought into the fold
One cold and stormy night
When the asylum did not lock
From inside the patients gathered
They began to plot
Delusions of flight
And feasting flesh prevailed
Down the street into the town
They began to wail
Hear the screams of agony
This frightful night begins
Fulfilling every fantasy
Of hatred lust and sin
They rip apart they shall not stop
Repulsion in the street
Thought to be possessed by hell
As the Cacodemons feast
Rage by a force not known to man
Their fangs cut like knives
Psychosis of consumption
They take away your life
To savor this a mortal meal
Humans become a beast
Thought to be possessed by hell
As the Cacodemons feast


Dripping blood
Blood from my hands
Hands of fear
Fear of death
Death to God
God of gore
Gore of guts
The Guts of Christ
The Guts of Christ
Follow fools
Fools will die
Dying world
World of sin
Sin of man
Man of gore
Gore of guts
The Guts of Christ
The Guts of Christ
Faith of dark
Darkened times
Times of change
Change will fall
Fall to the beast
The beast of gore
Gore of guts
The Guts of Christ


A drink prepared from the brains of a bear and served in the animals skull
Is said to produce the fury of the beast so the person believes it himself
To be changed to a bear this madness remains until the magic wears off
The man knows no fear for he is the one who kills without remorse
Immune to poison
Concoction is made and stirred with a bone
No conscious thought a mindless drone
I walk through the woods / Hunting you down /
A gutless pig / You are defiled / With all of my might / I stab at thee / Ridding the world / Useless existence /
Has come to an end / You fall lifeless / Deed is done / I await my penance
I have been granted all that I needed
To exact my revenge my end is near
I drank the poison and it gave me the strength
To cut off your head you bastard fuck
Immune to Poison
Completed act we both have died
Your wretched life I am justified


Dark night our time For hell we chant
All souls condemned Exiled from heaven
Sacrifice your dead messiah calls
Evil God your rancid lord falls
Virgin whore I plant the evil seed
Dying Christ on the cross you bleed
Our lord tells me The dead will walk
Upon this earth To feast on decay
Sacrifice your dead messiah calls
Evil God your rancid lord falls
Virgin whore I plant the evil seed
Dying Christ on the cross you bleed


I will be the one you want
And you will worship me
The God of hate the God of death
The God you want to be
You feel the wrath you feel the pain
You'll reap what you did sow
I'm not the God from heaven
I'm the one from down below
In the Church of Disgust
Your worthless God kills himself Unholy blasphemy
I ride the goat I drink the blood Live for misery
I rape your mind I eat your soul Your God will bow to me
For heaven burns and ashes fall I reign eternally
In the Church of Disgust


Summon up the hounds of hell
A demon dogs domain
Laughing at the holy cross
And chanting Satans name
Plundering a virgins cunt
And ripping out her guts
Another whore of evil made
We call Satanic Slut Satanic Slut
Now the wench is laid
Spread eagle on the bed
You have had your way
A sexual need is fed
She begins to writhe
Her smile full of lust
Youre condemned to Hell
By the Satanic Slut Satanic Slut
This bitch of hell starts to grin
She can turn a holy man to a world of sin
Taste the sweet nectar that comes from her hole
First you loose your body
and then you loose your soul
Wait until the night
She will call to thee
You have paid the toll
For the fucking fee
Nothing but a liar
Your morals have been cut
Compromise your virtue
By the Satanic Slut

;歌词由 添加 Metzly - 修改此歌词