Neaera : Forging the Eclipse

Deathcore / Germany
(2010 - Metal Blade Records)
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Arrogance is not strength!
There is no grace in apathy

In the veil of stasis divine
You preach obsessive concealment
Heads held high in falsest pride
Steadfast in the storm of truth

There is a fury that bears your name
A call to break this vow of shame
This is your judgement
Repent, Heaven's Descent

You follow the bygone belief
That time erases guilt

The higher you place yourself
The deeper you fall

Those who turned to you for guidance
Received the seed of woe
A gift from the core of filth
How does it feel to murder a soul?

A waning light, a slow descent


Resignation will claw your thoughts
Don't give it room to breathe
Every journey starts with the first step
Fortitude conquers - Hesitation enslaves

The daring will blaze the trail
For the openminded to follow
The insurmountable
Nothing but a stepping stone

Don't give in to the fears that loom
In defiance of your void
Exhaustion will wear your soul
Let it never prevail

Some will fall to your left and right
Yearning for relief, starving for relief

Betrayed by fear, torn by the inner throes,
Cathartic surge, Prosperity


It is begun
We are become the vengeance
Awoken by a call
To shed the blood of generations

Invoke the cleansing
The dawn of a new mourning
Bring forth the lasting scars
Save your sentiment for the extinct
Genocide - a human theme
Redemption - a shallow dream?

Devastation gathers
Drench this soil with tears
Humanity at zero
Remorse - shattered
The conscience wronged
Let the risen speak for the fallen

We dig compassion's grave
Eight thousand sorrows deep

Evolution's blood-stained crown
Shall be ours to keep
We dig compassion's grave
Eight thousand sorrows deep

Devastation gathers
Drench this soil with tears
Humanity at zero


Arise Black Vengeance
To revenge of suicide

Harpoons of avarice
Piercing your black skin
Draining your blackening veins
A wound refusing to heal

Abysmal martyrium
Bleeding of blackest blood
Deepwater pandemonium
For Horizons of growth

A descent into the depths of risk
To quench our growing thirst

You can kill your conscience
But you can't kill your guilt
You can fuel our hunger
But you can't still your guilt

Draining on your blood until you've bled white
Denying the end of supply

This dust was once man


Through the alchemy of fire
Braving the Rubicon
Through the alchemy of fire
Reaching beyond - Braving despair

Every time the walls are closing in
You choose to grow or shrink
Every challenge you reject with fear
Makes your pride and spirits disappear

Fear and doubt have gone
Strength and weakness melt into one
This turmoil I will harness
This drought I will stand

Upon barren soil
I'll build my throne
No vast kingdom
A solid ground

Praising freedom in a cage that is myself
But who is not a slave?
When you think yourself a victim
There will never be salvation


On my path to self-destruction
I passed a source of hope
And on fear and hatred I choked
On my path to isolation
I walked the fields of nowhere
In a valley of false salvation
I breathed despair

If you aim for the source
You must swim against the grain

On my path to self-illusion
I bowed to standards
And from the truth within I fled
On my path to self-surrender
I denied the I
And without teeth or spine
I tried to survive

Sirens of Black
Evoke the abyss from its fathomless depth
Benighted we stand
A spectre of fear and lies in our hands

From carpets of unbroken glass
Phoenix will never arise

If you aim for the source
You must swim against the grain
What you have in you
You can't extract - only reconcile

On my quest for peace of mind
I almost lost my anger
And in a stream of cynic
I float




See this my waning flame
Thaw to a world of ice
Light it in the faintest of moments
I bestow upon you
This token of affection
For I am engulfed by the end

I must be ashes
They strike their violins darker
As the final blackness nears

I entrust these words to you
My hope will bleed into these lines
To form a silent song
To linger through the ages
To form a silent song
To linger through the ages

To be sung by the living
To preserve, to praise, to mend
The fragments of dignity

Faced with the deep of deeps
My spirit shines undaunted

Spielt süßer den Tod,
Streicht dunkler die Geigen
Wir schaufeln ein Grab in den Wolken,
Da liegt man nicht eng

Play death more sweetly,
Scrape darker your strings
We shovel a grave in the air
There you won't lie too cramped




A barn on fire, a tortured child
What has come for vengeance?
Who has blackened the light?
Pain-inflicted, they inflict their pain
Born of obedience - Oppression's reign

They've become the prophecy of debt
They've become the prophecy that wept

Petrified, denied, enshrined
Burdened with a ribbon that binds
Petrified, denied, enshrined
They've become the spawn for the eclipse

A white path of virtue - not to be left
The light of innocence is shining black
The purity vision - taught by brutality
Disciples of order - slaves to the hierarchy

A fierce and brutal mind is forged
When infant hearts and souls are scorched
A flame of vengeance killed the light
The children they came at night

To the night of the hunters
They unload their punishment
On the altar of justice
They seek revenge

Can they reverse their pain?
They will return the stain!

They've become the spawn for the eclipse
They've become the holocaust


And to Posterity we sent a Plague
Creating destruction - Forging decay

Who will ever grant us absolution
For the crimes we daily commit?
Who will wash free our hands
From the blood that sticks with them?

The faceless screams of misery
The catalogue of pain
Should make the stones weep

You can't enlighten the mind
Without blackening your soul

We should bear the fiercest grudge against the unjust
Yet our wrath is choked

This silence is false
The silenced are falsed

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