Neaera : Omnicide - Creation Unleashed

Deathcore / Germany
(2009 - Metal Blade Records)
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I am the thorns that pierce you
I am the leaves that heal
I am the thorns that guides you
I am the pain that neals

It is lies that we seek
Illusions that we need
The only way to survive
Is humbly closing your eyes

I Loathe
the dumbing Down ,Manipulation
The Tools of the Trade that make us kneel
I fear the end of the circle, the all in vein
what you sell as the truth, as critical thought
No more
I will swallow your waste,your selfless is from what you preach to survive

We are the thousand thorns
We are the thousand leaves
Sound the call to arms
There will be no relief

Remains a reward i cant reject
I lack what i need to adapt

Must i corrupt my soul to get inside?
Must i derange myself to stay intact?
Must i corrupt my soul to get inside?
If i earth myself,does it all end?


What i have become
What has made myself
I will never turn down
I will never disdain

To the excluded of the wronged
The cursed of the damned
Fear will eat your soul
Without taking a stand

Prey to Anguish-internal dissonance
A state of undeciphered wrath
Prey to Anguish-internal dissonance
The sky above
Earth underneath
And hell within

Prisons built from stones of our fears
Worse than giving into failure is giving up hope

Through a downpour lail and fields of drought
You will rise with the fall

Prisons built from stones of our fears
The sky above
Earth underneath
And hell within


Abducted to the thousands
Carried off to dust in brightest day
Nrtured with illiteracy
Besieged by rage
Gradual infaticide
internally displaced

Shadows of souls
Children of ghosts
They make you murder your own
They teach you to Kill / Kill yourself

Programmed to annihilate
Drugged to kill
Brainwashed to retaliate
No mercy
no regret
The Wretched of the Earth

Innocent ,Guilty lives
Coffined in caskets of glass

Dwelling in the underworld of guilt
Numbed below conscience
With every shot you tear your soul apart
Erase the last chance of healing


Hand me the mask
Make me go blind

If it all slides down the spiral
Hand out the oil
When the fires spreading rashly
Pass us water to waste

We storm the castles of hate with rage
And burn the fortress of protection
Long live our emperor,we scream off our throaths
...As we chop off his head

If the dark is getting darker
We put out the last torch
When the air is getting thinner
Let us breath faster

When the water's getting dirtier
Let us pour out all poison
If with a smile I could make a change
Hand me the mask

If the truth is within reach
Let us call upon the lies
If i could see the way out
Make me go blind


Age of Hunger
Starving for belief
Era of the mind
Mind of thieves

Age of perception
The new ground is the air
Times of drought
Time to stand our knees

Father of betrayal-Mother of deception
Recive your children of rage
Your sons of vengance
Father of deprivation-Mother of neglect
Harvest the grapes
Harvest the grapes of wrath

Epoch of cleansing
Replacing dirt with filth

Age of justice
The justice of the sword
Era of divine
The pieces fall apart

Age of glohalization
Distrubition of guilt
Age of resistance
Resistance to learn

We sink with greed as we cling to its weight
Our progression bleeds itself to death
Starving for exaltation
Our conscience
Age of resistance
Resistant to learn


Crave Consume Possess Discard
Decive Derange Destruct Repeat

In modern ivory towers
Existance is dehumanized
When compaclency calculates
Explotation becomes relative

Forging the blade for your decapitation
Orchestrating downfall
Preaching excesiveness

The downside of contentment
The vile philosophy
Of a system poised to fail itself

All hail the meltdown
Units under the banner of gluttony
Bear witness to the great experiment
Of poverty through profit

A culture of avarice
Detached from reason

So scream the primal scream of greed
And pound the drums of ruin


Armed to the teeth
Destruction within peace
The civilized disease
Creation Unleashed

Torture mother earth
Quenching the lungs of our shells
We pierce our spades deep into the earth
Cutting our veins through

Balanced nuclear armament
To yield means putting peace at risk
This you call the civilized world
Enlightenment in black

Armed to the teeth
Destruction within peace
The great human stain
The civilized disease
Creation Unleashed

You equalize development
With the greatest power of destruction

Lords of war fuelling conflict
Hunting for profit, aiming at peace
Human dignity as oil for the machine
Exploitation altered on prosperity


Obscurity overhelms the earth
In embrace of my shattered mind
The storm comes closer to reap
The darker seed of my thoughts
But with the dawn approaching
I rise and feel my strenght return
My will cuts throught the gravest ice
And kills off the pain

Frost stabs the ground
Cold spreads it wings around my soul
Emptiness airs cries of mourning
Irrupting my heart to fill my veins with misery

I am significant
Not nothing ,no shadow of myself
I will overcome my fear
To make me as strong as i appear

I know the day will come
When you will be stronger than the strongest one
What does not kill you
Only makes you stronger


Almighty Uncreator

I am your eyes
I am your ears
I am your mouth
Let your grandest hatred echo in my deprivation

A willing bearer of your creed
To consecrate the void

My thirsting mind lies fellow
Fertile soil to all delusion
Reason in me rings hollow
Truth is dissonant in salvations lullaby

This is a hymn of self denial
A nihilist sing of praise
To humbly sacrifice my judgment
And pledge allegience to decite
This is a hymn of self denial
A nihilist song of praise
To abandon criticism
And give in to apathy

Mammons missionary
A self appointed idol
Religious symbolism
Consolidates your foul belief

I beg the light of your divine resolve
Conceal my earthly weakness
I vow to liberate these lands
With your all eclipsing insight


The white mans burden is yours
We pierced your dignity
Peasted on pride
We steamped you deep into the ground
Still harvest the fruits from the rape

I am the rape
The torch of our belief
White light to black darkness
We taught you western civilization
A lesson in opression and greed

The cradle of live you never leave
Identity and history pushed aside
We came to rule and other the unknown
To conquer, exploit and enslave

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