Neuraxis : Truth Beyond...

Technical Death / Canada
(2002 - Galy Records)
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Musique: R.Milley, S.Henry
Paroles: I.Campbell
Scheme of existence is spirit.
Progressive experience.
Conscience of divinity.
Shadow of the immaterial.

Destiny: Create new planes for answering the cosmic attraction.
Emerging from oppression: Emancipation.

Higher and higher
sensibility to reality is a barrier against human prophecies.

Create new planes for answering the cosmic attraction.
Dogmatic oppression: Emancipated.

Logical uniformity.
Psychic morality.
Worshipping the experiences.
Cosmic sequences.

Arithmetic form.
The judicial form.
Reverential form of divinity.

Education to develop.
Civilization to express.
Life to realize it.
God to elevate.
Personality to unite them.
Acceptance of veracity.

Lead: Rob

Developing to educate.
Expression of the civilized.
Realize your life.
Elevated to god.

Spiritual experience.
Matter is the shadow of the immaterial.

Education to develop.
Expression of the civilized.
Life to realize it.
Elevated to god.
Truth accepted.

Lead: Rob, Lead: Steven

United by personalities.
Spirit is the scheme of existence.
Take Conscience of divinity.

Musique: S.Henry, R.Milley
Paroles: I.Campbell
Submission to the second reality,
the extinction of personality.
Dominated by the initial,
ultimate unity for the survival.
Existence of a guidance.

Superior conceptions for revelations.
Identity... Conscience... Willingness in attitude..
Partial wisdom and relative truth in communications.
Limited certitudes.

Science: The first casualty.
Universal loyalty.
Unique in philosophy.

Ordinate creation.
Controlled procession.

Progressive evolution.
Invasive demolition.

Sentimental ignorance conserves the impure state.
Severe misanthropy against the degenerate.
Defectuous adaptation in hate.

Lead: Rob, Lead: Steven

Hostility: Natural state and legacy.
Social measure in extension.
Violence: Automatic reaction.
Civilized solution.

Ingeniosity is not a substitute for character.
Feebles complain for resolutions, actions of the strongers.
Greater affliction is to be never afflicted.
The acts form the facts of the destiny.
Progress request the development of personality.

Backing vocals sur cette chanson par Lenzig, Zac et Jawsh de Cephalic Carnage.
Steve de Despised Icon. Youri de Unhuman.

Musique: S.Henry
Paroles: I.Campbell
Intrepid forces of character fights hard proofs and reacts to disapointment.
Altruism brings disparity in each level.
Hope, nobility of trust. Confront the incertitude reborn.
Supreme assertion of thoughts who knows less that he can believe.
Rising in a world of falseness always possible.
Idealism of relative benevolence stimulate the irrepressible tendencies of goodness.
The value of devotion involve the danger of failure.
Impartial, the forgotten. Outcries ego's.
Pleasure in a land of pain and suffering for satisfaction.

There's no freedom for intelligence.
Fallible to be free.

Delusioned decisions are sin - Willness adopts conscious immoral intentions.
Gains status to ascension by faith and hope.

Suffering influences of primal conceptions of god.

Lead: Rob, Lead: Steven

Intellectual limits, restricted teaching (of) divinity.
Definitions of theology.

Lead: Steven, Lead: Rob


Cosmic security amorced by isolated calamity.

Submitted to rebellion on the sphere.
Volitive creatures who can believe without seeing.
Persevere in exile and then thriumph.

Musique: R.Milley, S.Henry
LParoles: I.Campbell
Crush the aenima,
allogen to this consistance.
Psychedelic sensations.
An utopic elevation.

Lead: Steven

Divided thoughts.

Ultimate power of dependence.
Irrational affliction sprinkled of hindrance.
Impious advancement to obtain reality,
deviated destiny.
Annihilation of sensibility.
Inner-mind is so smothered.

Lead: Rob

Intra-cellular infiltration; intense illusive ectasy.
Beauties of promises to come: Exhibition.

Isolated and confused: Intolerance.
A blind follower with only instincts to poison himself.
Impulsive impunity of the amputated body.


Allogen consistance; substancial existence.
The nutriments of an utopic elevation.

Musique: S.Henry, Y.Thiel
Paroles: I.Campbell
The science had consisted to destroy the elementary illusions from life,
doing materialy for men what faith can do for him.
Prosaicness reduces humans to automatons without souls,
symbol placed without power in arithmetic formula.
Candid efforts of humanity for materialism represents the tragedy
of a futile attempt to his own... moral (and) intellectual... suicide.

...Vanity overruns the mind.

The fatalist agility of a secularized denied his sweeping statements that the universe...
The erudite, only thinking about physical approach is afflicted
by mathematical arrogance and statistic selffishness.
Soul is the part of survival from the human experience.

Wisdom is the principal thing. (So) obtain comprehension.
Exalt your mind, it will guide you to honors.
Not a machine. A stagnant soul is a dying soul.
Music express the cadence of emotions.

Temporary dimension interposed.

Realities and values of progress are not psychological projections.
The mistake of immaturity; influence of ignorance.

Desintegrated - Deformed.

Musique: S.Henry
Paroles: S.Henry, C.Alsop
Striving... Memories. Striving... Memories.

Aplysia's sensory neurons, alter response level to a given stimulus based on action transpired.
Protein synthesis; Involved in learning.
The strenghtening, weakening of synaptic conection; The cellular basic of memory.

All thoughts and feeling; Euphoric or bizarre.
Results of endless interactions of neuro-chemicals.
Altered perception, re-altered beliefs, affects the mind, the thought process.
Endless emotions, infinite dreams.

Endless emotions, infinite dreams.
Affects the mind, the thoughts patterns.

This machinery called imagination.
Weaves an intricate.
Web of imagery... Imagery.

This machinery called imagination.
Weaves an intricate.
Web of imagery...

Musique: R.Milley

Musique: S.Henry, R.Milley
Paroles: I.Campbell
Numerous exits in my self dimension.
(The) true ones stay with a print in my aura.

Control the flesh instinct, support with your soul.
The first betrayer, his own regret.


Great spirit: Ideas
Middle-levelled: Events.
Non-evolution: The others.

Lost in materiality, losing everything.
Losing the circle of knowledge, losing more.
Losing faith, a lost destiny.

Beauty in youth, I'll natured ?
Elder in beauty, forever elite ?
Magnificience of our ancestors: Is their art greater ?

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
The present is a gift.

Support your soul instinct, controlled by your flesh.

Musique: S.Henry, R.Milley
Paroles: I.Campbell
Brighten one falls unto ego temptations,
then it corrupts his wisdom and splendor.
Opposition against the will of the Greats.

Premium treachery manifesto - "The declaration of liberty".
Existence of the father. Denied.

Energic immensity is inherent to the universe.
A myth, a make-believed by the Greats to allow the power in the name of...
Greeting the respect of ignorance.
Self governing systems.
The worshipping plan: Stratagem to honour Sons purposes. tyrants.

Ascending mortal in the universal Educational planes.
Supreme self-control.
Evolution-fiction... From the thoughts of the God of liberty.

Banners unfold - The supreme conflict.
Fallacious orations in the planetary Reading room.

A confused and indecisive spiritual attraction.
Resistance... standing forever in loyalty... the Seraphic continuity.

Musique: R.Milley
Paroles: I.Campbell
Called for a spiritual mandatory...
Transcendent privilege to show this revelation.
Accusation of the scornful scientists.
Condemned as enemies of the preached.
Blessed by thousands of ravenous souls -
Rejected by theologic complaisance.
Spiritual pride and dogmatic loyalty stops the recognition of progressive movement.
Bring down to slander the name of the desired...

Inspired by artistic mandatory...
By illusions, show a foretaste of elevated realities.
Art is issued from the temptation of man to escape the lack of beauty.

Cristallized emotions in time in a conception of eternity.
Give wings to your thoughts and light your soul.

Essence of harmonies.
Invisible form, passionate and eternal.

Mistaken judgement becomes a sin if the will of men endorse consciously immoral intentions.
Powerful domination in every realms.
Reflected resistance to divine reality.
Desintegration of personality close to cosmic insanity.

Musique: S.Henry, A.Erian
Paroles: I.Campbell
Did you ever know why I hate you ?
And this since forever.
Quite expected that you'd not know why.
Since you are such an ignorant.

You like all the others,
the smarter you become and the sillier you sink.
Like animal reacts.

So sadening to watch you go.
Devoid of culture.

Get outta here!

Prideless you live.
Believing yourself an accomplished being.

Frustration and sorrow,
your deeds beckon,
have become a towering inferno.
That's why I feel so neurasthenic.

Musique: S.Henry
Paroles: S.Henry

Rise... The power that gives a meaning to life.
Deep... So strong that you can't deny.
Blind all the facts and treasures into the immense void of confusion.
Creating a vast panel of emotions.

Unlock the subconscious memories, but we're not yet there...
... As we travel through mystery... There's a reason.

Enhance the vision full of nostalgia with fierce and raw sentiments.
Showing the true meaning of devotion.

Lead: Steven

Can you hear ?
Can you smell ?
Can you see ?

Can you cry ?
Can you laugh ?
Can you feel ?

Knowing misery as a common ally where true pleasures have
no place... no place... no place.
Surprised when the phenomenon surfaces.
Physical reactions... Touched...
A tear is extracted.
Close your eyes, let your mind flow through the stream of life.

Lead: Rob

Thoughts invaded with precious moments,
compiled and compressed in flash.
Truth beyond recognition

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