Novembers Doom : Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers

Death Doom / USA
(1999 - Martyr Records)
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Walking alone with a tempting grin to follow the voice that guides
a small frown. Sobs echo past these blinded eyes and deny me of my
happiness. Dismal shades of light brightens my path to solitude
and sympathy. In some sick way I enjoy my pain. It always seems to
indulge me. Frozen walls of ice guard my every dream, protecting
me from what seems real. With rue and fire, all demons are cast
away. With water and stone, the sadness drowns in vain. On thorns
and glass, I'm tortured with love. In tears and blood, I forgive
you once again. This day, I remember the cloudy sky In which I
traveled high above. But now my wings are broken and I am left


Awaken my soul and open my eyes. Show me the journey and feed my
mind. Take me away to lands of green. Forever falling through Gods
black veil. Darker spirits than this, have fallen past my eyes.
Even through this twilight, my smile lies to me. I can smell the
scent of dark and cold winters frost. Deeper in the void we look
searching for a golden glance. The jealous Sun is burning for me.
So many years my heaven has wept. 25 winters of mourn. In darkness
I reach out for light Sighs from above rain down on me. Pitiful
heart always alon.e Face down I lay, I'm forced to lick the earth.
Cold rain drops far, covering me, soothing my pain. Swelling eyes,
fill with blood, blinding me, visions of red. Bitter sweet, taste
of life, broken man, I spit on your gift.


I can see the twilight and twisted shadows it creates. I can hear
the heartbeat of lifes lost sorrow. Never once can one man dream
the absence of a holy shrine. Eating dirt to fill this void that
remains empty and dry. Liquid from my tears that plummet for
eternity, help to drown the flowers and sprout yet another cry.
For all these fallen angels and the Gods in which they serve,
where will they go when it all comes crashing down? Your smile
doesn't help me and your laughter holds no joy. I never asked for
your pity, or your worthless love. All of this means nothing to a
heart that does not beat, for this is no salvation and the
darkness shrouds my face. In between this granite frown and a
smile made from blood, the placement of my hands shall cover my
eyes of black. No words can leave my mouth for my throat is coarse
and dry, and my legs quake beneath me, falling before my pain.
Kneel before the suffering and cover your face with earth. Smother
yourself with elegance and dream the dream of red.


A moonlit breeze softly flows past the ancient night. Always
calling out to the saints who hear nothing. Never to see the
royality of age, and the beauty of life. Fortune comes for all
man, inside a fragile wish. Forever sending guides of hope unto
this very flame. To burn away every dream. All the beauty, twice
again. To whisper in the wind. Follow me to the edge of the sun,
where only the coldest of hearts can survive. Laughing to mock me,
in sadness we dwell. Standing alone, all time stands still, for


Cowards form the veil. Sampling of the salt. Desire looking glass.
In evening they shall come. Pity stains our hands. Insects bite my
eyes. Forever calling home. Reaping forest calm. Long painful
hymns, a dirge of blackened day. Falling to my knees to kiss the
horses tongue. Moonlight invades, cancerous lust. Drawing a smile,
bold men have tried. With sugar we taste, through darkness we
fall. In memories lost hope, I seal my eyes. Through vertigo's
touch, and a northern winds breeze, onward I search and forever
I'm lost. It feels like an eternity since I last saw the light on
your face, and if I recall, you left me the wind and taught me to
fly. I must have you for one last time and I will pay for my sins
with one thousand lashes from the roses stem across the very chest
that holds my beating heart.


Embrace the silence and listen to me. Our time is short and my
words are pure. For every song the angels sing and for every leaf
that falls, I will be thinking of you and I'll blow you a kiss. I
used to dream of the blue in your eyes, now my dreams are color
blind. Clenching my fist to crush this pain, Its always the hate
in my smile that devours me. Transcending down far beneath my
means. A final breath of you to keep with me. Infantile tears are
melting the morning snow. And shiver I will, for the heat in you
is gone. Never forget to smile as you look upon this world.
Somewhere I'll remain alone thinking of the morning past.


A feather falls and ripples cross the pond. Reaching the end of
nothing, turning stone to dust. Careless are the children who fail
to see the means. Splash away the visions of serenity forgotten.


Enjoy the sunlight and ride the winds. Forever warm, for I see
now, happiness facades my sorrow. This outer smile is torn by
grief, and my sunlight soon fades away, and I watch in silence.
Lost here in a poetic trance, my paradise pounds inside my chest.
I remember the days forever with unopened eye. As quickly as it
all began, the darkness overwhelms my joy. How is this so? How can
it all be gone? Is there no solution? Welcome to my mind. Is there
no help for me? Forever with unopened eye.


And here we walk eluding the night. Telling you tales of how I am
lost. You know things now that I can't explain. And I must avoid
your beg for words. I can see by the look in your eyes, the trust
you once had is gone. I can't hide from what I am. Come with me
and leave this behind. Close your eyes and dream of me. Waste not
your time for now dawn breaks. Shield myself from the tears on
your cheek. Open my arms to greet your embrace. Hold me closely
and absorb my warmth. Let me go now and tremble alone. Together we
can hear The screaming butterfly. United as one Gods will fall to
their knees.

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