Nihilism (UKR) : Li?(?e?)?ght

Atmospheric Black / Ukraine
(2013 - Self-Released)
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2. (LET ME) DIE!

In the charms of sleep in silence,
Among the forgotten ruins,
Amid sheets of ice and deadly bondage
My life, my death, my cold to the bone,
My heart and thoughts in the "warm concrete".
For me, it's paradise among you - the emptiness,
There's no oppression of human, just off the beaten path silence.
It's just a wasteland ?
For me - the beauty.
I'm running, I'm coming, I'm crawling, I only,
Forget human "good" nightmares
Would go faster, crawled to faster.

(Let Me) Die !
(Let Me) Die !


The light in my head
Do not awake thoughts.
If I knew that'll let insomnia ...
I would live in a different way,
Trusting in fate.
After all, I was scheduled !
But it was too late.
Or is it just a game ?
I waited for her for too long.
And I have let something else
He did not know sleep.
It held me tight
And none of that would not let go.
Too long for me.



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