Neaera : The Rising Tide of Oblivion

Deathcore / Germany
(2005 - Metal Blade Records)
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Las palabras

1. The World Devourers

This massive gallery of killing tools
A mad number of technological miracles
Weapons not only kill their targets
They also kill those who pull the trigger
Violence - the language of the weak
Let the pen be mightier than the sword
Wartime absurdity
Is economy's prosperity
Greed over conscience
Mothers weep over their dead sons' bodies
While prices are rising on the stock
One man's sorrow - another man's pleasure?
Is that it?
All these victims of greed and loss
All these pictures you cannot forget
Let the pen be mightier than the sword
A soldier's innocence
Devoured by fierce memories
Tamed, deceived
Enslaved by power
Lost, devoured
Consumed with trauma
Enslaved by power
The World Devourers

2. Broken Spine

Cut my threads
I'm nothing but a marionette
Lies and cliches harm and ruin
Our exchange of views
Never thought this could be me
To weak to resist the flow
Isn't it useless to speak of freedom of speech?
(When we only try to adapt other people's opinions)
Cut my threads
I'm nothing but a puppet
I get frustrated when I look into the mirror
I can't be proud of this face
Smiling at me
No, I don't want to follow
No, I can't stand my face
Bleeding, dying, torn
Enmeshed in disillusion
Stand the flow

3. Anthem Of Despair

Starting slowly, globally unnoticed, ignored
Plans are made to add another black chapter to history
Condemned to an ocean of shame
A lunacy beyond my empathy
First blood
The beginning
A civil war
The first dead night in Rwanda
A nations' eye is installed
A prophet of peace and justice
His eyes are sharp, but his hands are bound
Hate of the past grew between the two tribes
Soon all hell should rise
"Exterminate!" they shout
(An entire people to be erased???)
The beast in man was unleashed, in ecstasy of blood
(Eight hundred thousand were brutally murdered and slaughtered)
In just a hundred days

4. Walls Instead Of Bridges

Ears deaf - eyes blind
Mouth shut
Day by day
Victim after victim
Blood runs softly down the screen
For the lifeless and the weak
Minds off - heart cold
Into the state that leaves the blind unvoiced
More illusions - (more viewing figures)
The great rebellion against reality
Truth versus media
Obey the Pied Piper of this century
There are barricades instead of trails
And walls instead of bridges
Walls instead of bridges - I can't fight no more
Walls instead of bridges - Shall I fight for
Walls instead of bridges - For this fucking doom?
Walls instead of bridges
Tear them down
It's time to wake up
No longer be a part of this nightmare
In which violence and lies dominate

5. Where Submission Reigns

Submission reigns
Where independent thought sleeps
Blindness rules
Where apathetic minds slumber
Jihad, crusades, persecution, genocides
Human lunacy in the name of god
To justify the unjustifiable
Religion - the great invention of man
Mankind's crib of chaos
The question of meaning and existence
The great desire to belong
To praise and submit
Belief - your invention was a necessity
But fanaticism is sheer abuse
God's will or your will?
This is fuckin scapegoating!
A great home for thousands
Providing temporary shelter and hope
A god to trust in and find salvation
... yet a perfect source of abuse

6. From Grief...


7. ...To Oblivion

There are vast oceans of flames in me
Ruling me, penetrating me
Letting me speak
But I can't scream no more
Can't you hear my thundering silence?
Can't you hear my silent screams?
They're so loud
Where have you been roaming lately?
Have I seen you passing by?
Or has it only been your shadow&?
Let in some hot cold water
And take a short bath in your wasteland
Embrace this rush
Enjoy the phases
Can't you hear my thundering silence?
Can't you hear my silent screams?
They're so loud
It's here and now
It won't stay forever
How come I've been carried away to these shores?
How come you're not here?
Have I expected you in vain?

8. Hibernating Reason

You are a threat to the world
To its integrity, to its dynamics
With a conscience on stand-by
And a servile need to bow
A puppet of politics you are
Enmeshed in the all consuming web of power
You are the subtle voice of others
Predictions are lies
Deceive and misguide
Your eye for an eye
Has left you blind
Reinventing black and white
Your division of good and bad
The language of social regression
The right cure for a wounded civilization?
What have you done to bring peace?
You have isolated your country
These erected walls of pride are a defense
A narcissistic attempt to become immune
Blind, false and numb
I don't envy you,
Your burden must be a hell of a curse
Protagonist of the theater of the absurd

9. Definition Of Love

Rape of the soul
Feel mighty now?
For two hours she was your possession
Your object of desire
In your dirty arms
Every minute under your sweat-stained body
Steels years of her life
The awful taste of your skin lies on her tongue
She will always remember your disgusting face
While her life disintegrates slowly
So slowly
She cried
Confused / Abused
She pleaded "oh no more"
But she couldn't escape
This torment
Raped and tortured
Is this your definition of love?
You bastards die a lonely death
Rest in pain without regrets
Devoured - in your graves of guilt
Fuck you
I hate you
You raped
Destroyed her very core
I hope one day you'll be the victim of her rage

10. Save The Drowning Child

If thoughts were tears...
Are you sick of yearning?
This invisible fortress, this isolation
Is your heart's cancer
There's no reason hiding
Your great walls of self-defense
Pull them all down
No need to retreat
Your great walls of insecurity
Pull them all down
Listen to what isn't said
See what is not shown
Learn this language free from words
Don't be deceived
Becoming numb
Is the sound of decay
Self-censorship and deadening only false friends
There's no reason hiding
Your great walls of self-defense
Pull them all down
Remaining forever thoughtful
A curse?
It's the bold star to reach out for
This is the path of prosperity
A prosperity within
This is the path of prosperity
Made of thorns and broken glass

11. Beyond The Gates

I'll make you bleed for
What others have done to me
Words are written on my tongue
Scars of torment carved into each corner of my dying mind
Inhabited by self-hatred
The day has ceased to breathe
Night no longer sleeps
Words unable to express
This loss of dignity
Inflicted by your ignorance
Countdown is set for the implosion
A million hands that maim my feelings
And put out the dying light
By fear forever haunted
Watched by lying eyes
No returning from what you made of me
I'll reach out and drag you down with me

12. No Coming Home

I left you alone
It's only my fault
I'm dying faced with all this uncertainty
God, I'm begging, please
Bring them back to me
Seconds become minutes become hours become days
In my dreams
I hear him whisper
Their cry for help
They shout my name
Seeing his fucking face
Which I hate with every fibre of my heart
Words can't express my disgust for you
So young, so innocent
Bring them back to me

13. The Last Silence


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